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VIDEO Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

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Bush Family Fortunes:
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

A 2003 BBC Documentary by Greg Palast

This hour long documentary follows the award-winning reporter-sleuth Greg Palast on the trail of the Bush family, from Florida election finagling, to the Saudi connection, to the Bush team's spiking the FBI investigation of the Bin Laden family and the secret State Department plans for post-war Iraq. These are the hard-hitting reports that have been seen in films like Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, broadcast internationally on BBC Newsnight television, and are found in Palast's international bestselling book The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.

running time 56 minutes, click play to start

Palast's DVD sheds light on 'Bush Family Fortunes'

Hollywood Reporter
Saturday, September 25, 2004

By Brett Sporich

While most people have heard of Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11," which comes out on video Oct. 5, few have heard of "Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy," which goes on sale Tuesday on DVD.

Greg Palast, who reports for BBC TV's "Newsnight" and produced "Bush Fortunes," was the first to capture Lt. Col. Bill Burkett on film stating that he witnessed the destruction of President Bush's National Guard records, some of the same records that have recently landed CBS News and anchorman Dan Rather in hot water.

Palast said that, while reporting for BBC, he steered clear of the now infamous documents. Instead, Palast merely interviewed Burkett, an interview that first aired on BBC and is now featured in the "Bush Fortunes" DVD.

Palast also was the first to break Texas Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes' admission that he gave Bush special treatment in order to get him into the National Guard when Barnes was Speaker of the House, an admission that has been hotly contested by many politicos and the Bush administration.

"Bush Fortunes," which focuses mostly on the Florida vote count that decided the outcome of the 2000 presidential election, was used as a foundation for Moore's $100 million-plus boxoffice smash "Fahrenheit 9/11," Palast said.

"Michael, with whom I have a good relationship, asked me for my notes and news reports on the Bush election issue, among other things," Palast said.
"While I respect Moore's work, the difference between 'Fahrenheit' and my DVD is that Moore is unquestionably partisan while my DVD is not."

"The inspiration behind Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9-11' ... taking Moore ten steps farther" (Philadelphia Metro) is the original, blistering documentary from BBC London, "Bush Family Fortunes," updated by investigative reporter Greg Palast with the latest news that the Fox in the news house won't let you see.

Find out why Senator John Edwards calls the film's investigation of the theft of the election in Florida, "stunning, disturbing, important" ... and why Katherine Harris calls reporter Palast, "twisted and maniacal."

"Upsets all the right people." - Noam Chomsky.
"You must see this film." - Jesse Jackson.


This 70-minute film follows the award-winning Palast BBC investigative team on the trail of the Bush family. Did America's President block the investigation of the bin Laden family: Palast shows you the FBI 199-I document. Did Little George weasel his way out of Vietnam? Palast shows you the crucial document -- the proof -- that CBS missed.

Want to know why our kids' blood is spilling all over Baghdad? "You have to see this film just for the secret Iraq documents and the exclusive interview with General Jay Garner." (Janeane Garofalo, Air America.)

Music by platinum rocker Moby.

Bush Family Fortunes," also includes two bonus features: a DVD-ROM document record and an interview with Palast conducted by KGNU Free Speech TV.
Get the DVD - right now - here; all proceeds go to our not-for-profit investigative fund.

Plus, on the DVD, interactive segments and documents from Palast's New York Times bestseller, "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy."

Two views of the BBC investigations in "Bush Family Fortunes":
"Stay out of our politics, you British pig!" - A Real American.
"Courageous reporting." - Michael Moore.

To receive Greg Palast's investigative reports click here.


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