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The Truth of Israel's War...

Wednesday August 02, 2006 (1157 PST)

Anwaar Hussain

The truth is that organizations like Hizbollah and Hamas are there because Israel is there and not vice versa.

As the land of Lebanon continues to be drenched with the blood of its own children, the world stands in a hushed silence watching this murderous crime from the safety of the sidelines. The Muslim world itself, with nary a peep from it's corpulent leadership, remains busy in brave exchanges of 'please-say-no-to-Israeli-aggression' emails and imploring Allah to come to the aid of Israel's victims.

It is time to shout the truth of Israel's war from the rooftops.

The truth is that organizations like Hizbollah and Hamas are there because Israel is there and not vice versa.

The truth is that the West created Israel out of its guilt of what it did, or allowed to be done, to the Jews and the Palestinians had no part in it.

The truth is that the holocaust was THE REASON because of which Western powers helped establish the Jewish state as a refuge for the Jews and their own consciences.

The truth is that for the redemption of their guilt, if the holocaust did really occur, the Western powers should have formed a state of Israel in their own backyard and not deprived 5 million Palestinians of their homeland.

The truth is that these same Western powers now want the entire world to accept the status quo and submit to the reality because the washed out glories of World War II are still around.

The truth is that while these same powers wielding the whip of anti-Semitism disallow even a discussion on the subject of holocaust, the fact remains that the issues of holocaust and Palestine are intimately interconnected. The roots of the Palestinian conflict must be sought in history and no solution to the conflict is possible unless historical wrongs are addressed first.

The truth is that the German peoples are still being punished for the crimes of a few as if the 3rd Reich was representative of all past, present and future generations of Germans and as if the entire German history is made up of the 12 years of the 3rd Reich's rule.

The truth is that along with the Germans, five million Palestinians have been made to pay reparations for the holocaust for 60 years, and will have to keep paying up for another 1000 years if nothing is done, yet the West continues to remain blind to the interconnection between the two issues.

The truth is that the dominant West today refuses to see the simple logic that if the holocaust did indeed occur, then Europe must bear the consequences and not the Palestinian people. And if it did not occur, then the Jews have no claim to the Palestinian's land.

The truth is that some sixty million people died in the gigantic crime of Second World War yet a few million Jews continue to remain the center of attention with the other over 90% of victims promptly forgotten.

The truth is that though it is difficult to put across the scale and effect of Israel's abuses of Palestinian lives through statistics alone yet these are appalling enough: since the year 2000 alone, in addition to hundreds of acres of farmland destroyed and 25,000 Palestinian homes demolished, nearly 4,000 Palestinians have been killed, 30,000 injured and 400 assassinated. An overwhelming number of these casualties remained women and children.

The truth is that despite the fact that Zionist controlled media reports just 13% of Palestinian children's' massacre and 88% of Israeli children's deaths, the numbers tell a horrifying tale; for 121 Israeli children reportedly killed by Palestinians, close to 800 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis.

The truth is that while zero Israeli homes have been demolished by Palestinians, 25000 Palestinian homes have been demolished by Israel and while two Israelis are being held prisoners by the Palestinians, 9,599 Palestinians are currently imprisoned by Israel.

The truth is that the great benefactor of Israel, the United States of America, gives more than $15 million per day to the Israeli government and military while the Palestinian NGOs get a miserly $232,290 per day to care for the victims of Israeli aggression.

The truth is that while Israel reportedly possesses upward of 400 WMDs, the Palestinian have none and while there are 65 UN resolutions against Israel, there are none against Palestinians

The truth is that while Israel bemoans that four rockets that fell on its territory were made in Iran, it has received upward of 17 billion dollars of arms from the United States alone over the last 10 years.

The truth is that virtually every bullet and every shrapnel that ricochets through the Palestinian's flesh and blood is linked to the United States of America one way or the other.

The truth is that no other country could avoid the wrath of the resident bully of planet earth, the United States of America, with one thousandth of what Israel does for breakfast every day.

The truth is that while Kofi Annan of United Nations of America (UNA) could find time in the thick of these atrocities to issue a deadline to Iran on its nuclear activities, he is powerless to even broker a temporary ceasefire to pause the unremitting bloodletting of innocent Lebanese.

The truth is that the twin evils joined at the hip, the United States and Israel, have together caused so much mischief in the world in the past few decades that one is forced to draw the conclusion that devil does indeed exist.

And if there is a devil, there must be a God--a God that watches their devilment in divine silence.

For now at least.

Copyrights: Anwaar Hussain



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