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The JFK Conspiracy

Documentary 1992

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James Earl Jones hosts this documentary that unlocks the mystery surrounding the assassination of president John F. Kennedy by examining the events of the day. The program teams the shared opinions of government officials, eye witnesses and renowned director Oliver Stone with expert testimony, photographs, documents, true evidence and excerpts from the Zapruder film.



The New Zealand perspective

Translated to New Zealand time, the Kennedy assassination took place at 7.30 am, Saturday, 23 November 1963. Oswald was taken into custody at 8.50 am, at first charged with the shooting of Dallas Patrolman J D Tippit. The press knew of Oswald's being in custody by 10 am and could begin gathering information about him. The Christchurch Star was published in the early afternoon.

Christchurch Star connection

Preoccupation with the Christchurch Star connection had existed since 1963 but intensified with the release in 1992 of Oliver Stone's movie JFK, which puts forward a conspiracy view of the assassination. It uses, as part of its evidence, the front page of the Star of 23 November 1963. There were claims that the Star coverage contained information which was pre-packaged by conspirators prior to the assassination taking place and distributed in the US and then sent out to New Zealand very soon after the event. They say Oswald's background was reported far too quickly and it must have been a CIA-planted cover story.....

AND, from above,

"I just stood there, I don't know for how long. Eventually I turned around, made the coffee, and listened to the aghast commentary of the NBC crew. I don't remember now what it was triggered my next verbal outburst, whether it was Katie Couric reporting the government saying it was Osama bin Laden who was behind the attacks, or some vaguer speculation about Arab terrorists."

.....provides a pattern and modus operandi clearly showing how quick the "suspects" are identified and published to the world thus preparing "case closed" scenario necessary to hide the true identity and nature of the real perpetrators of these acts of treachery.

John McCarthy


Further treachery exposed.......

Lee Oswald - Who and What Was He?

by Walt Brown

Both from the official publications and from arduous digging done by dedicated researchers, we have arrived at a point where we have a reasonably large data bank regarding Lee Oswald, the prime official suspect in the killing of John F. Kennedy and Dallas police officer Jefferson Davis Tippit on November 22, 1963.

"Officially", nothing has been done since the House Select Committee on Assassinations recommended to the Justice Department that they take a new look at a case that was fifteen years old. "Nothing" is the key word in the last sentence, as that is exactly what the Justice Department did, except that ten years after the House Committee asked them to do something, they did. In 1988, they ruled the case "CLOSED".

So what we have learned about Lee Oswald of late has been through private labors, and while all the research, digging, and initiative is to be commended, we have almost reached the point where "more is less" with regard to Oswald. In short, we have learned so much about him that we can be sure of almost nothing, and any hypothesis suggested can be countered by other known facts.

Consider some of the contradictions: we are told that he was orphaned by his mother, or, alternatively, overly pampered by her. At the same time, there are suggestions that he fell in with the wrong company while being ministered to by his "surrogate father", Charles "Dutz" Murret.

Oswald was an avid reader who disliked school and was frequently truant. (In an odd irony, both Oswald and Ruby were temporarily institutionalized as early teens for truancy.)

After being released from the clutches of Dr. Renatus Hartogs, Oswald took up two pursuits. The reading of Marxism, and, when that bored him, he would put it down and pick up his brother's Marine Corps Manual, which he memorized.

From the age of 17 until November 22, when we know he committed the violent act of swinging at a police officer in the Texas Theater, his life is characterized by non-violence. Although he tried to enter the Marines prematurely, he bided his time reading Karl Marx, then quit school to join the Corps at age 17. He virtually ignored the more militaristic aspects of his chosen career, including the maintenance of his rifle, and was, according to his Marine cronies, so atypical a Marine and so peace oriented that he would have made Gandhi look like a serial killer.

But he had to pass his time in the Marines somehow, so he became an open and avowed Marxist, an odd commodity, to say the least, in the fighting force that has always been viewed as the "gung ho" "semper fi" leathernecks that clear the beaches so that democracy may wash ashore. He studied the Russian language, was tested in it, subscribed to Russian periodicals, listened to Russian music and always took the red pieces when playing chess. His Marine buddies thought this behaviour strange, but when they reported it to superiors, the silence was deafening. The test he took on February 25,1959, is instructive; although his score was not outstanding, the very fact that he took it is unusual, and he scored far higher on it than the vast majority of those who will read this article. How did he come to take the test? Was he sweeping the barracks one day only to have an officer enter and yell, "Hey! Any of you guys want to take a Russian language test?" Or did the range officer, noticing that Oswald was piling up a lot of "Maggie's Drawers" with his rusty rifle, suggest, "Look, kid, you can't hit a barn. Why not learn the language so you can translate the surrender terms when we storm Stalingrad?"

Once this avowed Marxist with a high security clearance had learned all he needed to know, he got out of the service as fast as he got in, with no questions asked...almost as if they either didn't want him any more or wanted to create that illusion...

He then defected to Russia, loudly (for the sake of listening devices), denounced America, and promised the Russians all our secrets. But they studiously avoided his collection of secrets, using his skills instead to manufacture radios and pull down a salary that would keep him in cabbage all his days.

He met and married Marina Prussakova in haste, and then immediately let her know he wanted to return to the United States, as he had had enough of the workers' paradise. Despite her kinship to a Soviet Intelligence Officer, she was routinely allowed to leave the Soviet Union, a situation that caused much concern for the white-Russian emigre group in Dallas-Fort Worth who tried, with mixed success, to befriend her and her at times obnoxious husband.

The Soviets, it seemed, were as eager to be rid of Lee Oswald as the Marine Corps had been, so they allowed Marina Oswald to accompany her husband out of the country. It seems interesting in retrospect to consider that we have been led to believe that the KGB had no interest whatsoever in what Oswald knew. Likewise, the ever-impoverished Oswald did not approach and Soviets to sell the data he possessed. Upon returning home, (after getting State Department guarantees of money and no prosecution), the CIA and the FBI adopt the KGB's attitude toward Oswald, and the still impoverished prodigal son shows no interest in selling what he knows about Russia to the highest American bidder.

Oswald, the self-styled intellectual and theoretician, ever ready to debate at social gatherings or talk shows, begins a career of sheet metal work, photo enlarging, coffee machine greasing, and filling textbook orders. The vast majority of such work could have been done by a well trained chimp, and probably better.

Oswald tells his brother that nobody knows the reason for his return, and given Oswald's machinations in the seventeen months after his return, maybe he did not know himself. He wants to send Marina back to Russia; he wants to return; he wants to go to Cuba; personally, he couldn't afford cab fare across town.

He then straddles the issue of Castro's Cuba, putting himself at some slight risk to distribute Fair Play For Cuba literature, usually just for publicity or photo opportunities - or to establish some sort of bona fides. He then spends much of the summer of 1963 in the company of Guy Bannister and David Ferrie, on the Anti-Castro side of the fence, with absolutely no attendant publicity. It's one thing to write to V. T. Lee in New York for FPCC literature, and it's not much of a risk - unless you allow Carlos Bringuier to push you around for which Oswald, and not Bringuier, was convicted - but it could be deadly serious for a pro-Castro Marxist to attempt to infiltrate the Government sponsored terrorist campaign that was centered in Guy Bannister's Fiefdom.

After spending one day on a voter registration line in Clinton, Louisiana, with hundreds of non-caucasians in order to become a registered voter there so as to obtain employment in a nearby mental hospital, Oswald headed for his rendezvous with destiny in Dallas. Again using his brilliant intellect as a foot in the door, he secured employment at the Texas School Book Depository, an isolated eyesore at the rump end of industrial Dallas in 1963. The work was temporary, he was told, as the normal textbook rush would end, as would his employment, by mid November. The installation of flooring in the building allowed Oswald the luxury of employment there November 22, and the Presidential motorcade was then tailored to pass that very building.

The rest of the story has been the subject of hundreds of books - some excellent, some not so good - but all have added to our understanding of Oswald, the man who allegedly tried to kill both Edwin Walker and John Kennedy, a duo clearly NOT in the "separated at birth" category. He also made sure that photographs of him were found, displaying two cheap weapons and two newspapers so unlike in their orientation as to suggest that either their reader was an idiot, or was putting us on. A person photographed with Popular Mechanics and Sports Illustrated can hardly be accused, on the basis of that photograph, of being a stamp collector.

Knowing this all-too-brief resume of Oswald, we can hypothesize just a little. If Oswald had stayed in Minsk, and Nikita Khrushchev had been shot on November 22, 1963, the headlines in the USSR might have read:


On the other hand, Oswald could have been employed at the Texas School Book Depository on November 22,1963, and you can read headlines that say:


And so you have it. No biographical dictionary could ever admit to giving its readers an accurate picture of Lee Oswald. The best they could offer is a listing, dates of birth and death, and then some nouns and adjectives.

Oswald, Lee Harvey (October 18, 1939 - November 24, 1963) Orphan; intellect, marine, defector, loving husband, wife beater, marksman, blue collar employee, photographer, FPCC chairman for New Orleans, employee of Guy Bannister; Marxist; Pacifist; Assassin; Patsy. (Choose 4)

Food for thought. An interested psychologist or psychiatrist might want to wade through the existing material and prepare a psycho-biography of Oswald, who may, for all we know, have been some kind of neurotic who did not know from one day to the next if he was Oswald or Hidell; a good exploration of this concept, by a trained expert, might add to our understanding. A good point of departure for such a study would be R.B. Cutler' s work, ALIAS OSWALD which documents the physical and mental confusions of the "historical Oswald".

Roscoe White - Fact or Fiction?
by Steve Gerlach

The Roscoe White theory is a pearl in the dead of night for assassination researchers and theorists. It offers so much information as to the identity of the Grassy Knoll gunman and those behind him pulling the strings. It is the most thought provoking theory and the closest we can get to actually labeling those involved and naming the actual shooters. It is the lost treasure of Atlantis. It is the Rosetta stone of the assassination.

Or is it?

Larry Howard, Director of Operations of the Dallas KAIC, recounts the strange events of the Roscoe White story:
One day, in the spring of 1990, a young man by the name of Ricky White walked through our doors and came to us and said, 'I think my father killed John Kennedy and I'd like for you all to prove he didn't.' We get many kooks that come by with all these crazy stories and we thought here's another one. We asked him, 'Why do you think your father killed John Kennedy?'

And he said, 'Well, in 1982, I found my father's footlocker in Paris, Texas, after my Grandfather died, in an old room at the back of the house. In the footlocker was a diary that told of my father's participation in the assassination of JFK.'

White, according to the diary, fired two shots at Kennedy from behind the picket fence with a 7.65 German Mauser. Roscoe White believed both shots hit Kennedy.

'My father's code name was 'Mandarin', and the other two gunmen were 'Saul' and 'Lebanon'. And as I read further it also says my father killed a police officer on Tenth and Patton, it didn't say officer Tippit, just a police officer.'

The first thing we asked, being skeptical, was, 'Where's the diary?'

He said, 'I don't have it. The FBI took it from me in 1988.'

So, our first thoughts were, well here's another kook.

In the footlocker with the diary, Ricky found a key to a safe deposit box. He asked the D.A. of Midland, Texas, to help him attempt to access the deposit box at a Dallas bank. The D.A. notified the FBI who then interrogated Ricky for nearly five hours, taking him to the federal building along with his father's personal effects - including the diary. Within hours of Ricky returning home with his father's things, an FBI agent carrying a briefcase comes to the house saying he left his notebook in the box containing Roscoe's things. He is alone momentarily with the box as Ricky's wife leaves the room to inform Ricky of the agent's presence. Later, it is discovered that the diary is missing from the box.

We said, 'What else do you have?'

He said, 'Well, my father left on the same ship Oswald did to the Philippines.'

And sure enough, he had the documentation to prove that.

White served in the Marine Corps with Oswald. The two were stationed together in Marine Air Wing I at Japan's Atsugi Air Base, home of a highly secret CIA operation.

'And my mother worked for Jack Ruby.'

And low and behold he had a picture of his mother and Jack Ruby together.

And he said, 'My father joined the Dallas Police department in October of 1963.'

And then we really got excited. White said, 'My father had photographs of things no one else had pertaining to the case.'

His father died in 1971 and in 1975 someone broke into their house in Paris, Texas where he'd moved to. There were two men, one stabbed his mother with an ice-pick, and they stole only the assassination material.

They were arrested in Phoenix, Arizona, where the police found this assassination material and they called the FBI and the Dallas Police. The FBI then came in and looked at these photographs that White had in his possession.

After Oswald was arrested, the Dallas Police found two backyard photographs of Oswald holding a rifle and communist newspapers. In this box of material stolen from the White home was a third backyard photograph, with Oswald in a different pose, that no one in the world had ever seen.

We started to add all these things up. These things you can't deny, this is hard evidence that his father was involved.

But there was more. Using a cryptic written message left by his father, Ricky White travels back to Paris, Texas, to his grandfather's empty house. There in the attic, shielded by boards, Ricky discovers an unusual steel container. He returns to Midland before opening the container. It was a round steel container with an air-tight sealed lid. It was from the Navy, it's what they use to carry pistols in so they don't rust. He went and got a crowbar and opened the top.

Inside the container, wrapped in pieces of plastic were three old decoded cables to his father.

These were orders to kill John Kennedy.

Ricky White told us that, in the now-stolen diary, it stated that his father's code name was 'Mandarin' and that he worked for some kind of Rifle program.

The first cable said, 'Forget foreign assignments. Destination Dallas.' It was sent to code-name 'Mandarin' just like Ricky said. At the bottom of the cable were the words 'RE/RIFLE XXX DESTROY' It was dated August l963.

The second cable, dated September 1963 said, 'Dallas destination chosen. Hide within department.' Which meant the police department. So he got a job at the Dallas police department.

The last cable was dated December 1963 and it said, 'Stay within department, all witnesses have eyes ears and noses.' and at the bottom again, 'RE/RIFLE XXX DESTROY' just like in the others.

These cables also had printed on them Roscoe White's military serial number.

Along with the three cables were negatives of Roscoe White's mother and father which only he had access to, his military dog-tags bearing his serial number (the same one as on the cables) and thus identifying him as the recipient of the messages, a picture of Jack Ruby shooting Oswald, a picture of the Warren Commission meeting so that you'd know what all this related to. And in the bottom of the casket was a small green book, a short-hand dictionary, and his father had taken it and started, in his handwriting, at the back of the book upside-down, he wrote, ' Roscoe Anthony White. Twenty-eight people died under the witness elimination program.'

Roscoe White killed 28 of the witnesses after the assassination.

In this book there was also newspaper clippings of the people he murdered. And there is a numbered code on every page. Since the summer of l990, we haven't been able to break one of those codes. We are still trying.

Roscoe White's mysterious death also supports his son's story. In 1970, after Roscoe White suddenly became religious, he decided not to be an assassin anymore. He'd got a job at a welding shop and in l971 he was given another assignment and he refused to do it. He went to lunch, came back, and lit his welding torch. He blew up. Someone had placed a five gallon container of liquid fuel underneath his workbench.

He lived for 26 hours, long enough, on his death bed, to tell his pastor Jack Shaw that he'd killed many people on foreign and domestic soil for his country. At the time he thought it was right but now he knew it was wrong. He asked for God to forgive him. Then he died. And with that last statement he made, I am convinced the Roscoe White story is absolutely true.

Larry Howard

The Roscoe White theory is also supported by other evidence:
* Two witnesses identified Roscoe White in Dealey Plaza near the picket fence at the time of the assassination.
* An eyewitness was in J.D. Tippit' s house a week before the, assassination and saw Roscoe White and another man in discussion with Tippit.
* An Ex-CIA operative met Roscoe White in Dallas in the Summer of 1962 concerning the purchase of guns.
* A woman's father was friends with Roscoe White and Jack Ruby and was possibly involved with eliminating witnesses. Her father was killed by Dallas Police while trying to escape when in custody for conspiracy to murder.
* A friend of Lee Oswald's in New Orleans was told about Roscoe White in the late summer of 1963 by Lee Oswald.
* A nightclub owner was introduced to Roscoe White by Jack Ruby in the owner's club.

All this evidence does point strongly to the case that, not only was White the Grassy Knoll gunman, he also killed Tippit when Tippit decided not to drive White and Oswald to the safe house (see BADGMEN - PLURAL also in this issue), and he then went on to lake part in eliminating witnesses - most possibly while still dressed as a Dallas Policeman! (Remember cable no. 8: 'stay within department'!!)

The Roscoe White theory also explains that the orders to assassinate the President came from the hierarchy of the government itself. The whole case; the shooting, the cover-up, the assassins, the patsy - everything, is solved by the Roscoe White theory.

If only, only, we had that diary and could break the codes. If, if...


The Great American Coup D'etat
A letter and article from "Mr. X" - L. Fletcher Prouty

Dear Steve,
Correspondence traveling via the Publisher is always late. It is batched and forwarded as the collection gets bothersome. Thus, your fine letter of March 15th had to wend its way from south of the equator, to our storm battered shores into Carol Publishing, and finally here to "Gay Town" D.C.

I am delighted with your letter, moreso with your publication. As a first effort it is great. I hope it signals an up-hill, steadily rising standard that will surpass all others in its field. In some cases this will not be difficult; and I, for one, hesitate to make comparisons so early. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in sending me this first copy of "Probable Cause."

This causes me to take immediate steps to have something in the mail to you while I take more time to review your work in detail. I have read almost all of it; but now I want to do it more minutely. Then you'll hear from me again. I'll see if I can suitably respond to your request for material.

As I did during my work with Oliver Stone, I am going to urge that you reduce your recapitulation of the Warren Report mythology, and move into the more important area of "Why?" It bothers me no end to see so many good researchers frothing at the seams as one suggests that the "Magic" bullet went this way, and the other suggests otherwise; or that Oswald was a terrible U. S. Marine marksman, and others credit him with skill.

Or even worse, to find that a whole new folk-lore has been created about the policeman father [Roscoe White] of some juvenile in some such way as we went through the "Mafia" era. We need to get the serious people into serious thought in order to build upon what we are learning and what we have known.

This is one thing I admire about Stone. The very first time I met him he was already talking about the great significance of the JFK Vietnam decision. He had already written the "Man X" scenario into the script before I ever met him and ever saw the script itself. I found out later that the Editor of FREEDOM magazine (where most of my "JFK, the CIA, Vietnam..." stuff had already been published) had long before sent him a set of those articles; and even more importantly that Jim Garrison had sent him copies of the lengthy correspondence I had had with him (Jim) while I was in the process of reviewing his manuscript. Stone was right into that and was ready to put Vietnam, along with other things into the script. Then I saw myself in the mirror as "Man X".

It was a stroke of genius to open the film with those great lines from the Eisenhower speech of Jan. 1961.

In short, this is the way future work has got to go. I've had the "Dallas" scenario. It's time to move forward.

I don't know whether you know this or not; but some years ago I broadcast regularly with Mark Aarons on ABC Radio (Australia). We did a lot of shows on the "Secret team" lines among other things. We finally got into the period of the Nugan-Hand Bank failure, the death of Frank Nugan and the disappearance of Michael Hand. I knew Mike and met him several times as his CIA work brought him into the Pentagon to visit with Lansdale. It is truly amazing how all of this circles around. All we do in that Pentagon is listen to Songlines. By the way, Mike Hand is one of our more famous "MIA's."

I am enclosing a bit of a speech I made a while back. It was delivered to a small local organization. If you have any use for it you are free to use it.

You'll hear from me later as I work my way back through "Probable Cause." That's a good title. Your question "Probable Cause" and my question "Why" belong together... in good company.

I'm very busy with a Swedish reporter in town, a plan for a major Chinese movie, and I have been invited to join the Dalai Lama while he is here at the National Press Club on (April) the 29th. I worked on the operation that slipped him out of Tibet in 1959, and then worked a long time to support the Khampa tribesmen of SE Tibet during 1959-1960. All this keeps a guy going.


L. Fletcher Prouty.

Couple these remarks and see the lights come on....

1)  *All Haldeman knew was that it involved "these Cubans", "Hunt" and "the CIA", and that if the truth were ever to come out it would effect "the CIA", "the country" and "American foreign policy".

2) From Charles Morgan's ONE MAN ONE VOICE, .....Later (on February 8, 1970) in an article in the Washington Post entitled TERMINATED AGENT MAY HAUNT U.S., Murray Marder would write: "[W]hile comparatively obscure, the McCarthy case carries a larger potential for international complications than the celebrated Green Berets case."  Could Murray Marder have known that the members of the National Security Council had defied the presidential directives issued during wartime expressly prohibiting that which CIA had directed me to undertake a year later?  When Johnson found out he declared he "would not seek nor accept his parties nomination for reelection as President of The United States."

3) National Security Council's Function

The National Security Council is the President's principal forum for considering national security and foreign policy matters with his senior national security advisors and cabinet officials. Since its inception under President Truman, the function of the Council has been to advise and assist the President on national security and foreign policies. The Council also serves as the President's principal arm for coordinating these policies among various government agencies.

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