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Bloggers are outwitting the Mainstream and Corporate Media!

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Bloggers are outwitting the Mainstream and Corporate Media!

By Abu Assur

May 24, 2005

These days, they are rather worried. They are of no use any longer ! They have lost their aura. The carpet is being withdrawn from underneath their feet. Worse, they might even lose their jobs. They have become a burden for their employer. You guessed whom I am talking about ! The mainstream media or their masters' voice, the corporate media.

In the near past, these cacophonous trumpets, used to have an idol to worship. They were his press officers. Every morning there was an assembly to praise him. "We will do whatever possible to promote you Idol darling" be idol Zion or Wall street Mafiosi. The best liar the better paid adepts. They terrified anyone. Weapons of Mass Destruction, Shock and awe, Iraq Freedom. Surgical bombings. Detainees abuse (No tortures please, we are Christians bigots) Coalition of the willing (billing, killing, wilting!) They had no rivals. No competitors. They had a free arena, to lie, to falsify, to bark and yelp at will and to rewrite history. They declared victory when their masters were trampled upon. They invented euphemism and a new gibberish lingo.

These cawing crows terrified and threatened every bird singing outside their ranks and their sealed club. They call names who ever didn't embrace idol Zion ideology in the Arab region. They use to crown and destitute at will eunuch satraps, kinglets, idiot sheikhs or senile vicars.

Today things are changing. (Bush dumb, will immediately say it is because he attacked Iraq!) Bloggers and blogs are winning to the point that the mighty US Pentagon whores with all their finances, all their mercenaries, all their radio and TV stations all their technology, popraganda, and psyOp's are scared to death from these small bloggers sites which denounce the US tyranny and lies.

These bloggers have forced the US thugs to drop their democracy and human rights masks.

They have unveiled to the whole world the real bloodthirsty US face. The US came to loot and their strategy is to kill Arabs and Muslims and to humiliate them. That is why they degrade their men, rape their women and children, and sully, on purpose, their holy shrines, and they maculate, with insane joy, their Holy Book, the Koran, in the daylight.

Bloggers are outwitting the empire lying machine. Why ? Simply Because they write with their hearts, they are free, they have no ideology. Their style is easy and direct. They don't fight for a bloodthirsty master. Their style may look frustrated somehow, yes, but they struggle for the truth, and they are winning. These blog sites are visited by millions all over the planet.

On the other hand the US stiff corporate media are stuck. They seem to be completely cut from the outside world. When Bush talks about progress in Iraq, a blog site shows us almost at the same time, a video with three burning shattered upside down humvees in the streets of Mosul. In some way Bush is right, progress is made indeed, but not for his policies and friends. When Richard Myers the Chief mercenary declares he has broken the insurgency backbone, a Bradley tank, worth millions dollars of US tax payers is seen, racing away like mad probably packed with five or ten US kids, and suddenly exploding in the air hugged by a ball of fire from an IED. (The US military propaganda announces : no US casualties to deplore, but two injured Iraqi civilians! Understand that the resistance harms no one but fellow Iraqis !

The old guard of the wrinkly and rigid corporate media have become shaky and frightened like lost dogs. When you watch them on their TV channels, they feel ashamed for they know they are lying and the world is mocking them. Even though they are in their cushy studios, you see in their eyes shock and awe. Many times they try to quell a sigh. They know they have become professional liars, they have no credibility left specially when you hear them playing the empire filthy game, concealing its atrocities and tortures, its mass murders in Iraq and elsewhere. Even worse, they don't respect the wish of the citizens they claim to inform. Has anybody seen or heard on a corporate media station, the griefs and sorrows of a family or a parent of a single US killed or wounded soldier in Iraq?

Now these oldies unveil their villain and rusty fangs, get angry and blame the bloggers for not respecting the rules of the game. Isn't that amazing? What a genuinely stupid pretext. This story reminds me of a thug who has been killing and terrorizing a whole village and when he was caught at long last, the hands in the bag, he blames the villagers for not being tolerant with him!

For the corporate media, the rules of journalism are to follow like sheep and to kneel in front of Shell, Chevron, Halliburton loot policies and programs, to gobble whatever bone the US troops hand them over, and to fornicate with the Pentagon whores lies.

These high priests, who rarely speak or master a foreign language, blame the bloggers for being some unknown entities. "Nobody knows these bloggers" So what ! What an arrogant Zionist axiom. Bloggers are not known so they are not allowed to tell the truth! The corporate media seem to be desperate. They are trying every obsolete argument to protect the club from intruders and to pass on the lies and protect the horrendous family secrets. For if they were uncovered the people of the world will sort out the bastards from the blue blooded, and blue blooded there are none in amongst cowards and pompous fools.


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