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The Writings Of And About John McCarthy

Treachery And Treason
Page 3

August 2004 - September 2004

FOIA Request to the U. S. Army Crime Records Center

TO: Director
U. S. Army Crime Records Center
ATTN: Freedom of Information Manager
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

FROM: Larry W. Bryant

DATE: August 13, 2004

In the course of collecting/evaluating evidence about the murder of former Cambodian intelligence operative Inchin Lam, back in the late sixties in in Vietnam, under mysterious circumstances involving possible wrongful CIA-Army collusion, certain officials from the U. S. Army Criminal Investigations Command created a dossier on Lam and his activities/associations/motivations.

Accordingly, under terms of the U. S. Freedom of Information Act/U.S. Privacy Act, I hereby request that you send me a copy of all USACIDC-generated and USACIDC-received records as regards the contents of

(1) Mr. Lam's dossier as cited above;

(2) Mr. (former Army captain) John Joseph McCarthy, Jr.'s CID-maintained dossier, including any and all elements thereof that may still reside within Mr. Lam's dossier.

Please note that, for my total, unequivocal access to your McCarthy-related records, I have his direct proxy, in the form of the enclosed Notice of Authorization.

Since I make this request as an independent writer focusing on actual and/or potential whistleblower-derived evidence exposing official wrongdoing at the highest levels of government, and since such exposure would significantly educate the general public as to all related government activities/policies/programs, I hereby request that you waive all records-search fees incident to your fulfilling this request.

By snail-mail, I'm sending to you a signed printout of this e-formatted letter.


Copies furnished to:

Mr. McCarthy

Mark S. Zaid, Esq. (Washington, D.C.)

Chairman, U. S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary

Chairman, U. S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

FOIA Request to Director of Naval Intelligence

TO: Director of Naval Intelligence
Office of Naval Intelligence
Headquarters, U. S. Department of the Navy
ATTN: Freedom of Information Manager
4251 Suitland Road
Washington, DC 20395-5720

FROM: Larry W. Bryant

DATE: August 13, 2004

Based on recent revelations that former U. S. Naval officer and current presidential candidate John Kerry spent some time in Cambodian territory during certain U. S. Navy operations during the Vietnam War, I hereby submit this letter as a formal, written FOIA request that you send me a copy of all U. S. Navy-generated and U. S. Navy-received records pertaining to the participation of any and all U. S. Naval personnel in the CIA-managed "Project Cherry," which I understand was conducted in the late 1960's to field U. S. military-trained/sponsored assassination teams within Cambodia.

Since I make this request as an independent writer focusing on actual and/or potential whistleblower-derived evidence exposing official wrongdoing at the highest levels of government, and since such exposure would significantly educate the general public as to all related government activities/policies/programs, I hereby request that you waive all records-search fees incident to your fulfilling this request.

By snail-mail, I'm sending to you a signed printout of this e-formatted letter.


Copies furnished to:

Mark S. Zaid, Esq. (Washington, D.C.)

Chairman, U. S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary

Chairman, U. S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

Cambodian Ambassador to the United States

Anniversary To The Halt Of The Secret Bombing Of Cambodia

August 14, 2004

President Nixon and Henry (I wonder who's Kissinger now) decided in 1969, shortly after the election, to secretly bomb Cambodia with B-52 strikes. This is how they did it until August 14th, 1973. That's four and a half years boys and girls!

Flights of five B-52's would take off from Guam and fly a course designed to have the planes arrive over coordinates punched into their computers for targets inside South Vietnam. Each aircraft carried 110 750 pound bombs. They would fly three in a VEE and two in trail. The target areas were 1000 x 3000 meters making three passes to cover the target. Russian trawlers off the coast of Guam made note of the frequency of the flights.

Enroute to the target the pilot and navigator of the lead flight would open secret orders which provided NEW coordinates for an in-flight course change, known only to the aircraft commander and his navigator. The new coordinates were for targets inside Cambodia.

Over the five and a half years of this secret program, over 3000 B-52 strikes went into Cambodia. The rest of the Airforce started complaining about the lack of 750 pound bombs but the secrecy of the Cambodian bombing remained.

This has been described in detail in the book "Side Show". It's still available in paperback. It will probably be used by the International Criminal Court if they get around to indicting Henry as a war criminal. Remember, Nuremberg obliterated the excuse of "I was just following orders".


Policy of Torture And Abuse

By John McCarthy

August 15, 2004

Is there collusion on a policy of terror and abuse?

A resounding YES!

Crimes against humanity as defined by the International War Crimes Tribunal in Nuremberg, Germany, 59 years ago, appears to be the order of the day for US policy in Iraq. The Screams at ABU GHRAIB from the mothers forced to watch their sons sodomized by American's reeks of the hypocrisy of our attempts to shove democracy down the throats of the cradle of civilization. And it's not the peon's, it's definitely the policy. Rumsfeld is a war criminal, along with Kissinger, Wolfowitz, Feith and now Herr Goss, who recently recommended that the CIA be used as a tool against US citizens. God help us all!

Is Iraq the only target? NO!

Our government practices abuse on our own citizens. And it does so while committing acts of treason in war time. The documents to prove this are located in the following URL's. There is also located in the first URL a Petition to empanel a Federal Grand Jury to Probe the Abuse perpetrated by the CIA for conspiracy to obstruct justice in a capital murder case in order to cover-up the acts of treason.

All attempts to bring these matters of national security to various members of our government have been met with silence. Even the attorney general remains mute on this subject. Are we in danger of imploding? You decide.



Check out this site:

Porter Goss Discussion

From Capitol Hill Blue's ReaderRant August 16, 2004

I hate to point this out, but this is yet another example of "fu*k up and go up."

If the House and the Senate approve this goon we deserve what we get, another SS 4th Reich yes man who will enjoy terrorizing the American population, especially those with the voice of dissent.

Bye Bye Constitution! Hello Revolution!

And remember, during coup's all around the world, the first people to be summarily executed were the judges, then the lawyers, then the politico's.

Anybody wanna dance?


Request for a HQDA I.G. Investigation into the McCarthy Saga

TO: Inspector General
Headquarters, U. S. Department of the Army
Washington, DC 20310

FROM: Larry W. Bryant
3518 Martha Custis Drive
Alexandria, VA 22302

DATE: August 19, 2004

Based on the enclosed affidavit from former U. S. Army captain John Joseph McCarthy, Jr., of Los Angeles, Calif., I, a retired civilian member of the "Total Army," hereby request that your office conduct an immediate, comprehensive investigation into the events, policies, practices, and principals surrounding this unresolved case of official treachery and treason to which Mr. McCarthy bears witness -- a case that not only has ruined the military career of a model intelligence officer but also has left a seemingly indelible black mark upon the entire U. S. intelligence community.

The cited CIA-Army criminality -- including treasonous activity in war time, fraud upon the court, gross abuse of authority, and the official cover-up thereof -- evident from Mr. McCarthy's careful compilation of available evidence gives you no recourse but to conduct the sought-for investigation and to issue a full report thereof to the public.

Of course, your choosing not to take this requested action certainly will prolong the effects of the wrongful prosecution and fraudulent character disparagement of Mr. McCarthy; and your rejection of this request will cast your office as an accomplice in that ongoing travesty of justice and in its related cover-up.

When John McCarthy drew upon his innate bravery and commitment to public service during his tour of duty in Vietnam, little did he suspect that, decades later, he'd have to apply that same degree of bravery and idealism toward achieving victory over a domestic adversary lurking behind the cover of the U. S. flag and beneath the eagle of U. S. military authority. You, sir, now hold in your hands the key to McCarthy's vindication -- and to assuring full accountability from the perpetrators/perpetuators of his grievance. Please at least match his exemplary moral courage and commitment by fulfilling this request as soon as possible.

Furthermore, I ask that you promptly identify for me the I.G. case officer to whom you're assigning this matter -- so that I may arrange a personal meeting with him/her by which I may deliver some of the McCarthy-acquired documentation supporting this request.

By snail-mail, I'm sending to you a signed printout of this e-formatted letter.


Copies furnished to:

Mr. McCarthy

Mark S. Zaid, Esq. (Washington, D.C.)

Chairman, U. S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

Cambodian Ambassador to the United States

Follow the damn money!!!!!


Jonathan Bush: 911 Funding & Those Irksome White House Terrorism Report Redactions

"... tens of thousands of dollars from the Riggs bank account of Saudi Princess Haifa flowed to the families of two Saudi students who subsidized two Saudi terrorists involved in the September, 11th attacks... The Bush administration insisted on censoring sections of a 2003 Congressional report on the 2001 terrorist attack that dealt with Riggs accounts held by Saudis..."
Paybacks/pioneer_profile.cfm ?pioneer_ID=158



Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advocacy, Inc.

~VERPA~ P.O. Box 8225, Medford, OR 97504-0225
"Veterans &Families For Equal Justice Under Law" Inc.
December 1999

Chairman: John McCarthy (CA) * Founder/Executive Director: Jeffrey A. Trueman (PA) Legislative Coordinator: Barbara Cragnotti (OR) * VA Abuse Coordinator: Susan Bauer (IL) Human Rights Coordinator: Rusty Rustan (CA) * Legal Coordinator: Misha Coale (VA) Gulf War S/I Coordinator: Robert J. Jones (NC) * PR Coordinator: Renee Thurlow (MI) National Security Coordinator: Mark Zeller (GA)
Web site:

August 22, 2004

Dear VERPA Supporters:
As most of you receiving this letter know, VERPA has worked tremendously hard to introduce our proposed legislation entitled The Military and Veterans Equal Rights Protection Act - (VERPA Act) especially since the October 8, 2002, Senate Judiciary Hearings were held to address the Feres Doctrine (hereinafter Feres).

Long before the hearings held October 8, 2002 and up through August 9, 2004, we have worked with Senator Arlen Specters staff to remedy Feres without disrupting good order and discipline in our military. Unfortunately, our good faith legislative efforts have been stalled by Senator Specters office after an indication was given that the language of our proposed legislation was approved by legal counsel. We emphasize stalled because each day Feres remains the law of the land, continued injuries or death to our service members having no legitimate military necessity will continue under the unconstitutional Feres judicial body of law until Congress stops this. We must band together to compel our government to remedy the Feres issue.


We write this letter from the deepest parts of our hearts and souls with the genuine concern if we, as American military, veterans and families, do not all pull together at this critical juncture, we will not remedy the Feres issues by the end of this 108th Congress. With the pending Presidential election and the pending military draft being considered, the time to end 54 years of injustice due to Feres is now.

In the wake of the stalled effort, due to Senator Specters inaction, VERPA is faced with the reality that our solely funded status cannot continue. We need the help of ALL veterans and their families who seek redress of a service-connected wrongful act or omission of a federal employee allowed by the Feres Doctrine.

As you read this update letter we hope you will make a monetary donation to help us defray the cost to keep VERPAs legislation and our fight to abolish Feres alive. If each reader of this letter sends $1.00 (one dollar) that would help tremendously. Please send what you can. Donations to VERPA, Inc. are not tax deductible. For those who have already contributed we thank you! For the record, all Board and Officers, past and present in VERPA have expended an estimated $100,000 of our own assets in an effort to abolish the Feres Doctrine and seek justice for all. We should note, that in the past many Citizens have offered to provide VERPA with a donation due to the important nature of our work but we kindly did not accept until we felt our legislation truly spoke for all military, veterans and families. We know at this time the VERPA Act speaks on behalf of all victims of Feres.

VERPA Advisory Opinion Request

To counter Senator Specters failure to act and prevent known abuses under Feres, on August 9, 2004 we undertook an unprecedented legal maneuver. We filed a letter with the International Criminal Court (ICC) and requested an Advisory Opinion based on the following question: Does the United States Supreme Court decision entitled the "Feres Doctrine" allow United States federal government employees to engage in human and civil rights abuses in violation of the United States Constitution and International Law? If you and/or someone you know would like a copy of our Open Letter we filed with the ICC, please contact us at and write "Open Letter" on the subject line. We will send our next update after we receive an answer from the ICC advising if we can proceed with a formal petition or not. Jeff, VEPRAs Founder is preparing to attend the CICC Conference at The Hague the week of September 5, 2004. There will be 150 Nation members in attendance so our injustices can be exposed around the world if we pull together to advocate the abuses we are facing. In the interim we are planning to establish our Home Office in Washington, D.C. in furtherance of our legislation to abolish Feres.

The Feres Doctrine Resolution

VERPA formed as an umbrella organization with the hope to unite all military, veterans and their families who reasonably believe they have been denied equal justice due to Feres. Obviously, VERPA believes Feres is the NUMBER ONE enemy of all Americans serving the Country as ALL issues of injury or injustice denied redress by our government fall under this judge made law. We can only state: our Justice Department must prosecute individuals who commit crimes against Americans serving the Nation rather than defending crimes against humanity and constitutional rights abuses under Feres.

For those who do not know it, Feres is Sovereign Immunity and no where in our Constitution is sovereign immunity legal.

In the wake of the stalled legislation to remedy Feres, we now must proceed with a formal Resolution to obtain the signatures of all organizations or individual military or veterans rights advocates, to show we stand united under the Feres abolishment banner. Therefore, we are preparing a Resolution to obtain an accurate accounting of all those who believe Feres is the primary reason why our First Amendment right to petition our Federal Courts for redress of grievances is denied. If you would like to sign our Resolution, please contact us at and write "VERPA Resolution" on the subject line.

We Will Still Accept Cases - Only Via Our On-Line Petition

Over the 4 years VERPA has been incorporated, we have exhausted considerable resources and time performing case work in support of our legislative efforts without asking for any donations. Again, at this time, we can no longer perform case work; however we will continue to accept cases via our on-line petition found on our Home page at

As a group of 9 American families who make up VERPA Board and Officers, we fully intend to proceed to the ICC to redress our injustices and hope you will join with us. If you wish to send your case to us for presentation to the ICC, please forward a one-page summary of the facts and circumstances supporting your injustice, along with a minimum of a $5.00 (five dollar) fee to defray the cost of processing your case. For all those who have all ready donated to VERPA, Inc. please send us your one page summary.


We appreciate all who have donated to date and thank you for keeping the fight alive to abolish the Feres Doctrine.

In summary, we can abolish the Feres Doctrine with your help! The proposed legislation we have constructed, on behalf of all military, veterans and families can be introduced if we prove to Congress we all stand together.

Best wishes,
/s/ Barb Cragnotti
VERPA Legislative Coordinator/Treasurer
On Behalf of VERPA BOD/Officers
P.S. If you believe our work to be credible and for the good of all military/veterans and families, please make your check payable to: VERPA, Inc. and mail it to: VERPA, P O Box 8225, Medford, OR 97504-0225

Upon receipt of your donation, we will forward a Notice of Receipt to you.

Depleted Uranium (DU)

August 22, 2004

Dear Sandy,

Good on YOU!

I am very interested in the response to your presentation of the views of Leuren Moret at your meeting today. Thank you for conveying these most important ideas and facts.

I am very interested in the response to your presentation of the views of Leuren Moret at your meeting today. Thank you for conveying these most important ideas and facts. Leuren and I are of the mind that it is totally possible that a diabolical plot has been hatched and is being carried out with the full knowledge and not so subtle acquiescence of the current and former members of the Intelligence Community in the end results of the use of Depleted Uranium as an "area deniability" weapon which had its birth pains in the Manhattan Project in 1943.

DU is omnicidal. It kills everything. All plants, the food chain, and humans by virulent cancers and horribly crippled offspring generated by defective genes contaminated with radiation poisoning with no anti-dote anywhere on the horizon. Most of the population living within 1000 miles of Kabul, Afghanistan, and Baghdad, Iraq have been inhaling gas particles of DU for the last sixteen months. Seasonally, the winds pick up the nano-sized particles (billionth of a meter) and disperse them on the wind to others not yet contaminated. In not too many years, the land will be uninhabitable without specifically designed garments which will allow for the short term maintenance of the soon to be installed automated oil production and transport facilities without the fear of interruption by sabotage or other disruption.

Our best minds MUST have seen the potential of the diabolical solution for controlling the massive amounts of oil in the Mid-East.

Democracy is an opaque facade. A lame excuse for our existence while the scam of DU is unfolding before our eyes.

Leuren's article gives us a view of the real numbers and allows us to imagine, with sureness, the disaster to the populations of Iraq and Afghanistan and the surrounding countries. Not to mention the deadly exposure to all of our troops....and the folks who planned this war KNEW the consequences prior to the preemptive attack in 2003. They had all the casualty reports from Desert Shield and subsequent effects of "Gulf War Syndrome" to focus their foreknowledge of what was going to occur. Military planning provides for contingencies and anticipation of results. It has always been part of the system. It is not deniable.

The rest of the world is not asleep on this issue. In 2003 The Japanese International Criminal Court indicted President Bush for Crimes against Humanity for dropping hundreds of tons of Depleted Uranium on Kabul, Afghanistan.


You don't have to know or even like someone to vote for them.

August 23, 2004

You don't have to hate someone to kill them, either. I never knew the men I killed, who, in turn, were trying to kill me. They didn't know me either. I didn't know any of the thousands I called in B-52 strikes on. "We have met the enemy and he is us".... Author Unknown.

So, how much easier should it be to off someone who really pisses you off? Now there is a dichotomy! Talk about justification and hypocrisy!! "Thou shalt not kill, unless the SOB is trying to kill you". For what?

War being the extention of politics, we deserve answers to these and other questions before the next trigger is pulled. Wake up, boys and girls!

Vote for who? Why?


Swift Boat Vets Allegations

Hi Gal,

Seems pretty cut and dry to me. The accounts of the people on Kerry's boat have one collective version whereas the others who were not on Kerry's boat have a completely different account. So, you have eye witnesses and you have rumor mongers. Who are you going to believe?

It is also very clear the motivation for the dissenting interpretation results from the anti-war statements and medal tossing incident at the Pentagon, AFTER Kerry left the service.

If those in receipt of medals and awards were questioning their own viability with respect to the authenticity of combat accounts, they should have reported this to the appropriate command structure way back then. Medals are poor compensation for the trauma of wounds. Some deserved them, and some didn't. But you have to look at your own face when you shave....everyone knows exactly whether they deserve a citation. Cutting ones self shaving is not a qualification for the Purple Heart, but it happened. Fortunately, I was only wounded in my mind.

Personally, anyone who set foot in Vietnam has the right to say how they feel about the war. That goes for the guys in grave registration, helicopter pilots, boat drivers, trigger pullers, cooks, artillery pounders, tank drivers, and anyone else unfortunate enough to be sent into that crappola. But second guessing a combat action that you were not present for is a bit disingenuous, to say the least, and obviously politically motivated.

Re Cambodia. I wasn't with Kerry so I don't know if he was told to go into that country. I personally was directed to fly over Cambodia and take pictures of an installation in the Parrots Beak region. We were promptly shot out of the area. Beyond that, my duty as Case Officer for the Rogue CIA outfit that I had the misfortune of commanding consisted of maintaining the skills for assassination teams who were to be sent into Cambodia dressed as North Vietnamese to conduct "Black Terror", all this in violation of Presidential Directives issued during National Security Council meetings in 1966. We found the documents in 2000 when the State Department decided to declassify the documents, much to the chagrin of the CIA. Now we know why; treason in wartime.

So if the politicos wish to bring up Cambodia, I will have to say, "Bring it on!" Then we will see how fast the Intelligence Community crawls back under their propaganda rock....

Hope that clears things up and you may post this if you will.

Amazing that none of this came up before Kerry entered the Presidential Race. Also amazing that all the money for the Swift Boat putsch came from wealthy Texan's with close ties to El Presidente. Go figure!

How about signing my petition to empanel a Federal Grand Jury to Probe the CIA for treasonous acts? You might want to take the time to peruse the comments and message section of the Petition. Please pass it on!

Have a nice day!

-------Original Message-------
From: Gal


Date: 08/24/04 15:55:20

To: jmac

Subject: question for you

Hi John, As a former Vietnam vet, I was wondering what you think of the swift boat vets' allegations regarding Kerry's service? The medals, trip to Cambodia, etc. I realize you may be too busy to respond, but if you get the chance, I 'd really be interested in your perspective.
Hope you are well, Gal

Truce B4 election = Assassination
Truce After election = Democracy

August 30, 2004

Look at history, truces and treaties are written and meant to be broken, especially when the opposition THINKS they will be welcomed into the fold of the current administration....otherwise, why have a truce? NOPE, truce = weakness and stupidity.

I would say the pain and suffering caused by the treason of members of our government begs not to be let go and fortunately, there is no statute of limitations on treason, nor conspiracy to obstruct murder in a capital murder case to cover up the treason.

Dev, Never let it go! To do so would give excuse to the malfeasance of the current phony war justified by lies of WMD and more. Just like the Intelligence Community screwed up the Vietnam war. Forget it and let it go? Not any time soon, BR. Asking to turn the other cheek and forgive and forget won't work for Viet vets or Iraq vets, once they know the truth and see the sham and propaganda that led them off to hell on earth.

Those who never served in Vietnam have the gall to say let it go? That puts you in the same shoe box with all the others who never went but want the issue dropped. How Sweet is that?

Why must we not have a truce in the discussion re Vietnam? BECAUSE, the Tonkin Gulf Resolution during the Vietnam War equals the WMD fiasco of the Iraq War! Both fabricated to justify the preemptive strikes against North Vietnam and Iraq!

Why is that so difficult to grasp? That is our Intelligence Community at work!

Reopen wounds? Hocky pucks! The wounds of treason will fester on until the perps are dealt with, them and their add-ons.


August 31, 2004

Would you agree or disagree that the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and the War Powers Act resulting from the presentation of fabricated WMD were acts of treason on the part of the Intelligence Community?

It's not about Senator Kerry or President Bush. It is much bigger than those two. It is the means and manner by which this country has gone off to war with preemptive strikes against North Vietnam and Iraq, cranking up billions of dollars and placing our country on a wartime footing, keeping in mind that the earlier acts of treason were during a Democratic administration and the current one is under a republican administration. Treason sees no boundaries with respect to political parties!

Once again, it is not the festering wounds of battle scars and brain bruises that is driving this debate. It is the skulduggery of those bastards running our so called Intelligence Community or those manipulating that Community for their own goals, outside the Constitution.

What say you now?


August 31, 2004

Thank you Red, now what should we do to un-pardon those rascals?

1. Call for impeachment re high crimes and treason?

2. Take a chance on our election process and see if the knowledgeable citizens throw them out of office?

3. Demand a recall election for all those who voted for the war powers act and STILL think it is was good idea even though the evidence for fabrication of the WMD as justification for a preemptive strike (aggressive war acts) is overwhelming and in violation of the Nuremberg International War Crimes Tribunal which the United States personally formulated as Crimes Against Humanity?

Time is running out and we must address these issues promptly because you won't see these questions in the mainstream media, CNN and CERTAINLY not FOX!!!

The dems should be screaming these issues to the pontification coming out of the RNC!

Or is this just politics and not about the Constitution of The United States?



September 1, 2004

As I read the above posts with great interest and respect for those who had the opportunity to observe from within what I observed at the pointy end of things, I must conclude, re my other posts on the so called Intelligence Community, that it matters not who is President re Foreign Policy, Defense, Offense, or long term goals for "Democracy", it is those who control the "Intel Community" who pull the strings, damn the Constitution as it truly must be a myth of our imagination, or at least a figmo. What looks good on paper, ain't necessarily what's happening in the Church of whats happening now. The diabolicals are loose!

Here is the bible, boys and girls, and it's a FREE download! But it's up to you to read it...

I'd be very interested in your take on this book. BTW, our government saw fit to remove 100,000 copies from the bookstore shelves of the land of the free and home of the brave...


The motto: "And the truth shall set you free..." must be scraped from the halls and walls of the Wiffenpoof's playground at Langley.

Hypocrisy personified and prostitution reigns. Selling ones soul for Democracy is blow back big time, especially when the real truth comes home to roost. (sources and methods, YEE HAW)

Seems to me the only reason the Pentagon was a target for 9/11 was that CIA HQ had more traitors on the job, known only to the perps of 9/11, and I wonder who's Kissinger now??? Henry, are you listening?


I can just see the Saturday night Specials plus the real arsenal of Amerika hitting the streets to greet the forces of "Democracy" who come to save us from ourselves!

Another good reason not to tell us all that happens in Iraq, we might learn something about resisting occupation.....


Republicans, afraid of terror?

Nah! Young Republicans support Iraq war, but not all are willing to join the fight

Lucy, say it isn't so....


War on Terror!

How Soon Will the U.S. or Israel Bomb Iran?

The President of the United States has branded Iran part of the "Axis of Evil." He has demanded that Iran "abandon her nuclear ambitions." He has claimed the right to wage pre-emptive war against any enemy he chooses.

Place your bets!

Will this be the October Surprise?


The War on Terror is a Fraud

September 2, 2004

That the war abroad is to go on in perpetuum against a “shadowy” and “dark” enemy is no accident or blunder. What better method of keeping the populace timid and tame for as long as is desired?

BOO! Are you scared yet?


Fight terror on all fronts

In Iraq, Americans have killed about 19,000 people so far, including 13,000 civilians. That's one of the main reasons for the steady rise in terrorism

Happened in 'Nam, is happening in Iraq.

Surprise? NO!


Topic: Was Ist Über Alles?

September 3, 2004

Gott mit uns: On Bush and Hitler’s rhetoric:

When was the last time a Western nation had a leader so obsessed with God and claiming God was on our side? If you answered Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany, you’re correct.

Well, well. What have we here, mein Herr?



AHA! I just found the warning not to compare President Bush to Hitler! Thanks, Lonesome Hawk. I will make sure to copy this and send it as an example of what RR has evolved into because of YOU!

I am just the messenger! I posted an article from informationclearinghouse that has nada to do with anything I said, just someone else's opinion.

Now, thanks for the warning. Do you recall the Gestapo tactics that were used to burn the books because of ideas and not libel, name calling or ideas of sedition? You're convoluted reasoning in overstepping your moderator boundaries because of personal feelings on any subject is reprehensible at best. Your past rulings on topics YOU don't want to see on RR because they are "false, because you have no proof" just shows to go ya, you can't handle anything you personally disagree with. Badge heavy is dangerous. You have become what you hate so much, a Nazi. While Doug is making up his mind, hear this.

If I was writing your efficiency report it would read as follows. "This officer constantly fails to meet the low standards he sets for himself".

Further, I outrank you, so lock your heels, sailor!

Now, you want to kick me, go for it. But there will be enough here to read this before you do.

It's been fun, all. Remember, never trust anyone who has spent too much time at sea, doing his own laundry and screwing each other. It warps their mind, don't ya see? So much for freedom of speech--should be removed from the header of RR.


History is a pain in the ass, isn't it?

September 3, 2004

I hear allot about "we are interested in the news of the present, not the past." That is understandable. Current events have much more flavor than ten, twenty or thirty or even fifty years ago. How about seventy?

Why do we still have trials of Gestapo prison guards being brought forth for crimes against humanity in Dachau, Coblintz, Belsen-Belsen and the other concentration camps of Nazi Germany only to be deported from the United States?

Should the victims of Eichmann not have testified at his trial in Israel in 1962 because the activities of his brutality were "old news", from 25 years earlier?

Should the victims of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge be told to be quiet because the crimes against their relatives was thirty years old?

Who on this board can say they would not take advantage of the fact that there is no statute of limitations on the murder of their loved ones?

This morning I saw in print with my own eyes and again late this afternoon that CHB is NOT interested in crimes of the past, only crimes of today! That was in reference to Senator Kerry, but it affects me. Am I supposed to turn the other cheek, shut up and not point out that our "intelligence community" defied a President in wartime and thereby committed treason? What the hell, you say, that was forty damn years ago!

The International War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague would beg to differ with you!

Hey, CHB is your program and you set the standards. But you might want to take another good look at your Freedom Of Speech mantra in your header. Perhaps it should read "we are interested in Freedom of Speech on current events only--don't bother us with old crap".

Is there one among you that I fought and nearly died for that can tell me to forget about what makes we what I am today? Makes me want to tell you that history is repeating itself with lies and treason to take our country to war with fabricated "intelligence"; makes me want to warn you that our government is repeating the sins of the past in allowing the so called "intelligence community" to manipulate what is known to the rest of the world as an excuse to gain control of so much oil.

All of this information is certainly debatable, but it is not dated. What happened forty years ago in the Gulf of Tonkin has happened again in the WMD of Iraq. These are examples of manipulation of information by the "intelligence community" for political ends, war, the extension of politics, not to mention an ego or two.

I think there should be a definitive ruling with respect to what is old news and what is new.

Should there be a cutoff date?

Should we not have our daily Round Table point out the facts of history, some hundreds of years old, and be able to relate to them as how they affect us today?

Have a nice, quiet weekend. And don't even think about what your in line for. Forget the past, indeed. America's enemies are counting on it. How do we spell hypocrisy? Rant on!



September 4, 2004

During the cold war (sorry to be so friggin ancient) the bogeyman was "communism". That scare tactic came to the forefront with Joe McCarthy, no relation, and the propaganda effort on the part of OUR Government to frighten the population and focus their anger AWAY from the ineptness and backlash from WWII.

Now we have al Quaida as the bogeyman. Not Iraq, although that is the dichotomy. al Quaida is the bad ass lurking behind every and all bad things happening in the the world, yes the WORLD!

Reality tells us the Iraqi do not like occupation one bit. They have accepted our mantra, "give me liberty or give me death". Would Americans not be just as adamant and vicious to any 'occupier' here to shove a foreign brand of democracy down our throats?

(It's nothing to do with oil...just ask Haliburton)

As soon as the world economy is based on the Euro rather than the dollar, the sparks will fly. In fact, during the year before the Iraq preemptive attack, Saddam converted all available dollars into Euros. What does that say?

Give us a new bogey man. How about North Korea or Iran (lots of oil and nukes, too)

Whar is OBL? How quick we forget out lies of a year ago....


Terrorism is phase one of "unconventional warfare" or "guerrilla warfare" according to the United States Special Warfare mantra.

Terror, as used by a guerrilla force, led by American Special Forces, if you will, was a BIG secret in the early sixties, but practiced and taught in the SW Schools. "When in Rome...."

So, when we go into such a huff about the war on terrorism, al Qaida and the rest of the current bogey men, we must realize this is all part of the responsibility of us training them! We obviously did a very good job over the past 45 years or so. We had SF teams in virtually every country in the middle east for ten damn years! What do you expect? (Sorry to be so friggin ancient in my subject matter) Now, if our past foreign policy started by our State Department, CIA and "others" has come back to bite us in the ass then who should we blame, OBL whom we trained to begin with, and did a damn fine job, evidently?

Ah, yes, terrorism is nasty business that we helped out of the genie bottle and now must live with it. What arrogant as*holes we are!

Solution? Back off, back down, get out, lick our wounds and forget about being the worlds policeman; they have us outgunned, and out manned and THEY believe in what they are fighting for, their own freedom, not ours and not the oil we want. They have umpteen million to throw into the breach...what do we have!!??

As they say in New York, fuggetaboutit!


Bill, We Wish You Well

by jmac1369 at 02:11PM (CDT) on Sep 4, 2004

Mr. Clinton,

Had a stent put in two years ago this month. All is well, as will be with you. Obviously, your blockage is greater than mine and in more places. I had no pain indicator, just shortness of breath. An enterprising nurse drew blood from an artery and found gas indicative of a heart problem. Doing nine miles a day on the sand in Santa Monica made me a candidate for a drop dead heart attack. Lucky me, and you!

Sure feels weird when they shoot that juice into your chest to take the pix. Like the attendant told me, "This is going to feel like you just downed a shot of good vodka". Indeed it did!

I wrote in November '97 by email re "An American POW, In America" and you turned that over to JAG for resolution. I ended up in Federal District Court with a $1.3 Billion dollar civil suit that was dismissed with prejudice re the Feres Doctrine.

As President and Chairman of the Board of VERPA, Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advocacy, I have been instrumental in the motion to abolish the Feres Doctrine at the Senate Judiciary level where it remains stonewalled although the wording has been approved.

We have resorted to inquiring of the ICC at the Hague to protect the Constitution. They have agreed to hear our argument.

In the interim, I have a Petition to impanel a Federal Grand Jury to Probe the CIA for Treason In Wartime and Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice In a Capital Murder Case to cover-up the treason.

In October, 2000 once top secret National Security Council documents declassified by the State Department were located on the Internet much to the chagrin of the CIA. Now we know why; treason in wartime.

Get well, we're counting on your quick recovery and influence in the next two months!

Best Regards and thanks for your assistance.

John McCarthy
Los Angeles, CA

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