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Black OP Radio on CIA Rogue Operation Cherry

911 Blog Radio: Live Interview August 18, 2006

The Jerry Pippin Show: Live Interview April 25, 2007


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The Jerry Pippin Show:
Live Interview with John McCarthy

April 25, 2007

Inroductory interview to a new series of programs on conspiracy regarding the events of September 11, 2001

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Fact: Conspiracies are born and are carried out by millions of people every day. A conspiracy is simply a secret agreement between two or more people to take an action together for their common benefit, be it legal or illegal, for good or for evil. In our culture, conspiracies almost always have the connotation of being illegal or evil. Do not believe those who discount conspiracies as being based on fantasy or paranoia or totally deny their existence. The bigger the conspiracies, the more they will be discounted by those who perpetrate them.

In the case of 9/11, which conspiracy theory is more believable
and which is more bizarre?

  1. Nineteen Al Qaeda Terrorists loyal to a leader sitting in an Afghani cave, who could not fly planes and were armed only with box cutters and a will to die for their cause, outfoxed the most  powerful military defense complex in the world to destroy iconic buildings and kill almost 3000 people.


  2. Those within our own government, equipped with highly sophisticated technology and hired and complicit corporate technicians and mercenaries, planned and carried out the plan to kill our citizens for profit, power and the elimination of our freedoms and our democratic republic.


In this special series of programs, we will present the evidence to support the claims that indeed conspiracy number two is the conspiracy that is not a theory, but a set of planned events that really happened. Who actually participated in the planning and carried out the plans for this awful day that joins Pearl Harbor in Infamy?

Congress is responsible to investigate and bring answers to the people. It is the the job of Congress and the Judiciary to indict, try and convict those responsible for this greatest tragedy in the history of America. To date, Congress and the Judiciary have taken no action to determine the truth surrounding the events of 9/11 and to bring the perpetrators of a real conspiracy to justice in accordance with our Constitution. Perhaps they need a big push from the voices of we, the people.

Our series of documentary programs is designed to assist the people in finding their voices in organizing to push our government toward determining the truth and prosecuting the conspirators through due process of constitutional law.

9/11 is indeed the mother of all conspiracies. The government story is labeled as a complex and incredibly deadly conspiracy perpetrated by foreign terrorists on American soil. The real story is also a conspiracy, but one that required great resources, technology and secrecy that could only be carried out by a superpower government.

Our government has used conspiracy theories, and those who speak or write about them, as the butt of jokes and as propaganda fodder for decades, throughout our history really, to keep the truth from the people. The lone gunman story used to explain tragic events has become all to familiar to all of us. This time, it was impossible to create a justification for the War on Terror, without invoking a vision of omnipotent and organized terrorist conspiracies, bent on destroying our country.  What the government had previously labeled a myth that could not happen was now a reality. The question was, and remains, who was capable of, who planned and who executed this tremendously complex and true conspiracy? 

This summer into the fall The Jerry Pippin Show will be presenting what we think will be the consummate program series on the real 9/11 conspiracy. We will seek to answer the question "9/11 - An Inside Job?" We plan to reveal the names of the true conspirators and the evidence supporting our revelations of them and the events they unleashed. We will attempt to rip away the cover story and reveal a truly ugly tale of power and greed that began on 9/11/01 and continues to this day.

Can our government conspire in secrecy to do harm? We urge you to take the time to download these shows and listen to them intently. We think you will then be able to answer that question and be prepared to see and hear the reality to be revealed by the rest of our series.


For this prologue to our series, we have asked John McCarthy, who was part of a CIA assassination conspiracy during the Vietnam Era, Gordon Novel, who has been shrouded within shadow government conspiracies since the Kennedy Assassination, and Jim Marrs, the dean of investigative reporting on government conspiracies for decades to participate in interviews with us about real government conspiracies.

All three men will tell of their first hand knowledge of dirty tricks, murder, graft, and intrigue planned and carried out by groups within your government. As I said to Jim Marrs my interview with him, this really is Conspiracy 101.

Program 1

On this first 9/11 Series program, we are going to present the story of a hand picked cold warrior, who found out the hard way that the government has ways of protecting its covert, dirty little secrets at the expense of some of its strongest allies.

John McCarthy had a prize duty assignment with Special Forces in Southeast Asia during the 60s, and he found out the hard way that black operations knows no loyalty. Listen to a shocking story, as told by a man who lived it.

When this program is over, you will understand that conspiracy is standard operating procedure for the United States Government.

The Jerry Pippin Show

To listen to the other programs/interviews please go to

Special thanks to Jerry Pippin for providing the link to the interview on his site

Conspiracy is two or more people who discuss a plan to commit a crime.  This in and of itself is a crime whether the actual act is or is not carried out.  Theory is that which we accept as a rule as in mathematics or how something unknown may have happened.  Conspiracy Theorist is a label first used by the media after the assassination of JFK to castigate those who would dare to challenge the governments hasty and erroneous explanation for the course of events of that time and ever since.
Conspiracy Theory is NOT a crime - it is merely a label!

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