Political Assassinations:
Martin Luther King

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The Assassination Of
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Documentary 1993
Written and narrated by Warren Leming, directed by Denis Mueller (MPI Video)

A documentary on the events leading up to the assassination of Dr. King.

Runtime 1:21:01, click play to start

The Assassination of
Martin Luther King, Jr

The killing of Martin Luther King Jr. remains an enduring and troubling mystery. There is significant evidence that King's most powerful opponent was the FBI's J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover had King's personal life rifled for negatives; tapped his phone; and was said to have sworn to "get" King.

Although James Earl Ray confessed to King's murder, it appears that Ray was being "run" by sources with possible links to the CIA, FBI, and a host of Right Wing organisations infiltrated by Federal agents.

The tape includes footage of King speaking and many interviews with people close to both sides of the King killing. A must see for anyone interested in America's long battle for racial equality. A penetrating analysis of the Security State operations which targeted the man who remains one of the great figures of the 20th century.

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