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Reply To Seymour Hersh's
'The Coming Wars'

By John McCarthy

The New Yorker Magazine


Kudos to Mr. Hersh for writing this article:
And thanks to the New Yorker for having the courage to publish it!

There is one item barely addressed by Mr. Hersh. It is almost totally overlooked by the talking heads of the White House, the DOD, DIA, CIA and State Department and those broadcasting on CNN from Iraq. You will NEVER see the NSC nor the NSA broach the following subject which is the essence of the dilemma we face in the Middle East. You will never hear the Generals from Iraq discussing the fact that the guerrilla warfare there is alive and well, only that the acts of "insurgents" (sounds like folks from out of town, eh?) who take their toll on whomever is in the way. NOT ONE spokesman from State or the Pentagon or DOD will acknowledge that we are very much involved in a classic Guerrilla War.

The subject is Terror. Not terrorism, banditry, insurrectionist activity, but plain old fashioned unadulterated Terror.

Mao Tse Tung's teachings on and about Guerrilla Warfare, sometimes used in the hushed tones of "Unconventional Warfare", or UW, are in the lesson plans used by the Special Warfare School at Ft. Bragg, NC, and elsewhere.

The First Phase of Guerrilla Warfare is Terror.
It is used to convince the population that the government in power cannot and will not protect the population from terrorist type actions: Bombings, Assassination, Kidnapping, rape pillage and burn, severing lines of communication, destroying the infrastructure of oil and gas services, blowing up bridges, rail yards, churches and mosques. Shooting policemen and blowing up their district stations, assassinating judges, lawyers, school teachers, media representatives, clergy, and indiscriminant targeting of any and all military personnel from all countries involved in the aggressive war against their nation with the use of IED, indiscriminent exploding device.

There is nothing 'indiscriminent" about a command detonated explosive. It is designed to detonate for maximum effect at the appropriate time. An 'indiscriminent' device might very well be detonated by the use of a "time pencil" which allows those who place the explosive to be long gone by the time of detonation; another CIA taught tactic.

That's a relatively new term for "field expedient demolitions" which are those weapons manufactured and employed by guerrilla forces in Phase One of UW. All these techniques were taught to virtually thousands of mid east citizens in virtually every country, except Israel. These teachings, obviously, have not been forgotten.

During the Sixties and Seventies Special Forces personnel, at the direction of the CIA, traveled from Norway to Pakistan, including most countries in between, and taught the disciplines of UW to the military forces of those nations. These forces were based in Bad Toelz, Germany.

When one officer returning from Lebanon in 1962 wrote to his father, then the Army Chief of Staff at the Pentagon, the good General took his sons' letter, which referenced all the countries visited by fellow Special Forces A-Teams, and gave copies to all members at the next meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The only comment from General Goodpaster was; "I didn't know we had American Forces in all these countries!"

Two days later, SOTFE, Special Operations Task Force Europe, CIA Headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, sent a letter to the Commanding Officer of the 10th Special Forces Group directing him to order Billy Goodpaster NOT to write to has father of any other Special Forces missions in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Unfortunately, this same blatant use of Special Forces by CIA had continued during the war in Vietnam and other countries around the world, without the knowledge or approval of the Pentagon. They were simply not in the loop, an unnecessary burden on the goals of CIA, with and without the knowledge of the Presidents along the way. Some call this Treason in Wartime. Then we also have instances of Rogue CIA activity in blatant violation of Presidential Directives issued during National Security Council meetings that were never to see the light of day.

Those students who were taught UW tactics and the theory of Mao Tse Tung in all the Middle East countries, save Israel, now have the mind set for taking action as Guerrilla Warfare warriors. They learned their lessons well. Is there the distinct possibility that these efforts of decades ago was designed to have a significant cadre of UW oriented forces who would use these tactics to justify the counter-insurgency operations we see today in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world? Perhaps we are giving too much credit to pre-planning that is far beyond the planning of those responsible for directing these efforts of UW orientation of years gone by. If so, then what was the actual purpose for these activites?

Phase One is alive and well in Iraq. Phase One was used by 20,000 Ukrainian Partisans to halt the entire German Army on the Eastern Front from advancing on Moscow. How many assets exist in Iraq to do the same thing?

It is safe to say that at least 10 million are willing and able. There are 25 million more Muslims in neighboring countries to assist their brother Muslims as demanded by the Koran.

It should also be noted that Phase One of Guerrilla Warfare, TERROR, continues throughout the other Phases until the time comes for the tanks to roll through the palace gates as they did in Saigon in April, 1975.

There is absolutely nothing that can be done militarily to stop Phase One of Guerrilla Warfare. The only exception to this rule, and it is not military in essence, is to incarcerate the entire population, the guerrilla's life source. This was successful one time, in Indonesia, when all Chinese, the support of the movement, were interred. That is the only instance where a Guerrilla War was not successful, in all of history.

And it will be many, many years of Phase One activities eventually resulting in our withdrawal as happened in Vietnam.

We taught these tactics to Osama bin Laden, Castro, Noriega, Pinochet, Diem, Marcos and Magsaysay before him, and countless others around the world. We sure know how to pick them, don't we?

My thanks to Seymour Hersh for including me in his book "The Price of Power" and to then Prince, now King Norodom Sihanouk, for including me in his book "My War With The CIA", and thanks to Mr. Charles Morgan, Jr. the author of "One Man-One Voice" whose Chapter 12 of his book is included in this site. And last but not least, thanks to Mike Ruppert for acknowledging me in his latest, "Crossing The Rubicon".


John McCarthy
3628 Colonial Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90066
310 397 1143

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