The Evil Of Patriotism When Opposed To Humanism

Perceptions From Abroad

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Perceptions From Abroad

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Appeal To Americans
To my American friends…..
your last hurrah!

By Arun Shrivastava CMC

This is neither a demand, nor a plea. I can only request you to consider what I have to say.

Your government is the world’s largest criminal enterprise. It enforces its will by brute force because it owns the most powerful killing machine the world has ever known and it kills people in your name.

The government you installed in January 2001 has
  • Killed an estimated one million people, primarily innocent children, women, and men in Iraq and Afghanistan;

  • Sent young American men and women serving in your army, navy and air force to these countries to kill people that amounts to genocide;

  • Sent your fellow countrymen with full knowledge that they are all going to die of depleted uranium poisoning, an act that amounts to premeditated murder;

  • Contaminated the air that we all breathe by exploding depleted uranium ordnance in Iraq and Afghanistan. Your earlier elected governments had also used depleted uranium ordnance in Gulf War 1 and Kosovo. Together, your elected governments have used depleted uranium equivalent to the atomicity of 400,000 Hiroshima sized nuclear bombs that has destroyed the purity of world’s air. We are all breathing depleted uranium contaminated air and that “we” includes every American man, woman and child as well.

  • Used weapons of indiscriminate destruction of life, livelihoods and property and Nature spanning planet earth.

Because your state is signatory to international treaties that forbid any state committing the listed acts, and because your government is unilaterally and intentionally in breach of these laws as well as the law of your land, your elected government is a criminal-at-large.

The international community of nations has a moral right to condemn illegal acts of any nation. I am a citizen of India. My government has not condemned the illegal acts of the United States either

(a) on Government to Government basis or

(b) at international forum such as the United Nations.

The failure to condemn illegal acts of your government proves that my government is in agreement with criminal acts of your government that affects us in India.

It is unimaginable that my government does not know about the use of weapons of indiscriminate destruction by your government. Over 350 million Indians are now breathing depleted uranium contaminated air and they are going to die a slow and painful death and that includes me, my wife and my daughter, all my friends in Delhi and elsewhere in western India. None of us harmed you or your country. My country is signatory to international treaties and has laws under which our political leaders can be tried in a Court and sentenced to suitable punishment if it is proved that they were complicit in acts of genocide on their own people.

Your government co-opts criminals all over the world

As citizens of the United States of America you should be aware that nearly every government on this planet is run by people co-opted by criminals-at-large who run your government. These criminals do not believe in freedom of choice and democracy. “Anyone who is not with us is against us,” is their philosophy.

The only three exceptions today are Cuba, Venezuela, and Bolivia. The Cuban people have suffered some of the worst crimes at the hands of your government and the only reason they have been allowed to survive is because they have no major natural resource of interest to the criminals-at-large.

Your government has tried to discredit, overthrow and is now trying to assassinate Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. When that happens, Evo Morales will also be exterminated. Both Chavez and Morales will be killed because their country sits on oil, gas, gold, diamond, forests, iron ore, bauxite, and immense hydro-electric potential. They will be killed in your name and in the name of democracy, freedom and world peace. They will be killed because they tried to ensure justice, equity, peace, liberty, and basic human freedoms to their people; they opposed the greed of the criminals-at-large running your government.

Every nation that has ever tried to ensure justice, equity, peace, liberty, and basic human freedoms for their people has been ripped apart by the criminals who run your government.

Once you indict the criminals in Washington, evidences will emerge as to the names of individuals, political parties, companies, and organizations that have actively collaborated with these criminals in global genocide. I am sure when the names are revealed people in each country will hang them by the nearest tree. When you take action, criminals in no country will have a place to hide.

The International community has a right to use the same principles of law under which the Nazi collaborators of Vichy regime were tried in Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal and sentenced. Every collaborator of the US government, including mine, needs to be tried and sentenced, if possible to death, because your government has condemned the world to certain annihilation.

You government is responsible for the crisis of civilization

The spurious “clash of civilization” theory, invented by Huntington and used to the hilt by a few fundamentalist Christians, kept us distracted from the real agenda of these criminals, which is to control strategic resources and enslave the people all over the world.

These criminals in your government are directly responsible for fomenting religious and ethnic clashes the world over, including within your own country. In the last five years enough evidence has been compiled by truthful and perspicacious journalists that

(a) 9/11 was engineered by your government; and

(b) the Bali, Madrid and London bombings and the series of bombings in India, killing thousands of innocent people all over the world, are part of the same agenda dictated by the same criminal group. These events were engineered to keep us all in a permanent state of chaos, in utterly meaningless internecine socio-religious strife to conceal the real agenda.

Two of the worlds largest democracies, simple peaceful people, fed on the spurious theory of “clash of civilization” have been ripped apart by religious fundamentalism and the local communities are now battling it out to live a peaceful normal life. Every nation on earth is facing one or other form of ethnic strife. The global civilization has been shredded apart by the criminals-at-large who run your government.

People are not evil, only individuals are. People are not violent, only rabid leaders are. For, if our leaders established a sane, just, equitable, peaceful and predictable social order no one would need them. Have you seen a single leader work himself out of office in your country? Only Gandhi was a leader who worked himself out of power. And when he did that, criminals took over India, the messy, murderous louts; just as your own messy, murderous louts.

There is now a crisis of civilization. The weapons of indiscriminate destruction have made earth unviable as a living system. These weapons have been used by criminals elected by you. Unfortunately, not one historian will be alive to document this last hurrah of the criminals-at-large. You are, my friends, responsible for that last hurrah.

Arun Shrivastava is a management consultant. He can be contacted at:

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