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The Writings Of And About John McCarthy

Treachery And Treason
Page 4

September 2004 - October 2004

Cheney And 9/11

September 5, 2004

In a court of law, a witness caught in a lie can be assumed to have lied on every other bit of testimony if the judge so rules on the question of truth and veracity.

Whether or not Ruppert's allegation against Cheney is subject to the same scrutiny is quite a stretch and damn laughable.

(Ruppert Names Cheney Prime Suspect In 911 Mass Murders 9-2-4

"I will name Richard Cheney as the prime suspect in the mass murders of 9/11 and will establish that, not only was he a planner in the attacks, but also that on the day of the attacks he was running a completely separate Command, Control and Communications system which was superceding any orders being issued by the NMCC [National Military Command Center], or the White House Situation Room." -- Michael Ruppert )

Google as an authority? Google has chosen to post libelous comments about me but does that make it true? Of course not!

Your political skirts are showing along with your prejudice for anything anti administration, Hatrack. Why don't you address the issues in Ruppert's allegations instead of ducking into google? The information was posted for you to decipher, have you even read it? If so, what are your conclusions?

This ain't no pissin' contest. Put up or forget about it and let someone else tackle the issue if your moral courage is lacking.

Have a nice day!


Since this is all part of the 9/11 tragedy, and the cover-up, it is quite appropriate to place this information as additional information in Iran-Contra II since it goes to the root matter.


For those of you who don't know, the money that went to the two hijackers in San Diego came directly from Princess Haifa, the wife of the Saudi Ambassador to the US, Prince Bandar. Bandar is referred to by the Bush family as "Bandar Bush" since they have been close for years. The account that Princess Haifa used to send the money was from Riggs Bank in Washington D.C. President Bush's uncle Jonathan Bush just happened to be the CEO of Riggs Bank at the time. I'm sure thats why the investigation was blocked and the pages redacted from the Congressional Joint Inquiry into 9-11.


Posted on Sun, Sep. 05, 2004

Graham book: Inquiry into 9/11, Saudi ties blocked

(More BS from Sen. Hatrack here)

From John again- Well, I guess that's it folks, case closed, just like Michael Baden said, just a bunch of conspiracy nuts. Padded cells notwithstanding, I guess we can forget about the collusion of the investigators on the 9/11 Commission to OMIT the very evidence Ruppert has brought forth. But never mind, it don't mean nothin'! No big deal.

Well, I guess that's it folks, case closed, just like Michael Baden said, just a bunch of conspiracy nuts. Padded cells notwithstanding, I guess we can forget about the collusion of the investigators on the 9/11 Commission to OMIT the very evidence Ruppert has brought forth. But never mind, it don't mean nothin'! No big deal.

If Ruppert's report didn't stand the test of time, do you think the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco would have invited him to speak? Use your google search engine and FIND OUT about the Club, Hatrack!

As to why the Dem's haven't jumped all over this, how do you know they are not researching the allegations right friggin' now? Assumption being the muther of all screw-ups, I fear you know not of what you speak. That's about as civil as it get, buddy!

No, Hatrack, ask not who the padded cells wait for, they wait for thee!

I assume you took off your administrative enforcement mantel before you honored us with your opinion on a matter you haven't even read. If you had read it, you would haver reach conclusions that other reasonable men and women have instead of rejecting the issue outright with google gaggle. Shame on you!

Re the code being broken, I guess it was just pure luck on the part of the US Navy that the Aircraft Carriers based at Pear Harbor were put to sea two days before Dec. 7, 1941, to test the new paint jobs in the waters waaaaaaaaaaaaaay east of Hawaii....much to the chagrin of the Zero pilots who noted such upon their arrival that the carriers were gone! Just pure luck, don't you think? Probably had nada to do with the fact they were irreplaceable, unlike the Battleships.

Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, WMD in Iraq; what do they have in common, boys and girls???



September 7, 2002

Well, well!

Now we know who the Republican Party will choose to counter Mr. Ruppert's points from his presentation naming VP Cheney as a mass murderer of 3000 on 9/11!

And the main argument for proof that Mike Ruppert's allegations are false is that I, John McCarthy no longer post information in support!

What wonderful deductive reasoning! I can hardly wait for all the boys and girls to gather around the political fires and listen to the debate before the powers to be....should be very interesting to watch such incompetence in action! Bring your barf bags, it could get a little bumpy.

Any suggestions for a forum for Mr Ruppert and the all knowing one?

Are you baiting and flaming me with your vile accusations and phony logic, boy?


Extending The Axis Of Evil?

September 6, 2004

Administration hawk warns of further "preemption"

Hombres y Senoritas,

Bullets anyone?


Nukes and Secret Stuff

September 7, 2004

Good 'ol Harry dropped the bomb, twice. Justified or not, the targets were civilians. But the victors makes the rules! Ever get the feeling that someday, somehow that rationalization is gonna come back and bite us in the ass?

Talk at the time was that Harry did not even know about the Manhattan Project when FDR was alive.

Other posts have been made with respect to the mystery of the death of the President in April, 1945.

Funny, though, how all the equipment stockpiled on Okinawa for the push into Japan in case the bomb failed to function was distributed 50/50 to Korea and Vietnam the day the surrender documents were signed on the Missouri. This begs the question; "Who knew that five years later war would break out in 1950 in Korea and Vietnam?"

Did Harry know? I doubt it.



Deliberate EUGENIC RADIATION POISONING of 100,000+ Sephardi/Yemeni by Israel/U.S. in 1950s

September 9, 2004

oh my God....

After the Holocaust I felt ashamed to call myself German, now I feel ashamed to call myself Human


September 9, 2004


Those fateful words spoken at the International War Crimes Tribunal in Nuremberg will now be tested not only against the crimes against humanity by the American aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq, but also against the Israeli/American collusion on these experiments resulting in further crimes against humanity.


"These defendants were of a station and rank which does not soil it's own hands with blood. They were men who knew how to use lesser folks as tools. We want to reach the planners and designers, the inciters and leaders without whose evil architecture the would would not have for so long scourged with the violence and wracked with agonies and convulsions of this terrible war." --Robert Jackson, Chief Prosecutor At Nuremberg and United States Supreme Court Justice.

These words of wisdom which elicited the death penalty for the great majority of the defendants at Nuremberg applies to the radiological experimentation of children by the Israeli/American effort of the 1950's, a few scant years after WWII, up to and including Vietnam and the Death, Rape and Torture committed by Americans at Abu Ghraib, Baghdad, Iraq.

There must be a purpose in the revelations of these crimes against humanity. Where is the guidance and who has the authority? Certainly not the USA. Is this not a case for the International Criminal Court, The Hague?

Is this the hidden, secret agenda for America's refusal to sign the International Treaty on War Crimes at the Hague?



There appears to be a continuous pattern of covert conspiracy to thwart our Constitution with actual treason in wartime focusing on manipulation of events for the justification for preemptive attacks on sovereign nations.

Once top secret documents of the National Security Council have been declassified by the State Department in 2000, much to the chagrin of the CIA. Now we know why; treason in wartime. The documents are available in the following URL.

The nexus for the treason is located in the following URL's.

What do the following have in common: Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, 9/11, WMD in Iraq and the fabrication of "intelligence" presented to the House, Senate and the UN. and the acts of treason above coupled with conspiracy to obstruct justice in a capital murder case to cover-up the treason?

All of these matters were manipulated by the so called "Intelligence Community" who operate at the pleasure of the President. Or so we thought. These high crimes and treason remain untouchable as evidenced by the non response of letters sent to Senators in the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the Attorney General of The United States.

When President Johnson found out that his directives issued during National Security Council meetings were blatantly disregarded during wartime, he announced he would not seek nor accept his parties nomination for the Presidency in 1968. That's how serious these treasonous acts were and are.

The documents don't lie, and the media remains blind. So, who has the moral courage to expose those who control the "Intelligence Community" and bring our aggressor nation into check before someone nukes us in retaliation for preemptive attacks formulated on fabricated information known to the world but propagandized to the American Public for nefarious reasons?

John McCarthy

Nuclear Weapons Labs Hijacked by Admiral Inman and Carlyle

September 10, 2004

Okay, Gents and Gals, I just perused this material and I am at a loss. Help me to focus on just what the hell we have here and what do we do about it!

Could it be that the diabolical minds at Carlyle who are attempting to take over the control of the nuclear weapons labs from USC have "created" the security breaches at Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore to discredit those currently in charge and under contract in order to wrestle away the control and wealth of the nuclear weapons manufacturing of the United States for nefarious reasons?

Your comments are appreciated! You may Cc them to Leuren as well.


I have said before that Vietnam was about oil. Note David Rockefellers comments at the end of this article.


The Draft

September 14, 2004

The War in Iraq will require a DRAFT! The back door method of turning around organizations for multiple trips with an ever increasing rise in casualties and attacks will soon require the DRAFT to supplement our dwindeling resources, BUT ONLY AFTER THE INAUGURATION!!!! In the meanwhile, we have hunkered our troops down to become stationary target of ever increasing mortar attacks in the Green Zone and elsewhere in Iraq. 87 Attacks per day for the month of August! WOW! This ain't slowin' down.

But back to the DRAFT.

How to avoid it!

Don't ask, don't tell will get you deferred...figure it out.

Once in, confess to being an alcoholic. They will put you into rehab. Miss one meeting and you are history! And out of the service!

Refuse to take the oath of enlistment because you don't want to forfeit your First Amendment Rights. No one can force you to do that!
See the Feres Doctrine

Right now, student organizations around the country are mobilizing to get the word out to all 18-34 men and women, and those in High School who will soon be eligible for the Draft once they turn 18 on the above choices to avoid the Draft or if Drafted, to get tossed out without going to jail.

Without the resources realized from the upcoming Draft, those who volunteer won't be able to handle the requirements. Plans in the Pentagon RELY on Draft numbers to fill the units required in the Plans.


Pearl Harbor- Day of Deceit

September 15, 2004

Hello Mr. Stinnett,

Zan Overall phoned me earlier this week re the meeting last night in Los Angeles with Jim Maars attending a presentation of a video and book signing. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend.

Zan brought up your name and the title of your book "Day of Deceit" which I have yet to read although I have seen the shinning reviews.

I mentioned to Zan that I had a copy of LOOK MAGAZINE dated September 9, 1941 with an article on how and why the US would suffer a sneak attack by Japanese forces at Pearl Harbor launched from aircraft carriers in the Pacific Northwest of Hawaii.

I saw the report of Mike Ruppert's presentation before the San Francisco Commonwealth Club on August 31, 2004 and his naming of VP Cheney as the mass murderer of 9/11. His comments on the similarity between the attack on Pear Harbor and 9/11 has been met with bold denials from those who would prefer not to have a commonality between the two; IE, the veritable right wingers and neo-conservatives.

I do believe the report in LOOK MAGAZINE offers prima fascia evidence that the planned attack at Pearl Harbor was well known to the entire world well in advance. There must have been a gnashing of teeth in both Washington and Tokyo when less than ninety days before December 7, 1941 this damning report was available to all.

Can you imagine the reaction of the Japanese Imperial Navy whose Top Secret plans for a pre-emptive strike against the United States at Pearl Harbor was compromised in a widely read weekly publication?

As Mr. Ruppert's book, Crossing The Rubicon, gathers numbers in distribution there will no doubt be further controversy on the nexus of Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

Hopefully, the article in LOOK will add credence to both Day Of Deceit and Crossing The Rubicon.

As the controversy grows and the election nears, I plan to offer this original article for bid on Ebay, I do believe this may be the lone copy known to exist. If so, it is the single, proven, irrefutable link to the subterfuge at the beginning of WWII for the United States.

John McCarthy

US Detention Facilities

September 17, 2004

Hello, I noted in the media news that Judge Hellerstein has ordered all reports on prison abuses re Abu Ghraib, et al, be turned over to plaintiffs within thirty days. Judge Hellerstein's office directed my attention to the Law Firm Gibbons Del Deo and I was subsequently provided with your email address by Lorraine of your firm.

I do believe there is a pattern here in the matter of Human Rights Abuses in the military prison and detentions facilities that spans years if not decades. If you wish to use this material in your instant case re these abuses, feel free to do so.

Yesterday, I sent an email to Amnesty International Headquarters in London, England, as suggested by the AI office in New York. See below.

September 16, 2004

Greetings Amnesty International.

The following URL's will serve as background for the attempts to obstruct justice in a capital murder case while incarcerating me in virtually complete isolation, in violation of Human Rights Statutes, from November 26, 1967 until April 4th, 1968, in a 5 x 7 foot wooden box serving as a cell in the maximum security compound at the Long Binh Detention Facility in Long Binh, Vietnam during war time in a war zone; a violation in and of itself. The attack on Long Binh during the Tet Offensive of January 30, 1968, proves this point.

I was further incarcerated in the US Military Penitentiary, formerly called the United States Disciplinary Barracks, USDB, at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas from April 7, 1968 until October 6, 1969.

I was then released from incarceration pending appeal and assigned as the Operations Officer of the Combat Surveillance School, still under charges of premeditated murder, and without a security clearance. The URL's below fill in the gaps.

Maximum Security Compound Facility, Long Binh South Vietnam, November 26, 1967-April 4, 1968:

The Maximum Security Compound was located inside the Military Prison Facility which housed approximately 800 American Military prisoners charged, awaiting court-martial, convicted and awaiting prison shipment to the United States for further incarceration. The "Max" was enclosed in triple concertina wire, topped with razor wire, measuring approximately 150 x 150 feet in area guarded by military police at the entrance to the "Max" and covered by two machine gun towers on either side of the compound.

The cells in the U shaped configured Maximum Security Compound, numbering approximately fifty, were enclosed on four sides by two-inch thick oak prefab construction with a 5 x 7 inch window covered with re-bar and mesh screen for observation of inmates, a heavy duty chicken wire suspended from the top of the box above which a continuous burning light bulb was suspended. All of this was covered by a tin roof, which radiated heat down into the cells. Air was circulated through the cells by gaps in between the tin roof and the tops of the cells, allowing red laterite dust to coat the interiors mixed with humidity and perspiration resulting in a constant red muck covering bodies of the inmates. There were no toilet facilities nor running water in any of these cells. Individuals were occasionally escorted to outhouses to relieve themselves in an environment totally avoided by the Military Police Guards. Many of the inmates in the "Max" had syphilis and other contagious venereal diseases which exposed all other inmates who used these latrine facilities.

Inmates were fed by common service trays usually kicked through slots cut into the bottoms of the cell door. Liquid refreshment became mixed with the meager food rations during this process.

Inmates were escorted individually once or twice per week to a shower room adjacent to the cells.

Some prisoners were observed to suffer abuse in the form of beatings with swagger sticks carried and administered by the prison commandant. These prisoners were obviously going insane due to their behavior of playing with their own feces and lack of attention to their constant pleas to relieve themselves. Attempts to provide these abusive assaults on inmates was thwarted by JAG Attorneys who often visited inmates with the excuse that "you don't want to rock the boat". One of these attorneys is currently a sitting judge in Northern Virginia.

These inhumane conditions resulted in not just a few inmates going mad from the heat, humidity and isolation, all conditions in violations of human rights. Some were subsequently rendered unconscious with medication, placed in white straight jackets and removed from the Max never to be seen again.

Fortunately, there is no statute of limitations on these crimes against humanity.

I swear that the above is true, witnessed by myself and that I observed these conditions while incarcerated although innocent of any and all charges fabricated against me in a conspiracy to obstruct justice in a capital murder case to cover-up treason in wartime by the President's closest advisors.

John McCarthy

Appeal of CIA Denial of My FOIA Request
for a Records-Search-Fee Waiver

September 18, 2004


Where in the National Security Act of 1947 does it give authorization for the CIA to deny access to information which involves blatant, egregious acts of treason in wartime completely disregarding Presidential Directives issued during National Security Council meetings as revealed in the once top secret State Department documents discovered ON LINE on the INTERNET during the year 2000?

Sources and methods, my ass!

Nowhere in the National Security Act of 1947 is there authorization for the CIA to subvert the will of the President by conducting rogue operations in defiance of the most sensitive stated government policy which, in this case, attempted to expand the war in Vietnam into 60,000 square miles of Cambodia, continued an expressly forbidden assassination program designed to remove Norodom Sihanouk as Head of State of Cambodia and actual conspiracy to obstruct justice in a capital murder case to cover-up these treasonous acts.

The CIA cannot hide deliberate, felonious, premeditated acts behind the cloak and dagger of "national security" while at the same time committing Crimes Against Humanity in defiance of the President.

I ask that you forward this declaration to the appropriate appeals authority and demand a substantiated, detailed response to this proven evidentiary horror against the President, the People, the Constitution of The United States and the National Security Act of 1947, including myself.

I can assure you that President Harry Truman could not have envisioned such treason when he created the Agency through the National Security Act of 1947.

This information deserves the widest distribution possible, including a copy to the White House, the Senate and Congress, in order to protect themselves against repetitive actions as described above and below by our illustrious Intelligence Community and other nebulous forces that control the strings of power in this country.

We need only look at the creativity of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and the fabrication of WMD to justify the preemptive attack in Iraq to realize the ongoing manipulation of so called intelligence to compel aggressive war against sovereign nations in defiance of the Nuremberg edicts and the United Nations Resolutions.

It is no wonder that the United States refuses to sign and adhere to the rulings of the International Criminal Court, The Hague.

John McCarthy

Exemptions To CIA FOIA Requests

September 18, 2004

LW, I just reviewed the Explanation of Exemptions attached to the CIA response to your FOIA request on my behalf dated September 9,2004 which I received in todays snail mail. Thank you.

Amazing as it may seem, I was unable to locate even one exemption to (il)legitimately justify a denial of any FOIA request based upon Fraud, Treason in Wartime, Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice In a Capital Murder Case, or any other felony on the part of the CIA!

Perhaps this was an oversight on the part of the over zealous care takers of the Central Intelligence Agency's minders of the secrets, sources and methods and crimes against humanity. Or perhaps they have a "classified" version of exemptions only to be viewed by those with a "need to know" behind closed door, you know, for "eyes only".

I'm positive a preeminent attorney would see the same glaring omissions as I.





I recently read the SFBayview article by Leuren Moret about the UC Regents loosing their nuclear contract to the Carlyle Group, Headquartered in Texas. I note from other sources that the Carlyle Group membership includes the Saudi Royal Family. The manufacture of the nuclear triggers by the laboratories in the United States would seem to be compromised by this business venture. The heady days of nuclear sensitivity and compartmentalization appear to have evaporated along with real time security of our most sensitive weapons systems. Is this fiasco not a blatant treason from within our supposed most secret national security apparatus?

On a parallel course, the following thread is also a grave concern for our National Security as well as the recovery of the lost Bill of Rights and the Constitution of The United States.

Hopefully, the media will take those responsible to task for these egregious acts. Freedom of the Press gives you that Right. Our trust of our forefathers are counting on you!

Your interest in these matters is very much appreciated.

Best Regards,
John McCarthy

Dear Mark,

Thank you for contacting Knight-Ridder and providing them with details on your case and the efforts of VERPA to abolish the Feres Doctrine.

Our cohesive efforts with respect to providing information to the ICC, the Senate and the media is bound to bear fruit.

The government can not and must not be allowed to continue to use Feres to cover the crimes of Treason in Wartime and Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice in a capital murder case to cover-up that very treason. The exposure of these blatant acts shows the hypocrisy of those using the umbrella of Feres to hide crimes against humanity in violation of the Nuremberg International War Crimes Tribunal and the Constitution of The United States of America.

And if all of the above is not drastic enough, every Federal, Appellate and Supreme Court in America continuously uses the Feres Doctrine to deny all veterans and their families from seeking redress for grievances, suffered at the hands of Government employees, as guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution!

Current members of the Supreme Court have opined that Feres is "bad law" and that Congress has the authority to abolish it. The inaction by the Senate Judiciary Committee by stonewalling Feres shows their true intent and forces VERPA to seek the guidance of the International Criminal Court, The Hague, to assist us in the protection and recovery of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of The United States.

Press on!

Best Regards,
John McCarthy
President and Chairman of The Board of VERPA

Third Party Dilemma


I can't understand why Ralph Nader and others don't take the steps to stop the incumbent in his tracks for the Intelligence Community fiasco that started this fabricated preemptive attack to begin with. There is a pattern of behavior here! Look at the damn documents! They don't lie.

If you folks with all your communicative capability can not take verifiable information to rip this institution apart, then you deserve to be an ignored third party participant. Their game plan is exposed....utilize it to your advantage and remove these treasonous bastards from shredding our Constitution and putting us in the ever more dangerous position of being nuked by some third rate country who is pissed off enough to do just that!

Our arrogance is showing big time.

Big Brother


Another beautiful day in Paradise!

So you see, boys and girls, if the jack booted thugs are interested in any of us, they propose to be able to go through that person's files, bank records, email to and from, the rest of us! And their files, and so on and so on. To think they introduced this IMMEDIATELY after 9/11 is quite obvious the plans for such action were on the front burner for some time, just waiting, just waiting, hey, do you think they knew this was coming? The wording of "clandestine activity" is a catch all phrase for any and all encrypted transaction......hmmmmm this is quite scary, AG Ashcroft! ALL email is technically encrypted!

Is this part of the FEAR FACTOR revisited? Just who is the bogey man here? And, by the way, the National Security Agency is already hard at work doing the same damn thing! And they have been for years. Problem for the AG is, NSA won't share their info with DOJ or CIA (or the White House) because they are all infamous for leaking classified information for political purposes re the Wilson/Plame Affair // // and the current bruhaha between the CIA/White House over the fabricated intelligence for the justification for the preemptive attack on Iraq with utter disregard for the copious warnings of the aftermath now being realized in near civil war thoughout the country.

"Hey, hey, what do you say, how many of our kids did you kill today?"

I guess the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are just another comic book. Read it, laugh, then throw it in the trash. Who needs that old crap when we're busy taking over the entire planet? US military forces are now in 126 countries and growing! OIL=Our Illustrious Leader!

What a bunch of dumbasses.,0,2920330.story?coll=ny-editorials-headlines


Copy of Record of Trial by Court-martial


Colonel Robin Swope
Staff Judge Advocate USMA

Dear Colonel Swope,

I experienced a General Court-Martial conducted on 29-30 January, 1968, at the USARV Headquarters in Long Binh, Vietnam, resulting in a conviction for the charge of premeditated murder. Although facing the death penalty, the court, in their wisdom, sentence me to imprisonment "for the term of your natural life" only. Sentencing did not include reduction in rank, forfeiture of pay and allowances nor dismissal from the service. I continued to draw full pay although my "allowances" were drastically curtailed in violation of sentencing while incarcerated at the USDB at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.

Newly found evidence in the form of a written recantation by the Government's Expert Witness at trial was presented to the Court of Military Review which determined, in November, 1970, this information to be "fraud upon the court" resulting in the setting aside of the conviction and subsequent ruling by a new convening authority who determined that a conviction at a new trial was "highly unlikely", resulting in the dismissal of the charge on January 8, 1971.

I noted on the distribution list that the USMA was a recipient of a copy of this Record of Trial, Case No. CM 417936

I request a complete copy of this Record of Trial be made a available to me with a waiver for no cost, since this is "my" Record of Trial. I was unable to maintain the integrity of the copy issued to me subsequent to trial due to the environment of the maximum security 5 x 7 foot cell in which I was incarcerated in virtual isolation for months on end. I also request a copy of all allied paperwork associated with the Record of Trial at no cost to myself which I was never provided a copy of, IE, the Article 32 Hearing and the SJA Post Trial Review and copies of all interviews by CID, CIC and CIA of witnesses at trial.

Further information to assist in your search for the requested documents:

John J McCarthy, Jr.
Captain, Infantry, USAR
Unit Assigned--Detachment B-57, 5th Special Forces Group, Airborne, Project Cherry, Case Officer for CIA Directed Black Terror and Assassination Missions in Vietnam and Cambodia



Dear Fred,

I have had a copy of "Northwoods" for some time now. I was imminently involved in similar skullduggery during this same time period while stationed in Europe.

In 1962 while working as an "intelligence analyst" in the 10th Special Forces War Room in Bad Toelz, Germany, I was chosen, because of my ability to speak German, to assist in the training of an East German lad of my age who had recently been recruited by our CIA after coming thru one of the Berlin Tunnels. (There was more than one) "Peter", as he was called, was trained as a parachutist and a radio operator for CW code operations. He was later reinserted into East Germany as an "Agent Provocateur". "Peter" was never heard from again. But that did not stop the CIA from continuing to send many other agents into East Germany and other Eastern European countries. These "sources and methods" were to be repeated in forays into North Vietnam.

During this same time period, Special Forces in Germany had deployed "A Teams" to countries as varied as Norway to Pakistan, and most of the countries in between. Their mission was to train indigenous forces in the art of guerrilla warfare and all it's disciplines. My mission was to keep track of them and their exploits and coordinate with the host countries.

Upon returning from Lebanon on which he served as an executive officer on an "A Team", Captain Billy Goodpaster wrote to his father, General Goodpaster, then the Chief of Staff of the Army in the Pentagon, of his exploits and those of his fellow "A Teams". The General took Billy's letter into the next meeting of the Joint Chief's of Staff and stated, "I did not know we had Americans in all these countries!"

Three days later, a letter addressed to the Commanding Officer of the 10th Special Forces arrived with the following directive.

"Advise Captain Billy Goodpaster that will not, repeat, will not write to his father about further Unconventional Warfare Missions into Europe, North Africa and the Middle East."

This letter originated at SOTFE, Special Operations Task Force Europe, The Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.

It was then that the light came on for me! The same thing happened in South East Asia in the years to come.

Thank God for the Internet! Please pass this and the other links on to interested parties.




Hello Fred,

Thank you for the time you took to review this material.

I guess this is the true definition of "networking". I know you have your fair share of moral courage due to your latest action re the State Department.

My motivation is not self serving in this endeavor. I wish to expose those treasonous bastards for who and what they are and blow the lid off of this asinine foreign policy death wish which seems to permeate the self righteous clowns running our government.

For edification:

100,000 copies of "The Secret Team" were removed from the bookstore shelves across this country by the jack booted thugs. The author thought it important enough to educate the masses by making it available on the Internet for FREE at the above URL! Enjoy the read and please pass it on to your concerned readers.

As a last minute replacement for President Hugo Chavez who had to attend to a Coup attempt sponsored by our CIA, I was invited to speak at Oxford University's St John's College on matters of Human Rights Abuses in May, 2002. I used the Secret Team to show the graduate students from around the world how skullduggery and appendix III of the book affects their lives in their native lands. One woman from Venezuela was overcome with emotion as I concluded my two hour presentation and began sobbing about events then occurring in her homeland. That was my reward for a job well done!


Mutiny, not media, tells the truth in Iraq


Recall the "mutiny" in Northern California during WWII when BLACK sailors (segregation time---not prejudice time) refused to load ammo ships because of an earlier explosion that killed many BLACKS. All the officers were WHITE and gave orders for the BLACK workers to continue to load bombs that were unsafe. All were court-martialed for mutiny. Many years later all were pardoned. Bottom line, the order to load unsafe munitions was not a lawful order.

Now, if you order drivers to run the gauntlet with known contaminated fuel (sabotage?) (on who's part?) were these 19 men and women hero's or mutineers. I would wager that the man who ordered the convoy to proceed was fumbling with three steel balls ala Captain Queeg of the Caine Mutiny. Lets face it, in the heat of terror, bad decisions are made and those who are close to feeling like "expendable assets", like those ordered to load the bad munitions back in 1943, will eventually become hero's, but not before some righteous bastard sticks somebody with a kangaroo court-martial. After all, boyz and girlz, it's good order and discipline we are after here. This is war and orders are orders, damn it! Oh give me a break! -- Mike Ruppert's site --Just published "Crossing The Rubicon" Nexus for CIA Rogue operations in defiance of Presidential Directives.

This is an example of Uncle Sam's Justice via the UCMJ. It's the equivalent to the Oakland Raiders mantra of Al Davis'; "Just Win, Baby" syndrome.

We have a bad war brought about by skullduggery and deceit with fabricated so called "intelligence" from known F6 sources and worse, for a preemptive attack on a sovereign nation against the collective votes of the UN and our allies (except the Brits) and when things start to go badly (if we are told how bad they really are) the cannibals want to start eating their own, just like they did in Vietnam. But that was to cover Treason in Wartime and conspiracy to obstruct justice in a capital murder case to cover the treason. "What a tangled web we weave when we begin to deceive".

I can suggest that Ambassador Negroponte ride shotgun in the next fuel convoy and see how fast the trucks are armor plated. After all, he had the moral courage to support the death squads in Honduras and cocaine shipments from Columbia to the States via Honduras to assist in the monetary support for the Contras by the Enterprise run by Oliver North and the Secord Bunch who were outlawed by Congressional Demand. Ah, yes, treason is alive and well. So, who will pardon Bush and the 4th Reich?


Washington Post


It is a coincidence that just yesterday the Spanish have released the tape of the explosions on the rail system in Spain JUST prior to the elections in this country? Keep up the fear factor, eh? And isn't it just coincidence that the Basque were blamed for the bombings only to be replaced by the boogie man from al Queda immediately after the explosions?

Is this part of the October Surprise? How do we know any such "terror" in our country is not the work of those majoring in skulduggery? Such nasty business, and now the CIA is sitting on a report that will not be released until AFTER the elections! Too many names on that list? How stupid do they think we are? And if that's not enough to strike fear into the hearts of those concerned with the viability of our First Amendment, take a peek at the following attempt to censor the media with the help of our military!!!! And to top it all off, the Great State of Virginia is just south of DC, where all of you work and live. So I am sure you are all concerned!

John McCarthy
President and Chairman of The Board of VERPA
Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advocacy

In reference to:

A group of current/former U. S. servicemembers -- known as the Ghost Troop has found the "bloody knife" exposing the OFFICIALLY UNRELEASED number of Americans who died during the fierce battle at Iraq's capital in the spring of 2003. That number, of course, dwarfs the officially released count.

And Larry Bryant's
On Sept. 28, 2004, I submitted my classified advertisement "Blow the Whistle on Iraqnam's Battle-of-Baghdad Cover-up"

Similar requests for classified advertisement have been submitted to virtually every military post in America. The DOD Directive of making sure all military and dependents are afforded up to date information on world and national events without censorship is at stake here. Please pass this on to interested parties and stay tuned for updates on this First Amendment issue!

We certainly cannot send our young men and women off to war in lands where we profess to bring examples of democracy while preventing freedom of the press to our own military here in the land of the free and home of the brave, can we?

Can anyone spell hypocrisy?

Wake up and smell the coffee boyz and girlz!

How much more can our Constitution take before Revolution raises it's hackles?


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