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VIDEO Beyond Treason: Government Experimentation On Military & Civilian Populations

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Index of posted Multimedia


the world WE created...

John J. McCarthy Jr.

-- The Facts

-- The Media

-- Letters and FOIA Requests

-- Radio Interviews

Black OP Radio on CIA Rogue Operation Cherry

911 Blog Radio: Live Interview August 18, 2006

The Jerry Pippin Show: Live Interview April 25, 2007

-- The Writings

-- Forum Topics

C.I.A.-- Mantra and Truth

-- C.I.A. - The Other Side: The True Face Of C.I.A.

VIDEO The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis

VIDEO Secrets Of The CIA

VIDEO: Conspiracy: The CIA and the Nazis

-- 'Sources And Methods' -- Umbrella For Crime

VIDEO: Mission Mind Control

VIDEO: The Most Dangerous Game - Mind Control

Treason in Wartime

-- Once Top Secret State Department Documents

-- Treason Redux: U.S.S. Liberty

U.S.S. LIBERTY - VIDEO: Loss of Liberty

1941-2001 -- A Retrospect On U.S. Foreign Interventions

-- Reports & Comments

VIDEO John Pilger - The War On Democracy

Video What I've Learned About U.S. Foreign Policy

VIDEO: Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq

VIDEO: The Age of Terror: In the Name of the State

School of the Americas: School of Assassins, USA

-- Pearl Harbor

VIDEO: Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor

-- Hiroshima And Nagasaki

-- Guatemala

-- Cuba

VIDEO Bay of Pigs: Declassified

-- Tonkin Gulf & Vietnam


VIDEO Hearts And Minds

-- Cambodia

VIDEO John Pilger: Cambodia - Year Zero

-- Iran

VIDEO Hot Spots: Iran

VIDEO: The History Channel - Declassified: Ayatollah Khomeini

-- Panama

VIDEO: The Panama Deception

-- Iraq

VIDEO: The Hidden Wars of Desert Storm

VIDEO Paying The Price: Killing The Children Of Iraq

Science vs Religion

-- In The Beginning...

VIDEO The Expanding Universe - The Big Bang

VIDEO The Expanding Universe - The Sun And Other Stars

-- The Origins Of Man

VIDEO The Mysterious Origins Of Man

-- Astronomy & Astrology

VIDEO The Great Year - The Calender And Time Cycles

-- The Origins Of Religion

VIDEO The Naked Truth

VIDEO The Story Of God

VIDEO A History Of God

VIDEO Zeitgeist Part I: The Greatest Story Ever Told

-- The Bible - Word Of God Or Ecclesiastical Dogma?

VIDEO The Bible Unearthed / God's Ghostwriters

VIDEO Who Wrote The Bible?

VIDEO Banned From The Bible

VIDEO The Lost Gospels

-- Life After Death?

VIDEO In Search Of Life After Death

VIDEO The Scientific And Rationalist Case For Life After Death

-- Religious Fundamentalism - Faith Or Dangerous Heresy?

A War On Science

Reality Or Hoax? History In Controversy

Political Assassinations

-- John F Kennedy

VIDEO Evidence Of Revision

VIDEO The JFK Conspiracy

VIDEO JFK II: The Bush Connection

VIDEO Conspiracy Theories: JFK, 9/11 And Wellstone Part 1: JFK

VIDEO Two Men In Dallas

VIDEO The Men Who Killed Kennedy (I)

VIDEO The Men Who Killed Kennedy (II): The Final Chapter

VIDEO The Clint Murchison Meeting

VIDEO It Was Johnson / LBJ...JFK And The Great American Coup D'Etat

VIDEO William Cooper: JFK Assassin Unmasked

-- Robert F Kennedy

VIDEO The Plot To Kill Robert Kennedy

VIDEO The End Of An American Dream: The Robert F Kennedy Assassination

VIDEO Conspiracy Test: The RFK Assassination

VIDEO BBC Newsnight: Did The CIA Kill Bobby Kennedy?

-- John F Kennedy Jr

VIDEO The Assassination Of JFK Jr

-- Martin Luther King Jr

VIDEO The Assassination Of Martin Luther King, Jr.

VIDEO Death In Memphis - The Mysterious Assassination of Martin Luther King

-- John Lennon

VIDEO The U.S. vs. John Lennon

-- The Moon Landing

VIDEO Did We Really Land Men On The Moon?

VIDEO A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon

2-Part VIDEO What Happened On The Moon?

VIDEO Dark Side Of The Moon

The Holocaust

-- Europe & Zionism before WWII

VIDEO Promises and Betrayals: Britain And The Struggle For The Holy Land

VIDEO The Six Months That Changed the World

-- Nazi Germany & Zionism During WWII

VIDEO Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler

VIDEO Hitler - Mein Kampf

VIDEO Banking With Hitler

-- After The War...

VIDEO "F3080" - Memory Of The Camps

VIDEO Nazi Concentration Camps (Nuremberg Trial Film)

VIDEO Nuremberg 1945 Nazi War Crimes Trial

-- From Genocide To THE HOLOCAUST

VIDEO Battle For The Holocaust

-- Reparations & Compensations

VIDEO The Final Insult

-- Questions & Doubts

VIDEO Auschwitz - The Forgotten Evidence

VIDEO The Final Solution To Adolf Hitler

VIDEO David Cole at Auschwitz

-- Lessons & Perspectives

VIDEO The Wave

-- Bringing Democracy To The World

VIDEO Robert Newman's History Of Oil

VIDEO Inside Iraq: The Untold Stories

Israel & The Middle East Conflict

-- Reports & Comments

-- Historical Background

3-PART VIDEO History Of A Conflict

VIDEO: Promises and Betrayals - Britain And The Struggle For The Holy Land

VIDEO People And The Land

-- The State Of Israel

VIDEO Occupation 101

VIDEO Battle For The Holy Land: Jerusalem

VIDEOS Facts About Israel - The Two Sides Of The Sheqel

VIDEO Zionism And Herzl

VIDEO We Dare To Speak: Jews Against Zionist Occupation of Palestine

VIDEO The Iron Wall

VIDEO Israels Secret Weapon

VIDEO Inside Dimona - Israeli Nuclear Reactor

-- Israeli Intelligence Community

-- Israel & The Media

VIDEO Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land

VIDEO Off the Charts - If Americans Knew

-- UN Resolutions & International Law

-- Peace Agreements

Video: A Real History of The 'Middle East Peace Process'

VIDEO Israel And The Arabs: Elusive Peace Part I: Clinton (1999-2000)

VIDEO Israel And The Arabs: Elusive Peace Part II: Arafat (2001-2002)

VIDEO Israel And The Arabs: Elusive Peace Part III: Sharon (2003-2005)

-- Main Sources Of Conflict: Land, Water & Gas?

Israel's Wars

-- 1948 War: War Of Independence

-- 1956 War: The Suez Crisis

-- 1967 June War: The 6-Day War

VIDEO History - Six Day War (1967)

VIDEO Six Day War Deceptions

VIDEO Six Days In June

VIDEO USS Liberty: Dead in the Water (2002)

-- 1973 October War: Yom Kippur War

-- 1982 Lebanon Invasion: Operation Peace for Galilee

-- 1987 Palestine: The First Intifada

-- 2000 Palestine: The Second Uprising (Al-Aqsa Intifada)

VIDEO Tragedy In The Holy Land - The Second Uprising

VIDEO John Pilger - Palestine Is STILL The Issue

VIDEO Palestine Israel 101

-- 2006 Lebanon: Re-Invading Lebanon!

VIDEO Ceasefire NOW! Where Is The Worlds Conscience!

9/11 - 3/11 - 7/7 -- Cui Bono? Who Benefits?

-- The Politics Of Fear

VIDEO The Power Of Nightmares

VIDEO The Trap - What Happened To Our Dream Of Freedom

-- 9/11 - A New Pearl Harbor

VIDEO ZERO: An Investigation Into 9/11

VIDEO How The Towers Fell

VIDEO 9/11 - The Ultimate Con(spiracy)

VIDEO 9-11 New World Rising

VIDEO Dust To Dust: The Health Effects Of 9/11

VIDEO 9-11 Ripple Effect

VIDEO Pandora's Black Box - Chapter Two - Flight Of American 77

VIDEO 9/11: The Birth Of Treason

VIDEO Oil, Smoke & Mirrors

VIDEO 9/11 Mysteries

VIDEO Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime

VIDEO Mike Ruppert: THE TRUTH & LIES OF 9/11

VIDEO 9/11: Press for Truth

VIDEO What's The Truth?: How Indeed Did The Twin Towers Collapse?

2-PART VIDEO September 11th Con Conspiracy Cover-up

VIDEO David Shayler Views On 911

VIDEO Face The Facts

AUDIO: Former German Defense Minister: 9/11 An Inside Job

VIDEO: SEPTEMBER 11: Evidence to the Contrary REDUX 2006

VIDEO: Loose Change 2nd Edition

VIDEO: File 9/11 Unsolved / Aktenzeichen 11.9. ungeloest

VIDEO: 9/11 - 2/1/2006 BYU Professor Steven E Jones WTC Lecture UVSC

VIDEO Conspiracy Theories: JFK, 9/11 And Wellstone - Part 2: 9/11

VIDEO: The Great Conspiracy - The 9-11 News Special You Never Saw

3 - Part VIDEO: CNN Showbiz tonight - Charlie Sheen on 9/11

VIDEO 9/11 Eyewitness

VIDEO: 911 - In Plane Site

VIDEO Painful Deceptions - An Analysis of the 911 Attack

VIDEO - 9/11: Attack Or Godsend?

Nafeez M. Ahmed - The War on Truth: 9/11, Disinformation and the Anatomy of Terrorism

John McMurtry: Why The Facts Of 9-11 Are Supressed - Understanding 9-11 And The 9-11 Wars

Dr. David Ray Griffin, The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions - A 571-Page Lie

VIDEO: Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear, and the Selling of American Empire.

-- 3/11 - An Election Tool?

-- 7/7 - A Staged Attack?

VIDEO 77 Mind The Gap

VIDEO Ludicrous Diversion - 7/7 London Bombings Documentary

VIDEO: 7/7 Release 6 - The 7/7 Bombings

Terror Expert: London Bombings Mastermind is MI6 Asset

-- Cui Bono? - Who Benefits? Who Might Be Guilty?

VIDEO The 9/11 - 7/7 Connection

-- Osama Bin Laden And Al Qaeda

-- The Neocon Movement

-- The Right-Wing Christian Movement

-- The Zionist Movement

-- Think Tanks

-- Organizations of Influence

-- The Zionist's Israeli Administration

THE ISRAEL LOBBY AND U.S. FOREIGN POLICY - More debate over report on Israel's influence in US

--In The Name Of The Crown? -- The "Puppet" Tony Blair

-- The Bush Administration

VIDEO Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney

-- (War) Profiteers

VIDEO - Why We Fight

VIDEO The Iron Triangle: The Carlyle Group Exposed

NWO: New World Order -- Still Fiction Or Already Reality?

-- None Dare Call It Conspiracy

-- The Target: World Domination

AUDIO Taking Aim: Masters Of Deceit - U.S. Imperial Design from Baghdad to Beijing

VIDEO: Conspiracy Confessions

-- News & Comments

-- The Illuminati Agenda - Conspiracy Theory Or Fact?

VIDEO: G Edward Griffin - The Capitalist Conspiracy

VIDEO The Hidden Agenda for World Government (Interview Norman Dodd)

Fagan: The Illuminati and The Council on Foreign Relations Part I

Fagan: The Illuminati and The Council on Foreign Relations Part II

-- The Protocols Of Zion

-- Monetary Systems & Banking

VIDEO Money As Debt

VIDEO The Ascent Of Money

VIDEO: The Money Masters

VIDEO: Masters Of The Universe

VIDEO Secret History Of The Credit Card

VIDEO Fiat Empire - Why The Federal Reserve Violates The U.S. Constitution

VIDEO: Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve

VIDEO Monopoly Men (Federal Reserve Fraud)

-- Transnational Corporations

VIDEO The Corporation

-- Organizations Of Influence

-- Secret Societies

-- Systemic Corruption

-- Propaganda & Mind Control

The Lies That Led Us To Wage Wars

-- Lies & Propaganda Of Fear

VIDEO Operation Saddam - America's Propaganda War

Two VIDEOS: A Lesson On Propaganda - Bush and Rumsfeld Speeches On The War On Terror (02-17-2006)

-- vs. The Facts

VIDEO The Lies That Led To War

VIDEO Iraq, Tony & The Truth

VIDEO Senate Hearing on Pre-War Iraq Intelligence, Points Finger at Vice-President

6-PART VIDEO Frontline: Rumsfeld's War

6-PART VIDEO Frontline: The Torture Question

6-PART VIDEO Frontline: The Dark Side

VIDEO Dateline: Paul Moran Story - How The Rendon Group Spun the Iraq Propaganda for Chalabi's INC

Galloway vs U.S. Senate: Video, Transcript & Background Info

-- News & Comments

-- Important Reports

The War on Terror
-- Terrorism of War

-- News & Comments

Video: The Real Friends Of Terror - Can Suicide Bombers Ever Be Justified?

-- Important Reports

VIDEO The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror

John Pilger: Breaking The Silence

-- The Axis Of Evil

Current Wars

-- Afghanistan

Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death - Why have US television stations refused to broadcast this documentary?

-- Iraq

VIDEO The Bases Are Loaded

VIDEO Saddam - America's Best Enemy / Fisk: A Dictator Created Then Destroyed By America, He Takes His Secrets To The Grave. Our Complicity Dies With Him

3-PART VIDEO Real War On Terror

VIDEO The Death Squads

VIDEO: Iraq's Missing Billions

Another Video and it is Worse

Video: Shocking and Awful - The Real Face of The U.S. Occupation Of Iraq

VIDEO: 'Fallujah - The Hidden Massacre' Italian RAI News24 TV To Broadcast Evidence Of US Use Of Chemical Weapons On Iraqi Civilians...

Two Sides Of War: Reality Of War In Iraq Part 1

Video: Telling Lies and False Statements - Where Have All The Young Men Gone?

June, 2005 Video Release by the Iraqi Resistance - The Cowboys in Iraq

A Message From The "Iraq Resistance" Iraqi Resistance speech on videotape December 13 2004

World Areas of Concern - Listed by Region

Far East

-- North Korea

-- Indonesia

Middle East

-- Pakistan

-- Iran

VIDEO Scott Ritter on "Target Iran: The Truth About the White Houses Plans for Regime Change"

-- Saudi Arabia

-- Syria


-- Lybia

-- Somalia

-- Algeria

-- Sudan

-- Niger

-- Nigeria

-- Ivory Coast

-- Liberia

-- Sierra Leone


-- Haiti

-- Cuba

-- Mexico

-- Venezuela

VIDEO The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Chronicle Of A Coup

-- Colombia

-- Ecuador

-- Peru

-- Bolivia

To Be Continued?

-- China

-- Russia

Patriotism vs. Humanity

-- Patriotism: Boon or Bane?

-- Perceptions Of Combat

VIDEO: 3 YEARS IN IRAQ- Over 100,000 Kids Killed

VIDEO & SONG: No Bravery - A Nation Blind To Their Disgrace

-- Remember Your Humanity!

-- Perceptions From Abroad

The 2005 World Summit & UN General Assembly 60th Session: HYPOCRISY vs. INTEGRITY

War Crimes -- Committed "In All Our Names"

The Ultimate Crime: War Against Children - Squeezed To Death - Preamble "Iraqi Lullaby"

-- Not In Our Name!

Amnesty International USA: Take Action!

-- Important Reports

-- U.S. Law - Crimes Against The Constitution

-- US & International Law - Crimes Against Peace

-- US & International Law - Crimes Against Humanity: Torture

VIDEO Torturing Democracy

VIDEO: Abu Ghraib - The Sequel

-- International Law - Crimes Against Humanity: Radiation Poisoning

Beyond Treason: Government Experimentation On Military & Civilian Populations

-- International Law - Crimes Against Humanity: WMD Used Against Civilians!

-- International Law - War Crimes: Death Squads Or "The Salvador Option"

-- US & International Law - Crimes Against The Law Of Land Warfare

Enviroment & Lobbyism

-- Lobbyism & Payoff

VIDEO Climate Chaos: Bush's Climate Of Fear

-- Environmental Modification

VIDEO Tesla - The Missing Secrets Of Nikola Tesla

-- Global Warming & Climate Change: Man-Made Or Natural?

VIDEO Mega Disasters: Mega Freeze

VIDEO The Great Global Warming Swindle

VIDEO Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth

VIDEO Global Dimming

2 PART VIDEO David Attenborough's Planet Earth

-- Environmental Disasters

-- Contamination & Pollution

-- Medicine & Pharma

VIDEO The Origin Of AIDS

VIDEO HIV = AIDS - Fact Or Fraud?

VIDEO Deconstructing The Myth Of AIDS


VIDEO The Other Side Of AIDS

-- Biotech & Health Effects

VIDEOS The Future Of Food / The Genetic Takeover or mutant food

FOIA & Whistleblowers vs. Cover-Ups

-- Reports & Comments

-- Declassified Documents

-- FOIA Requests

-- Whistleblowers

AUDIO: Dr. Robert Bowman, Former Head Of Star Wars Program Says Cheney Main 9/11 Suspect

-- Cover-Ups

-- Larry W. Bryant: Uncovering Cover-Ups

Recruiting Lies vs Military Reality

-- News & Comments


How Best Support The Troops?

Support The Troops -- Bring Them Home!

-- Recruiting at Schools - Lies and Practices

-- The New Draft

-- Feres Doctrine vs. Oath of Allegiance

-- Crude Facts About Combat

-- Health Issues & Redress



VIDEO: Beyond Treason - Government Experimentation On Military & Civilian Populations

From Democracy to Dictatorship

-- News & Comments

-- Important Reports

VIDEOS on Aaron Russo's America -- Freedom to Fascism

VIDEO: Alex Jones' 9/11 the Road to Tyranny

-- Election Fraud

VIDEO Caught On Tape, The Fix Is In

-- Civil Liberties vs. Patriot Act & Martial Law

VIDEO Keith Olbermann & Constitutional Law Prof Jonathan Turley On Military Commissions Act

The Agenda for The Empire

-- News & Comments

-- Important Reports

VIDEO Sky TV Conspiracies: Iraq / The Great Iraq Heist

VIDEO Arsenal of Hypocrisy

VIDEO: BBC Panorama - The War Party

VIDEO: Preventive Warriors

-- Major Strategic Documents

Media Coverage

-- Reports & Comments

-- Corporate / Mainstream Media

VIDEO Orwell Rolls In His Grave

Video The Myth of the Liberal Media

VIDEO Enemy Image

VIDEO Spin - Footage You Were Never Supposed To See

VIDEO OUTFOXED: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism

-- Independent Media

VIDEO: Hitchens vs Galloway: The Big Debate

VIDEO: Independent Media In A Time Of War

VIDEO The Making Of "Inside Iraq: The Untold Stories"

-- Comedy

"Mess O Potamia": Exposing The Lies Of The Bush Administration

-- Embedded Journalism

Video: Shocking and Awful - Channels of War: The Media is the Military

-- Internet Sources

International (War)Crimes Tribunals

-- News & Comments

-- Important Reports

-- Iraq 1991 Operation Desert Storm 

-- Afghanistan 2001 Operation Enduring Freedom

-- Iraq 2003 Operation Iraqi Freedom

-- 2005-2006 International Bush Crimes Commission

Take Action! -- Take Back America!

-- News & Comments

-- Important Reports

Video of Conyers Hearing in full length provided by C-SPAN

The Downing Street Memo Comes To Washington, Conyers Blasts "Deafening Sound of Silence"

-- Indictment & Impeachment

San Diegos Citizens Grand Jury Investigation Into The Events And Crimes Of September 11, 2001

-- Striking Speeches & Articles 

Dr. Martin Luther King: A Time To Break Silence

VIDEO Keith Olbermann Special Comment: Death Of Habeas Corpus: Your Words Are Lies, Sir!

Al Gore On the Limits of Executive Power

Scott Ritter: America's War

Eisenhower's Farewell Address To The Nation

Summaries & Previews

-- Summaries

VIDEO Zeitgeist - The Movie

VIDEO Zeitgeist: Addendum

VIDEO Ring Of Power

VIDEO Racism: A History

VIDEO Reichstag 911

-- Previews

VIDEO 2057 - Earth 50 Years In The Future

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