Treason In Wartime

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Once Top Secret State Department Documents Show Treason In Wartime


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Treason In Wartime

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Treason In Wartime

in response to an article "No peace on Earth during unjust war"
December 24, 2004, BY ANDREW GREELEY
(also posted at wikepedia.org/Treason in Wartime)

Greetings Father Greeley and a Merry Christmas to you.

Following are URL's containing once top secret documents and other information declassified by the State Department in 2000, much to the chagrin of the CIA. Now we know why; treason in wartime.

These documents are important in that they show a pattern of behavior on the part of the intelligence community and those who control them for fabricating information to justify preemptive wars on sovereign nations for nefarious reasons. We have become the aggressor nation. It is no more glaring than in the arrogance for continued war in Iraq.

Recently, Gary Webb took his own life in utter frustration for what his industry did to him. That is the media. Gary had written DARK ALLIANCE for the San Jose Mercury News re the cocaine smuggling by the CIA to subvert the will of Congress that the Nicaraguan conflict NOT be monetarily supported by the United States. Gary paid a bitter price. Even in death he was vilified by the press for exposing the CIA, crossing that line, showing that moral courage to expose the black hand of hypocrites who operate outside our Constitution and against our laws to subvert the will of the people.

Why not take back our country, our Constitution, and rid ourselves of this growing scourge? Are we not obligated to remove such a cancer and restore democracy? Or are we truly living George Orwell's Animal Farm? Are we that nation of sheep following the Judas Goat (My Pet Goat) to the slaughter house of tyranny?

When we will have had enough of rape and torture in the prisons of Iraq, perpetrated by Americans? When will we no longer hear the screams at Abu Ghraib of those mothers forced to watch their sons being sodomized by Americans?

How many CIA were dressed in military uniforms in charge of the torture at these prisons throughout the world? This is the modus operandi from the Vietnam War, as you will see below. Sources and methods be damned!

And is it any wonder that NONE of this documented evidence has seen the light of day in the US media? Is it any wonder that all this damning information falls on deaf ears and blind editors? Egregious you say? Read on.

Peruse these documents and see the patterns emerge which continue to this very day. Witness the blatant disregard for Presidential Directives issued during National Security Council meetings resulting in chaos and mayhem. See the unanswered letters to Senators on the Intelligence Committee and the letters to the Attorney General facing the same fate.

Is there a greater crime than treason in wartime? Is is any wonder that the media is complacent with the will of the government instead of it's watchdog? Does this not smack of the ruse of the Gulf of Tonkin incident?

We have broken all of the rulings handed down at the International Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. Former Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson became the Chief Prosecutor at Nuremberg and uttered these words in 1946 while seeking the death penalty for those defendants. "The standards by by which we judge these defendants today will be the standards by which we shall be judged tomorrow". Hypocrisy has come home to roost and it's feathers are soaked with blood and oil from Iraq.

See the pattern emerge:

And if this is not enough, take a few moments to view the pages of this banned book, yes banned from the bookstore shelves across this country, the land of the free and home of the brave. The Secret Team, the CIA and it's allies in control of the united states and the world. 100,000 copies of this book have been confiscated. The CIA cannot stand the written word. Educate yourself! It is now available for FREE download at the following site:


Thank God for the Internet.

John McCarthy
President and Chairman of The Board of VERPA
Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advocacy


On the following pages (see links below or use the links in the left column) you can read the once top Secret State Department Documents that are mentioned in the above letter.

The enclosed URL's are links to the State Department's permanent electronic archive of information released prior to January 20, 2001 and are functioning at the time of this posting.

Once Top Secret State Department Documents Show Treason In Wartime PART 2

Once Top Secret State Department Documents Show Treason In Wartime PART 3

Once Top Secret State Department Documents Show Treason In Wartime PART 4

Once Top Secret State Department Documents Show Treason In Wartime PART 5

Once Top Secret State Department Documents Show Treason In Wartime PART 6


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