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Washington's Evil And Sinister Foreign Policy


09/05/2005 17:31


The depths to which Washington will sink are apparently unfathomable

George Bush's Washington does not fail to surprise, negatively, in its foreign policy. As the world comes together and the international community reaches a consensus about reforming the UNO, shaping it to reflect the world as it is today and not as it was six decades ago, Washington presents no less than 700 proposals for amendment to the draft reform document, effectively halting the process and sticking the middle finger up at the developing countries.

Just as Africa was getting ready to propose two nations to join the UN Security Council as permanent members to sit alongside China, France, Russia, the UK and the USA, just as Brazil and India were getting their hopes up, just as the international community was working through the documents to present on 14th September to the General Assembly and just when momentum was carrying the process forward and progress was being made, Washington slams down on the table seven hundred different proposals to be discussed to change the document.

This sinister and callous disregard for the rest of the international community is nothing new, and anyway everyone knows that Washington's foreign policy is intrusive, criminal at times, murderous and self-serving, even to the extent at which acts of mass murder are committed.

What is so shocking is the cold-blooded arrogance, which once again proves that George Bush's United States of America has a total disregard for the rest of the international community and is not committed to any real changes in the UNO.

This stance is neo-colonialist and neo-imperialist, which goes hand in hand with the desire to control the world's resources, which do not belong to the USA, but rather to mankind and the citizens of the countries in which they are located.

Gone are the days when one could tame the wilderness with the gun and the bullet, civilizing savages and teaching them the power of the cross through acts of torture, rape and murder. In a civilized international community, there has to be a greater degree of balance in decision-making processes. To exclude a Latin American nation and to exclude Africa from the process is the same as telling the countries of these continents that they do not have the same rights as those who had the power to impose their will by force six decades ago.

It is not fair and therefore unjust to delay such a process and it is even more shocking to use the underhanded tool of filibustering to do so. Zero marks for Washington's foreign policy, yet again, for failing to match the feeling in the hearts and minds of the international community and for refusing to accept more democratic processes in decision-making.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

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