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Guilty by Reason of Silence! - The Media Conspiracy

By Ted Lang 2004

April 21, 2004

It would seem as a challenge to all that have supposedly dedicated themselves intellectually and professionally to a lifelong career which demands both competitive motivation and meticulous research. It is a career where such dedication will be readily rewarded by one's peers, the best of the best. It is a career with virtually no limitations or restrictions, save that of required creativity and the avoidance of plagiarism. I speak of the professional requirements and demands of the journalist.

It started for me with the frustrations expressed on both radio and cable television by Rush Limbaugh, voicing the injustices of an unrestrained media which was shamelessly "liberal" and "leftist." Once so clearly pointed out by a refreshing non-liberal voice in the wilderness of pro-Democratic broadcast and print media journalism, it was easy to see the bias: the astonishing hissy fits and threatened resignation of NBC's Tom Brokaw in trying to squelch the NBC exclusive on the Bill Clinton/Juanita Broadderick alleged rape; the "wag-the-dog" bombing incident involving a non-offending pharmaceutical factory in Sudan; the media assault on Special Prosecutor Ken Starr; the Congressman Gary Condit/Chandra Levy spike by CBS' Dan Rather; the fraudulent Bush military records, again Dan Rather; and the attempted spike of a Newsweek exclusive involving President Bill Clinton and a 21-year-old intern that gave rise to Matt Drudge. The creation of Matt Drudge by Newsweek's via their shirking of journalistic responsibilities rewarded a "journalist" that took advantage of a real blockbuster opportunity and exclusive.

And in addition to Limbaugh's smashing success with two books, his cable television show, and his soaring legion of 20 million radio fans, we had "conservative" follow-on voices such as Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and of course the entire entourage of Rupert Murdoch's FOXNews.

Add to this inspired response driven by the news-starved public in an era of astonishing information and communications technology breakthroughs, the written efforts of authors Bernard Goldberg, Mona Charen, and even pro-gunner Dr. John Lott, Jr., and we have all the ingredients necessary to unabashedly proclaim the undeniable existence of a "liberal" bias in the media. And the media icon and news leader, The New York Times, has been severely discredited by the Jayson Blair scandal with its editorial repercussions, as well as the attendant criticism of "The Red Lady" resultant from the Internet focus on the Walter Duranty debacle and Pulitzer Prize disgrace of 1932. But this is where the continued reference to a "liberal" media should end.

The dangerous domination and control of mainstream journalism by the Bush White House, its Pentagon, and its military, is easily the greatest threat that has been foisted upon the American people. Referring once again to the Clinton/Broadderick affair, recall Clinton's response when asked if a rape took place: "Talk to my lawyer!" Any doubts here as to guilt versus innocence?

Silence is always vigorously pursued by wrongdoers – recall Clinton's advice to Monica and Al Gore as regards threatening inquisitiveness. Now, after no "weapons of mass destruction," after no traces of "yellowcake," after no ties to either terrorism, Al Quida, 9-11, or Osama, we continue to kill, maim and torture the very people we are supposed to be bringing democracy to after having freed them from the horrors of Saddam.

Where is the journalistic curiosity involving the suppression and spiking of the AIPAC spy scandal? Where are The New York Times headlines as concerns the Israel to China arms deal behind America's back, providing enlightenment to the nation of taxpayers that have sent trillions of our tax dollars in support of Israel? Why isn't more being written as regards the Gosch/Gannon scandal? And while speaking of Gosch/Gannon, what about such a blockbuster headline if released by the mainstream media? Wouldn't it render the Bill and Monica story, as well as the Gary and Chandra story, completely irrelevant? What a way for the "liberal-left" to retaliate against Ken Starr, George and Jeb Bush, and the entire herd of Republican elephants! A ring of pedophilic kidnappers run by the highest elements in the Republican Party, and our so-called "liberal" mainstream media won't touch it with a 50-foot pole!

What other possible conclusion can any reasonably prudent, intelligent person come to other than the fact that ALL the allegations against the Bush regime are true? And what greater corroboration can possible exist reflecting upon all these charges than John Pilger's observation on the Western media's "Law of Silence?" Scroll down to the rape of Fallujah [fourth paragraph from the bottom] to sample the Western media's greatest spike in recent times.

Was 9-11 a planned inside job by the highest levels of American government in cooperation with Israeli intelligence, Mossad? What have you heard lately?

Ted Lang

THEODORE E. LANG 2005 All rights reserved

Ted Lang is a political analyst and a freelance writer.


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