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What Is The Nature Of This Passion

John McCarthy, Los Angeles, 29 March 2006

Those who organized the gatherings of over 500,000 concerned human beings last Saturday are to be congratulated with gusto.

Reasonable men and women, like those who gathered over their concern for Immigration Policies that are egregious and politically motivated, would agree, from the available evidence, that 9.11 was an Inside Job. Those are the same standards DOJ offers to jury's in criminal courts!

The Patriot Act was rushed into being by our elected officials who didn't even take the time to read the Act before they voted it in. The Act came about as a direct result of 9.11, and being an Inside Job, it should be seen as null and void as it was born out of treason and deceit. The Act affects all immigrants, including the so called illegals who number over 13,000,000.

We have seen what happened when we angered 13,000,000 Sunni Muslims in Iraq!

Beyond the Act, the same people who are responsible for planning and facilitating 9.11 are the ones framing the Immigration Policies and it's enforcement.

And, these same people fabricated "slam dunk" intelligence in order for Congress to provide the President with War Powers Acts for preemptive attacks on Iraq in violation of the Nuremberg Findings.

Crimes against Peace and Crimes against Humanity are the ultimate war crimes which we established in 1945.

Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson was appointed by President Truman to be the Chief Prosecutor at the International War Crimes Tribunal in Nuremberg, Germany and in his opening statement to the jury he said: "The standards by which we judge these defendants today are the same standards by which we shall be judged tomorrow".

Then we hanged them.

So, can you trust the current administration, who violates US Law, Constitutional Law, International Law, with the authority to impose and enforce Immigration Law?

The organizers that brought together over half a million people to raise their voices for democracy and freedom have shown the rest of America that all it takes is unity of purpose for the truth to be free again.

Welcome to America.

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