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Secrets Of Dallas:
The Role Of George Bush In The JFK Assassination-Cum-Coup!

Wim Dankbaar
Published: Thursday, June 29, 2006

Slide: The Dallas Motorcade

I have been asked to shed some light on the Kennedy assassination for you. That is what I shall do, but from the size of this book you can already see that I cannot give you the complete story here today. Unfortunately, this was a complex and extensive conspiracy. I assume you want to know who did it? A simple question, but it must be split up in two parts.
What do you want to know?

  • Who the shooters were?
  • Or who gave the orders?

Those are two different parties. The shooters I can give you. Or better said, I can give you only two, because there were actually more than two, but the two I am sure of, were Charles Nicoletti and James Files. Who were they?

Well, they were both gangsters working for the organized crime boss of Chicago, Sam Giancana, but they were also assets for the CIA.

  • Contract agents for the dirty work. And their boss, Sam Giancana, obviously did a lot of work with the CIA.

Charles Nicoletti was Giancana's best hitman, and James Files was the driver and bodyguard for Charles Nicoletti. James Files fired the fatal shot from the infamous grassy knoll, which should maybe be called the Bushy knoll. He has made a full and detailed confession, of which you may judge the credibility in the book. You can also get further details on the website. Therefore I do not wish to elaborate very much here.

What I do want to do though, is take take you back to Dallas that day, where Kennedy was killed in broad day light in Dealey Plaza. I will show you a fragment of the confession of James Files and the Zapruder film of the murder.

It starts with a word from FBI agent Zack Shelton.

I would like to dedicate the rest of this session to the involvement of George Bush in the conspiracy. And when I say George Bush, I mean senior. George Herbert Walker Bush, the father of the current president. You have probably never heard this, but I dare to assure you that he is into this up to his neck. The truth about the Kennedy's murder is namely that it was an ordinary coup d'etat. And what happens in a coup d'etat? The culprits seize power and take over the government ... they also write the history about the coup.

Actually, I first would like to reflect somewhat on the notion of Truth.

Truth itself is something absolute ... something is true or it is not true ... there is nothing in between ... but knowing or accepting the truth is another matter ... and, of course, this is also valid for the lie.
Accepting the truth or a lie is dependent on many factors ... it depends on what the truth is (for example if it is not too shocking) ... it also depends on by whom the message is told ... where it is told ... when it is told ... how often it is told and through which channels it is told.
It makes a difference, for example, whether I am the messenger or someone like Jim Garrison, Oliver Stone, Larry King ... or just name any celebrity or established journalist. The authority and fame of the messenger have an impact on the acceptance of the message.

That principle also allows a president to sell a war with lies ... and Adolf Hitler said that the bigger the lie, the easier it is to impose it on the public, especially if it is repeated over and over again. Indeed, he has told lots of lies, that we all know now, were lies, but at the time they were broadly accepted as truth.

And of course the world has suffered the consequences.

There was also a time that the world was flat ... and the first man who said that the world was round, had of course a big problem. I can tell you, ladies and gentlemen, sometimes I feel like that man. Nevertheless, I am going to tell you the the word is round, and I would like to ask you to keep these reflections in mind when judging my story. I am going to tell you something that I think most of you have never heard. But that does not mean it is not true. In fact you can check yourself if it is true.

I want to tell you something about George Bush and Luis Posada Carriles.

Now, who the hell is Luis Posada Carriles?

Luis Posada Carriles is a Cuban who is in the news lately, for he has asked for asylum in the United States. He is an anti-Castro militant since the Bay of Pigs and he is also a CIA agent. He has dedicated his life to try kill Fidel Castro and re-conquer Cuba. These are all facts that are not disputed. You may recall that the Bay of Pigs invasion was set up by the CIA. You may even know that the architects of the plan were the then CIA director Allen Dulles and vice president Richard Nixon.

But what you don't know is that Richard Nixon was made by Prescott Bush, the grandfather of the current president. He had first persuaded his golf buddy Eisenhower to run for President, and then he installed his protege Richard Nixon as Vice President. And this was a similar presidency as Reagan/Bush. Reagan did the speeches, made the jokes, was the communicator and the face to the public, but the real business was done by the vice president. And Ike, too, liked playing golf better than being President. The point is, Nixon did nothing without the knowledge of Prescott Bush and son ... Prescott and George were also also warm friends with Allen Dulles, the CIA director.
And contrary to what he wants to have us believe, George Bush was an undercover asset for the CIA since the nineteen fifties. There are even hard documents to prove that. In that capacity he assisted Nixon and Dulles with the planning of the Bay of Pigs. Because Castro had shown himself to be a communist and a friend of Russia. Moreover, he had nationalized the American multinationals. From United Fruit, in which Dulles had a major interest, to Coca Cola, to Texaco, to the rigs of Bush's own oil company, Zapata Petroleum. Castro had also thrown out the mob, with their casino's, hotels, brothels and such.

Look, this is an interesting document which was accidentally declassified and discovered in 1988.

As you can see it is titled "Assassination of President John F. Kennedy" and written by FBI director Hoover, 7 days after the murder. It discusses the reaction of the "misguided" Cuban exiles, who, as we now know, resorted under Bush's guidance. And thus in the last paragraph it is stated that the information was shared with "George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency." Now, you should know that Bush himself has always denied, even under oath, that he was in the CIA before he became director in 1976. That is incredible on its face, but even if we gave him the benefit of the doubt, this document proves the lie once and for all.

Of course it was the plan that Nixon would be President after Eisenhower ... and Nixon and the Bushes had already promised their partners they would take action on Cuba. Prescott Bush was a fundraiser for Nixon's campaign against Kennedy. At his side he had a Congressman, named Gerald Ford, the later President.

  • Hence the fact that Kennedy became President with the help of mafia boss Sam Giancana was an unforeseen misfortune.

The father of Kennedy had made Giancana a secret promise that if John would make it to the White House, they would go easy on the mob. Therefore Kennedy won Illinois, just enough to beat Nixon. However, the Kennedy's did not keep their promise and started an unprecedented war on Organized Crime, led by Robert Kennedy as Attorney General. You may guess how the mafia felt. Nevertheless, Kennedy approved the plans for the Bay of Pigs invasion, inherited from the Eisenhower administration. And so it happens that George Bush remains involved in the formation of Operation 40.

Operation 40 is a super secret CIA-team of assassins and terrorists to eliminate Fidel Castro.

Operation 40 is mainly assembled from anti-Castro Cubans. Among them is Luis Posada Carriles. A few other names are Felix Rodriguez, Orlando Bosch and Guillermo Novo. They will get back later in the story. Also, all the later Watergate burglars are members of Operation 40. Frank Sturgis, Bernard Barker, Virgilio Gonzalez and Eugenio Martinez. All rabid anti Castro Cubans. The leader of the Watergate team was Howard Hunt. But a decade earlier, he was also a supervisor for Operation 40. Along with a man by the name of David Atlee Phillips. Both are CIA officers with extensive experience in covert operations. They had jointly planned the coup in Guatemala in 1954. And David Atlee Philips was also the mastermind in the coup in Chili. You know, Salvador Allende, Pinochet. That is all public knowledge. But what is less known is that they were also the planners for the Kennedy assassination. David Atlee Phillips was the direct superior of Lee Harvey Oswald and James Files.

Hence an accused and a REAL assassin of JFK.

Did you know by the way, that the best friend of Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas was one George Demohrenschildt? Maybe you knew this because our fellow Dutchman Willem Oltmans has been dealing with him in the seventies. Demohrenschildt was at the verge of sharing his knowledge with Willem before he committed suicide ... allegedly. But what you certainly don't know, is that this Demohrenschildt had been a spy for the Nazi's and was a personal friend of George Bush. This can be documented with their correspondence.

Did you know that another friend of Bush introduced a Russian interpreter for Marina Oswald immediately after the Dallas murder?

And did you also know that Prescott Bush did not make his fortune in oil, as often assumed, but as a banker financing Hitler?

This too is a historical fact. His assets in his Union Banking Corporation were seized in 1942 under the so-called "Trading with the Enemy Act."

But that was a side track, I want to get back to David Atlee Phillips. A CIA expert in propaganda and Special Operations. He, as well as George Bush and George Demohrenschildt were members of the Dallas Petroleum Club. And he has manipulated Lee Harvey Oswald in an amazing way. Of course, Lee was also a CIA agent, if you had any doubts. He has told Lee that there was a plot in the works to kill Kennedy. And that Lee should infiltrate the plot. With the objective to inform on it, in order to prevent it. But of course his information was never used.

Do you see how clever this was? Lee Oswald thought he was playing the part of the hero, not knowing that he was being setup as the patsy. That he realized in the end. He said it verbatim: "I am just a patsy!"

But that is the reason that Lee Harvey Oswald was at the right place at the right time. That is the reason why he cooperated. Lee Harvey Oswald was a hero. Completely the opposite of what the media and government made of him. Right now, I am his voice, because he lost it.

And I find it important to tell you that he told his girlfriend that he wanted to stay in the plot.

Yes, he had a girlfriend, a woman who has come forward after 38 year silence. She tells a stunning story, that we have also on DVD. If you want to know the real Lee Harvey Oswald , and much more, you want to see this DVD. And she begged him to step out of the plot, to report sick for work or whatever he could do. But you know what he said? He said: No I will stay, because if I stay it will be one bullet less aimed at Kennedy.

Back to David Atlee Philips and Howard Hunt. The boss of those two was one Ted Shackley. Ted Shackley was in charge of all anti-Castro operations. He commanded the so called JM/Wave station where the exiles were trained for the raids on Cuba. Later he commanded Operation Phoenix, the biggest murder program in Vietnam. A guy who also worked for him at JM/Wave is the present CIA director Porter Goss. But Ted Shackley was such good freinds with George Bush, that he is chosen as Deputy Director for Special Operations under that same George Bush, appointed head of the CIA in 1976.

And by whom is George appointed? By good old Gerald Ford.

And Gerald Ford also gives Nixon a pardon for Watergate, so that this is not further investigated and the links with the Kennedy Assassination remain covered up. It is a sequence of cover-ups.

This gets the more clear when you recall that both Ford and Allen Dulles were members of the Warren Commission. And by whom is the Warren Commission appointed? By their puppet and Kennedy hater Lyndon B. Johnson, who would have gone to jail if Kennedy had lived. The growing Bobby Baker scandal was his biggest problem, and thus the court hearings on this were immediately cancelled after the murder. And who is in charge of the evidence for the Warren Commision? Lyndon's personal friend and neighbor J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI director and maybe an even greater Kennedy hater.

JFK had made that nasty little rookie Bobby his boss and it was a public secret that JFK would send Hoover home at the mandatory retirement age. This is also corrected by Johnson, as he appoints Hoover for life.

Moreover, JFK planned to make Bobby CIA director upon his re-election. Bobby was waging a war on the mob, while Hoover had always denied the existence of organized crime, not only because he had friends there, but also because they had compromising photos of him and his aide Clyde Tolson. Hoover was homosexual, and it just so happens that the thoughts on that were less liberal than now.

George Bush is still warm friends with Orlando Bosch and Felix Rodriguez. Remember?

They were also Cubans recruited for Operation 40. In 1967 by the way, Felix Rodriguez also headed the CIA team that tracked down Che Guevara in Bolivia, and killed him.

And later Felix is also, along with Luis Posada Carriles, a key figure in the Iran-Contra scandal. You know, the eighties, Oliver North, illegal weapon supplies, financed with drugs. Also covered up. But there also, Felix Rodriguez reported directly to George Bush, who is then Vice President. And later George pardons all principal players as President. Deja vu.

And Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles, also from Operation 40, they are a team too. They have a history of 5 bombs a year on Castro targets. But in 1976, supervised by George Bush and Ted Shackley, they are finally caught. What for? For blowing up a Cuban airline, killing all 73 people on board. Could we call that an act of terrorism?

Also that same year their Operation 40-classmate Guillermo Novo is convicted for the murder of a Chilean diplomat. Orlando Letelier's car explodes on Embassy Row in Washington. After some pressure and hanky panky with evidence, his Cuban American lawyers manage to get Novo acquitted on appeal.

But this does not succeed with Orlando Bosch and Posada Carriles ... they are tried in Venezuela and convicted for life. But in 1985, nine years later, Posada manages to escape with some help from the CIA. He emerges a few days later in El Salvador to join his buddy Felix Rodriguez, to assist in the Iran Contra operations. For convenience they are now called Ramon Medina and Max Gomez.

On the Llopango airstrip planes are unloaded of weapons and sent back to the US with cocaine. Financing it that way, you don't have to ask Congress or bother the taxpayer. These acts are also directed by George, who is now Vice President.

Orlando Bosch has to wait a little longer, but he too is released in 1987, as a result of diplomatic pressure from Jeb Bush and the ambassador for Venezuela. This is a man by the name of Otto Reich ... he has a Cuban mother and was just made the special envoy for the Western Hemisphere.

George W. Bush appointed him first as Assistant Secretary of State for Colin Powell, but it was then realized that was a blunder, as Mr. Reich is not so popular in Latin America. Anyway, back in Miami Orlando Bosch receives a pardon from George Bush, after he has become President.

Bosch remains relatively calm, but Guillermo Novo and Luis Posada cannot change their spots. They are convicted, along with two of their Bay of Pigs veteran buddies, for the latest assassination attempt on Castro. They are caught in Panama with bags full of explosives. That happened in the year 2000, 5 years ago. Fidel was scheduled to speak on a summit there. If the plot had succeeded, not only Fidel would have been blown to pieces, but also hundreds of innocent in the audience. But it did not succeed and they are sentenced to 8 years in prison.

In 2003, I wrote an article from which I would like to quote: However, Washington is working hard on their release. And why not? George W. publicly advocates the need for Castro 's "removal". But why then is the Panama trial not reported in the mainstream press? End of quote.

If I were a little less modest, I could call myself a prophet. Because what has happened in the meantime? Well , last year, all these four terrorists, received a pardon from the leaving Panamanian President, and were released ...for reasons of "humanity."

Pressure from Washington is denied by Panama as well as the White House ... but Fidel Castro claims that the Bush administration has paid a US$4 million bribe to make it happen. And whatever you would like to say about Castro, he does have a superb intelligence service. It has kept him alive all those years.

To finish the story, three of these gentlemen were escorted home on a flight to Miami, where they were heralded as freedom fighters. But Luis Posada is still wanted by Venezuela to finish his jail term for the Cuban airline bombing. Thus he goes in hiding to an undisclosed country, most likely Honduras.

But in the spring of this year, 2005, he suddenly pops up in Miami. And he issues a request for asylum. How he slipped through the mazes of Homeland Security remains an unanswered question, but the American authorities do absolutely NOTHING!

Until Fidel Castro and Chavez of Venezuela mobilize the public opinion to such protests, that the Bush administration must act. So Posada is arrested and detained.

Our own Gerard Arninkhof presented the news that day, and he said that the case was spicy, because Posada was not only wanted for blowing up a plane, but also a known CIA agent. Since then the story has disappeared from the headlines. But I can tell you that meanwhile the US authorities have rejected Venezuela's request to extradite him ... on the grounds that he might be tortured there. Well, the nine years that he has been there in jail, he was never tortured, and if Amnesty International has complaints about Venezuela, I have yet to hear it. So far I understand it is one of the most humane countries in South America.

Posada has also openly blackmailed the Bush administration by saying that if he will be extradited, he may be forced to disclose information that could embarrassing to the United States. The question arises why the Bush government must protect this man, a terrorist by everyone's standards, at all costs, up to the public display of hypocrisy of its own declared policies.

If you are harboring terrorists, you are the enemy.

I claim, as one of the very few, to have the answer to that question. Together with the Bushes of course. But I would like to see that the whole world would know: Because Luis Posada knows all about the Kennedy Assassination. Because I know he was present on Dealey Plaza that day. Because he was in all likelihood one of the other shooters.

Because Posada can give away the secrets of Dallas and the role of George Bush in it. THAT is the big secret that MUST stay under the carpet.

And do you know who else were on Dealey Plaza? Orlando Bosch, Guillermo Novo, Frank Sturgis, Howard Hunt, David Atlee Phillips. All members of Operation 40 ... and Operation 40 was the baby of Allen Dulles, Richard Nixon and George Bush.

I trust that you see now this is not a simple story ... that it cannot be told in a few sentences ... that it is not so much about solving a famous murder of 42 years ago, but rather about disclosing the gigantic corruption and treason in America's political system, particularly the very top. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a direct attack and a direct threat to our freedom and the integrity of democracy.

And should that not concern us all?

Well, in any case, you will now understand why Nixon shared his concerns with Haldeman, that if Hunt would talk, he could "blow up the whole Bay of Pigs thing". For as Haldeman writes in his book "The Ends of Power," Nixon actually meant the Kennedy Assassination.

Nevertheless, if you ask me to simplify, if you ask me who were behind the assassination of Kennedy, then I say: The same figures who tried to assassinate Fidel Castro. The same figures who wanted Cuba back. The same figures who shout the loudest that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin. And who where those figures?

They were a part of the CIA, a part of Texan oil and weapons, a part of the Cuban exiles, and a part of the Mafia. All these groups are often presented as separate entities. Or as different suspects in the Kennedy Assassination. But the truth is that these groups were in bed together. It is known now that all these groups worked together to kill Castro and re-conquer Cuba.

It has become public record that the CIA had enlisted the mob to help, more particular Sam Giancana in Chicago, Carlos Marcello in New Orleans, and Santo Trafficante in Florida. They all had a clear and strong interest too. And the Bushes represent all those interests. Anti Castro, Oil, CIA, war, and mafia also.

And Kennedy stood in the way ... he wanted to end their power ... and they blamed him for the Bay of Pigs fiasco, for he refused the air support to wipe out Castro's air force. And so the invasion army was slaughtered or captured. Kennedy was openly called a traitor. And to make it worse, he fired the top three of the CIA: ...Allen Dulles, Richard Bissell, and General Cabell. And General Cabell's brother happens to be the mayor of Dallas, in charge of the route and security of Kennedy's motorcade.

For the rest, you must think of Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and George Bush ... plus their partners in Texas, in the CIA and the Mob. So my story demolishes the reputation of four (4) ex-Presidents. That may give you a clue of what is at stake here. And why the lone assassin theory is being pushed down our throats, despite the fact we don't believe it anymore.

Wim Dankbaar

Footnote: This matter has become very relevant now that CIA documents confirm that Posada was employed by the Miami station JMWave, something I knew all long through other sources, but it's always nice to see it confirmed.

Unknown interview with James Files


James Files on the Bay of Pigs and Operation 40: http://jfkmurdersolved.com/film/JFonBush.wmv


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