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Military Service With Additional Information About Unconventional Warfare And So-called Military Justice

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John J. McCarthy Jr.
Captain U.S. Army Special Forces

Military Service with additional information about Unconventional Warfare (UW) and so-called Military Justice.


I joined Special Forces, 77th Special Forces Group (SFG), at Ft. Bragg in June, 1960.

On July 1, 1960, the 77th SFG became the 7th SFG; I was assigned to the 10th SFG in Bad Toelz, Germany in December, 1960 due to a shortage of my job title; Radio Operator.
(For background information on Special Forces and their secret assignments by the Intelligence Community resulting in rouge operations see the following links:

10th Special Forces Group (Abn) US Army, Europe,
Cold War Espionage: The Players in the Cold War Spy Game,
The U.S. Army Special Forces Special Operations Teams and
History of Flint Kaserne Bad Toelz, Germany)

In April, 1961, I qualified for the Special Forces "3" on my military designator catagory.

Subsequently I was assigned as an Intel Analyst and worked for Sully Fontaine, the 10th SFG S-2, (Intelligence Analyst--War Plans) Dan Schubert, EC White and Ed White.

In 1962, I graduated with honors from the 7th Army NCO Academy across the quadrangle of Flint Kaserne and was promoted to E-5.

Flint Kaserne Bad Toelz Germany before renovation

I attended the 10th SFG Training School in Lengries, Germany and was assigned as an instructor in D Company, working for Ralph Puckett.
My mentors in these early years were Llarkyn Winfred (Rock) Nesom, Pop Grant and DJ Smith.

There I assisted CIA in the training of East Germans who came into West Berlin via the tunnel system for reinsertion back into East Germany as agents directed by SOTFE, Special Operations Task Force Europe, CIA HQ in Frankfurt, Germany.

After that I was assigned to an A Team in Bravo Company of the 10th SFG as the junior radio operator with assignments in France, Greece, and submarine training on the USS Tirante and Tigrone off the island of Crete.

USS Tirante (SS-420) above and USS Tigrone (SS-419) below

I was a member of the European Underwater Recovery Team, the Nuclear Weapons Team and the Mountain Climbing Detachment.

When the 10th Special Forces Group was moved from Ft. Bragg, NC to Bad Toelz, Germany I worked with Displaced Persons such as Jon Novy and others who were the initial cadre in 1953. Many of our DP's were OSS (Office of Strategic Services) Veterans and carried cover names. Jon Novy used his real name. He was from Hungary.

To maintain my "3", which requires a proficiency in all of the disciplines of Special Forces, I qualified quarterly.

In 1964, I attended Officer Candidate School and Ranger School at Ft. Benning and was then assigned to the 3rd SFG at Ft. Bragg where I attended the Officers Special Forces Course in 1965.

rangers on Patrol

The US Army Rangers are America's elite Rapid Deployment Force. They provide the American armed forces a cohesive fighting unit that can be moved to anywhere in the world in 18 hours. One Ranger Battalion is on call for deployment 24 hours a day. The Rangers are capable of rapid infantry assaults as well as some special operations into varied terrain and climates. Ranger arew trained in all types of warfare. The Ranger specialty is rapid assaults such as airport seizures (which they performed in Grenada and Panama). Some Rangers also undergo SCUBA and comabt swimmer training, while some train in HALO or High Altitude Low Opening parachuting. Training is hard and specialized; officers train alongside the men and regularly work from the field with them. (United States Army Rangers)


I was then assigned to the 1st SFG in Okinawa and immediately sent TDY (Tour of Duty) to the 5th SFG in Nha Trang, Vietnam and further assigned as the XO of an A Team #415 opening a new SF Camp at Ap Bac and Kinh Quan Hai in 4th Corps, sixty miles West of Saigon in the middle of the Plain of Reeds. Outside artillery range, we were bait.

After returning to Okinawa I completed the Underwater Demolition Training, Scuba School and Submarine training on the USS Tunny, SS 241, where I trained Chinese Nationalists in the art of night infiltration from submarines while submerged and underway.
They were later sent into mainland China as agent provocateurs directed by the CIA.


USS Tunny 

I then trained Nationalist Chinese in the art of High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) night parachuting from C-130 at 21,500 feet for infiltration into mainland China, as directed by the CIA.


For these activities I was assigned to Taiwan.



In June 1967, I was on my second voluntary tour in Vietnam and was assigned as the S-3 Operations Officer for Project Omega working for Pappy Lamar in Plei Djereng, Vietnam.

I was assigned as the Case Officer for Project Cherry of B-57 (Gamma) running black terror and assassination teams in September of 1967.
This was a CIA operation run out of the US Embassy in Saigon.

On January 30, 1968, a Top Secret General Court-martial concluded that I had murdered a Cambodian "peasant". Although facing the death penalty, the court sentenced me to " confined at hard labor for the term of your natural life." Deliberation on sentencing took all of three minutes. Amazingly enough, the sentence to confinement for life DID NOT include reduction in rank, forfeiture of pay and allowances, nor dismissal from the service. This remains a precedent in the history of Military Justice, i.e., an accusation followed shortly by a conviction.

After 65 days of pre-trial confinement at Long Binh, Vietnam, in a 5 x 7 foot box, topped with chicken wire, a continuously burning light bulb, and a tin roof and another 3 months after the trial I was transported in a "prison shipment" to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, where I was incarcerated until Oct. 6, 1969.


Military Incarceration: "The Castle" - The Old United States Disciplinary "Barracks" (USDB)

This misnomer fails to address that the facility is a penetentiary - built to house federal prisonors at the turn of the century. It is now considered "draconian" and unfit for rehabilitation.

For 127 years this was home for the hard-timers convicted under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). The large building with the dome is the infamous Castle.

Conditions were deplorable: the building was literally caving in on the inmates with chunks of cement falling on their heads. The water was lead-poisoned. It was infested with rodents. Raw sewage frequently backed up and flooded the lower levels. In the 110 Kansas summers the cooling fans didn't work. Heating was sporadic at best in the bitter winters.

As a military prisoner, this was your first view of the DB - Welcome!

Once inside, this was your world. (United States Disciplinary Barracks: Fort Leavenworth)

This is the definition of an expandable asset. For more details see the following links.
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A two hour interview recorded in 2002 can be accessed on this site at
Radio Interviews: Black OP Radio on CIA Rogue Operation Cherry

Additional documents may be viewed on the page:
Trails Of Deceit By Larry O'Daniel

I was carried on the books of the 5th SFG until murder charges were dismissed in Jan 1971, where I was assigned as the S-3 of the Combat Surveillance School at Ft. Huachuca, AZ.

On August 2, 1971, I resigned and left the service after 11 years six months and two days of active duty with an Honorable discharge.

Afterwards I  became a police officer in Miami, Florida.
But that is another story, see:
The Media: Libelous Slander And Truth

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