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A Must See Film - Justice Will Be Served:

VIDEO Beyond Treason: Government Experimentation On Military & Civilian Populations

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The Vietnam Era

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Complete 911 Timeline

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ReOpen 911

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Very Pissed Off Combat Veterans -- And Blueprints For Change By John McCarthy

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We are not a news desk - our aim is to uncover the longstanding treason committed by American administrations against their own people and against all the peoples of the world.
We try to show how this "pattern of treason" is heading towards a new World War for the benefit of a few and we put up the question:
For this reason our "latest site-updates" are not always necessarily latest news but often newly found "bits and pieces" to add to the big picture. 
Regardless of nationality, race or religion we owe it to our children and grandchildren to make every effort possible to try and stop this horrible madness and to leave a world to future generations where they all can live in peace.
All that is necessary to work for a change and to bring those who are responsible to justice are people with voices loud enough to be heard - like Cindy Sheehan. 
Hopefully you too will find a way to join in - for not pointing out corruption and crimes means backing them and by far too many people have died already.

"Must watch" videos if Humanity and Truth aren't just words for you:

Media Coverage
-- Corporate / Mainstream Media

VIDEO Enemy Image

Israel & The Middle East Conflict
-- Israel & The Media

VIDEO Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land: U.S. Media & the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

VIDEO Off the Charts - If Americans Knew

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NWO: New World Order -- Still Fiction Or Already Reality?

Monetary Systems & Banking

VIDEO The Ascent Of Money

NWO: New World Order -- Still Fiction Or Already Reality?

-- None Dare Call It Conspiracy

Gary Allen: None Dare Call It Conspiracy

Reality Or Hoax? History In Controversy

-- Europe & Zionism before WWII

The World War of 1914-1918

War Crimes -- Committed "In All Our Names"
-- US & International Law - Crimes Against Humanity: Torture

VIDEO Torturing Democracy

Media Coverage
-- Corporate / Mainstream Media

VIDEO Orwell Rolls In His Grave

Summaries & Previews
-- Summaries

VIDEO Zeitgeist: Addendum

9/11 - 3/11 - 7/7 -- Cui Bono? Who Benefits?
-- 9/11 - A New Pearl Harbor

VIDEO ZERO: An Investigation Into 9/11

VIDEO How The Towers Fell

John J. McCarthy Jr.
-- The Writings

Inside And Outside Of Vietnam - .22's AND 52's

Science vs Religion
-- In The Beginning...

VIDEO The Expanding Universe - The Sun And Other Stars

-- The Bible - Word Of God Or Ecclesiastical Dogma?

VIDEO Who Wrote The Bible?

VIDEO Banned From The Bible

VIDEO The Lost Gospels

Israel & The Middle East Conflict
-- Peace Agreements

VIDEO Israel And The Arabs: Elusive Peace Part I: Clinton (1999-2000)

VIDEO Israel And The Arabs: Elusive Peace Part II: Arafat (2001-2002)

VIDEO Israel And The Arabs: Elusive Peace Part III: Sharon (2003-2005)

-- Israel's Wars: 1967 June War: The 6-Day War

VIDEO Six Day War Deceptions

VIDEO Six Days In June

Summaries & Previews
-- Summaries

VIDEO Racism: A History

1941-2001 -- A Retrospect On U.S. Foreign Interventions
-- Tonkin Gulf & Vietnam

VIDEO Hearts And Minds

Flashback & Update - in case you missed it:

Enviroment & Lobbyism
-- Medicine & Pharma

VIDEO HIV = AIDS - Fact Or Fraud?

Please check also the links to more info on HIV/AIDS posted in the left side column

The Lies That Led Us To Wage Wars
-- vs. The Facts 

VIDEO Iraq, Tony & The Truth

Recruiting Lies vs Military Reality
-- Health Issues & Redress


9/11 - 3/11 - 7/7 -- Cui Bono? Who Benefits?
-- 9/11 - A New Pearl Harbor

VIDEO 9/11 - The Ultimate Con(spiracy)

Reality Or Hoax? History In Controversy
-- The Holocaust:
Lessons & Perspectives

Mandating Indigenous Holocaust Education

-- Nazi Germany & Zionism During WWII

Germany And The Jewish Question

Treason in Wartime
-- Treason Redux: U.S.S. Liberty

New Revelations In Attack On American Spy Ship

Summaries & Previews
-- Summaries

VIDEO Ring Of Power

Reality Or Hoax? History In Controversy
-- The Holocaust:
Lessons & Perspectives

VIDEO The Wave

-- The Holocaust: After The War...

VIDEO "F3080" - Memory Of The Camps

-- The Holocaust: Questions & Doubts

Argument Boils About Numbers Of Auschwitz Dead

Trading With The Enemy - The Whole Story

C.I.A.-- Mantra and Truth
-- C.I.A. - The Other Side: The True Face Of C.I.A.

VIDEO The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis

9/11 - 3/11 - 7/7 -- Cui Bono? Who Benefits?
-- The Politics Of Fear

VIDEO The Trap - What Happened To Our Dream Of Freedom

-- (War) Profiteers

Criminality From The Ground Up On 9/11/2007

The War on Terror
-- Terrorism of War
-- Current Wars: Iraq

VIDEO The Bases Are Loaded

Summaries & Previews
-- Summaries

VIDEO Reichstag 911

9/11 - 3/11 - 7/7 -- Cui Bono? Who Benefits?
-- 9/11 - A New Pearl Harbor

VIDEO 9-11 New World Rising

NWO: New World Order -- Still Fiction Or Already Reality?

Monetary Systems & Banking

VIDEO Money As Debt

VIDEO Secret History Of The Credit Card

VIDEO Fiat Empire - Why The Federal Reserve Violates The U.S. Constitution

9/11 - 3/11 - 7/7 -- Cui Bono? Who Benefits?
-- 9/11 - A New Pearl Harbor

VIDEO Dust To Dust: The Health Effects Of 9/11

Reality Or Hoax? History In Controversy
-- The Holocaust: From Genocide To THE HOLOCAUST

VIDEO Battle For The Holocaust

-- The Holocaust: Reparations & Compensations

VIDEO The Final Insult

For Shame - Why Are Israeli Holocaust Survivors Going Hungry?

-- The Holocaust: After The War...

VIDEO Nazi Concentration Camps (Nuremberg Trial Film)

Reality Or Hoax? History In Controversy
-- Political Assassinations: Robert F Kennedy

VIDEO Conspiracy Test: The RFK Assassination

VIDEO BBC Newsnight: Did The CIA Kill Bobby Kennedy?

Re-Open RFK Assassination

1941-2001 -- A Retrospect On U.S. Foreign Interventions
-- Reports & Comments
Flashback - in case you missed it:

VIDEO: Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq

"First comes the business operations, then comes the flag. It's the flag that follows business."

Recruiting Lies vs. Military Reality
more important than ever regarding the effects of the use of depleted uranium: 

The Feres Doctrine Horror Show 

Feres vs. United States Decided 12/04/1950 

Former Head Of Pentagon's Depleted Uranium Project Says Thousands Of Troops Are Sick And Dying From Illegal DU Use And Military's Failure To Admit Responsibility 

How Depleted Uranium Weapons Are Killing Our Troops / The Use Of Depleted Uranium Weapons Is Illegal 

Another Military Reality - The Tiny Victims of Desert Storm 

Review Of Stress-Disorder Cases Leaves Veterans In Jeopardy

- Abolish the Feres Doctrine -


The Right to petition the courts of this land to seek redress against the government, as guaranteed by the Constitution of The United States
to those who have sworn to protect and defend the very same Constitution!
see also on this issue

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Treason In Wartime

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Science vs Religion

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In The Name Of The Crown? -- The "Puppet" Tony Blair

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NWO: New World Order -- Still Fiction Or Already Reality?

What is New World Order?

None Dare Call It Conspiracy

The Target: World Domination

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The Illuminati Agenda - Conspiracy Theory Or Fact?

The Protocols Of Zion

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The Lies That Led Us To Wage Wars

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The Terrorism of War

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Patriotism vs. Humanity

The Evil Of Patriotism When Opposed To Humanism

Patriotism: Boon or Bane?

Perceptions of Combat

Remember Your Humanity!

Perceptions From Abroad

War Crimes -- Committed "In All Our Names"

The Ultimate Crime: War Against Children - Squeezed To Death - Preamble "Iraqi Lullaby"

Not In Our Name!

Important Reports

Crimes Against The Constitution

Crimes Against Peace

Crimes Against Humanity: Torture

Crimes Against Humanity: Radiation Poisoning

Crimes Against Humanity: WMD Used Against Civilians!

War Crimes: Death Squads Or "The Salvador Option"

Crimes Against The Law Of Land Warfare

Enviroment & Lobbyism

Washington's New World Order Weapons Have the Ability to Trigger Climate Change

Lobbyism & Payoff

Environmental Modification

Global Warming & Climate Change: Man-Made Or Natural?

Environmental Disasters

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Medicine & Pharma

Biotech & Health Effects

FOIA & Whistleblowers vs. Cover-Ups

Issues Of Democracy: Accountability And Its Limits

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Larry W. Bryant: Uncovering Cover-Ups

Recruiting Lies vs Military Reality

The Enemy Within

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Recruiting at Schools - Lies and Practices

The New Draft

Feres Doctrine vs. Oath of Allegiance

Crude Facts about Combat

Health Issues & Redress

From Democracy to Dictatorship

From Democracy to Dictatorship: The Big Fix

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Election Fraud

Civil Liberties vs. Patriot Act and Martial Law

The Agenda for The Empire

America's Agenda For Global Military Domination

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Media Coverage

Guilty by Reason of Silence! - The Media Conspiracy

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International (War)Crimes Tribunals

International War Crimes Trial

News & Comments

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-- Iraq 1991 Operation Desert Storm 

-- Afghanistan 2001 Operation Enduring Freedom

World Tribunal on Iraq 2003 - 2005

2005-2006 International Bush Crimes Commission

Take Action! -- Take Back America!

John Kaminski: The Weight Of Demons

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