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New York 9/11 -- A New Pearl Harbor

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New York 9/11 -- A New Pearl Harbor

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Bacteriologist and Government Insider Claims Oklahoma City and 9/11 Both 'Inside Jobs'

Despite threats on his life, Dr. Bill Deagle went public after being told by credible sources U.S. government brought about Oklahoma City bombing and 9/11 tragedy.

5 Sep 2005

By Greg Szymanski


Dr. Bill Deagle has been on a government hit list more than once in his life, each time brushing it aside like a common cold. Each time instead of running, hiding and shutting his mouth like a good government hack, he stood his ground, refusing to give into threats and intimidation.


Dr. Deagle, instead of playing the game, did what’s right. He stood his ground, told the truth and defied the odds, since many other whistle blowers have been bumped-off for knowing a lot less.


And to say that Dr. Deagle “has heard too much about too many big things” is an understatement. However, to say that Dr. Deagle, heard some things implicating the government big time is not quite accurate.


It’s not quite accurate since it’s positively necessary to times the “big time” about what he knows by two and then, only then, is the statement even close to being correct.


So what really does the good doctor, a doctor who practices occupational medicine as a biochemist and bacteriologist while treating government employees exposed to radiation and toxic waste, have in his black bag that’s so damaging to the government? What is it that makes the government want to put a 45 caliber bullet through the good doctor’s heart?


Ask this: If you had solid information given to you by credible sources implicating the government conclusively in not only the Oklahoma City bombing but also 9/11, what would you do? Would you run and hide or would you talk?


What would you do if you had two bombshells laid on you in one lifetime when one is probably too much for any man to live with?


In 1995, when this question was posed to Dr. Deagle, he decided to take the high road and talk. He decided to try and alert the American people about the truth, no matter how dangerous.


And today 11 years later Dr. Deagle, who now chooses for safety reasons to live in Canada, is talking louder than ever, even taking his message to the radio air waves twice weekly on the Genesis truth radio network.


Although a media personality by nature, Dr. Deagle decided to do the show to reach more people with the truth and to keep in the public eye in order to stay alive. And knowing what Dr. Deagle knows, it’s a miracle he’s stayed alive this long.


Military Forensic Expert, On Bomb Site Within 24 Hours, Implicates Government In Oklahoma City


Dr. Deagle’s twist of fate that turned him into probably one of the most significant whistle blowers in modern times began about two months after the Oklahoma City bombing when he was treating one of the five government forensic experts in charge toxicology reports and cleaning up the Oklahoma City bomb site.


His “wake-up call to the truth,” as Dr. Deagle likes to call it, came when working at St. Francis Hospital for the Colorado Center of Occupational Medicine, while testing patients for respiratory issues related to chemical exposure.


During a routine check-up of one of the five bomb experts, one of them spilled the beans, telling Dr. Deagle a story that would change the course and direction of his life forever.


The patient, who Dr. Deagle has kept anonymous under the doctor-patient privilege, has since been court-martialed from the military.


“Most of the guys were pretty straight forward with their physical complaints, but this one man looked really frightened, acting like he wanted to tell me something,” said Dr. Deagle this week in an extended telephone conversation from his home in Nova Scotia.


After prodding the patient to open–up and checking a severe rash, the military forensic expert, who arrived at the Oklahoma bombing scene within 24 hours, finally came clean with his story about finding more than the remains of Timothy McVey’s fertilizer truck.


“He looked at me with this frightened look and finally came clean,” recalls Dr. Deagle about the routine check-up that turned into a confession about government complicity in the bombing. “He told me they removed two softball size micro-chip nukes as well as removing C-4 pineapples and many C-4 placer charges systematically put throughout the building.


“He said he had to tell somebody but feared he would be killed if this ever leaked out. He then went on to say that special FBI units placed the nuke charges in he building to bring it down as a plan to one day bring about martial law.”


Although Dr. Deagle will not give his name, he said the man was based at Ft. Carson in the military forensics unit and was in his late 30’s or early 40’s, adding he was under strict orders to keep his findings secret.


“He told me the building blew up from the inside out and the truck used by McVey was just a decoy,” said Dr. Deagle, who originally aired a partial account of his findings on the Alex Jones truth-radio show. “I remember him saying specifically that he was under orders to leave any radioactive materials in military quarantine or otherwise be shot.”


Since loose lips usually sink ships, word got out at Ft. Carson quickly about what Dr. Deagle learned from the forensic expert, who eventually was court-martialed. Dr. Deagle then was confronted by his supervising military physician, Air Force Maj. Dr. George Schwinder, who warned him he was in ‘big trouble.”


“My boss looked at me with a cynical doctor’s smile and said ‘you’re dead, Deagle,’” he recalls about a month after the tell-all session took place with the forensic expert. “At that point, I told him I had a hidden vault of information and I wouldn’t hesitate at going public if anyone tried to harm me or my family.


“Later they cut me a five-figure check and I was gone, but I remember telling them even if they killed me, I wasn’t going quietly.”


FBI Head of Bio-Terrorism Tells Dr. Deagle About 9/11 Government Plot in 1999


Three years past after the Ft. Carson incident, the government kept close tabs on Dr, Deagle, tapping his phone and committing other numerous violations of his constitutional privacy rights.


In 1999, he found himself in Denver working at the Rocky Mountain Occupational Medical Center, where he worked closely with the Center of Disease Control (CDC) examining patients, mostly from military facilities, who were exposed to radioactivity and plutonium in a highly contaminated area of Rocky Flats, Colorado.


Then in March of 2001 at a causal lunch during an infectious disease conference in Denver, a high-ranking FBI official, who perhaps had too much wine at lunch, told Dr. Deagle about months in advance about the scenario involving what occurred on 9/11.


“When 9/11 happened, I knew right away it was a government inside as I thought about what the head of bio-terrorism told me March,” said Dr. Deagle. “And, now years later, many of my military contacts have confirmed the Twin Towers were brought down by a controlled demolition with bombs being placed in the basements of both towers.


“It’s important to recognize that what Condaleeza Rice testified to was a lie. There were actual simulations and many warnings prior to 9//11 about airplanes being used to bring down the Twin Towers. If I knew this, how could she not know if she was the National Security Advisor at the time.


Dr. Deagle said he was tipped-off the U.S. government has a hand in bringing about 9/11 at the March 2001 Denver lunch with Jay Reddington, one of top government infectious disease specialist and the CDC FBI directors for bio-terrorism.


“My vessels were popping out of my neck when the FBI head told me there was a 95% chance there would be a large terrorist attack in the upcoming months, using jets as weapons in the Twin Towers,” said Dr. Deagle. “He kept talking about using nukes and dirty bombs to bring down the buildings.


“Of course, you have to remember this was pre-9/11 and during the course of this conversation, everything appeared to be speculation. However, looking back, he must have known something. I am sure of it. In fact, he was confirming at that time there was going to be a terrorist attack that would usher in martial law and the National ID card, which has subsequently been passed into law.


“Also, in February 2002 I went to a bio-terrorism conference in St. Louis and for three days I talked with Delta Force and special ops guys, all of them saying they know 9/11 was staged and that our own government was in control and pulling the strings of terrorism. They warned me that the next event was going to be a radiological event involving six major cities, including Chicago, Denver, Atlanta, Seattle, Boston and San Diego.


“I remember them mentioning those cities and that it would involve dirty bombs and that the suit case nukes already would be pre-placed in core areas of the cities with the help of Mossad agents.


“I want to emphasize that the same scenario was repeated over and over again and these men were angry as they talked how these rogues placed in positions of power were trying to bring about martial law through fear and terrorism. From what I’ve learned. I am almost sure there will be a radiological event within the next 6 to 24 months. ”


Dr. Deagle Continues to Pursue Truth, Knowing the U.S. Government Sponsors Terrorism with Martial Law on the Horizon


Since going public and trying to alert Americans about the truth, Dr. Deagle has moved to Canada for his own safety, but has continued to aggressively research matters concerning the neo-con plot to destroy America under the guise of the New World Order.


A meticulous researcher, Dr. Deagle uncovered the already functioning National ID data base center located at Falcon Air Force Base (renamed Shreevers Air Force Base) as well as an advanced and already functioning military operation to micro-chip all Americans.


Besides these two obvious unconstitutional and evasive measures which invade privacy, he said what disturbs him even more are the complicated and expansive system of underground tunnels and detainment facilities already existing throughout America.


“Something really bad is going to happen in America and that is why I moved my family to Canada,” said Dr. Deagle, who has also been harassed professionally by an organized group trying to black ball him from practicing medicine in Canada even though he holds a valid license in Colorado.


“Through my travels, I had a patient named John Fialla, who worked for the government in the tunnels and underground facilities which are in and around more than 132 U.S. cities and over 4,000 underground structures exist world wide.


“John became ill from working in facilities in Colorado and Mexico. He told me about things going on there, literally involving people from out of this world.”


Besides fearing the obvious use of the underground cities as detention centers, Fialla’s citing, confirmed by another Army Corp. of Engineers worker, Phil Schneider, who recently was found dead, may indicate the presence of an unexplainable malevolent alien presence.


“John said he saw a tall white creature over seven feet tall in one of the underground tunnels in Mexico,” said Dr. Deagle, who remains open-minded about Fialla’s claims, but is continuing to seek further verification, adding that several of the underground structures have been scientifically proven to be excavated more than 300,000 years ago.


Although Dr. Diebold was unaware of any further verification of “Tall Whites,” recently Charles Hall, a former Air Force weather observer, claims he made contact with similar looking tall white creatures while working in an isolated portion of the Nevada desert air force base in Indian Springs.


Hall told similar stories of how these “Tall White’s lived in underground facilities and communicated regularly with higher-ups in the military.


“The reason I started my radio show is to alert more people of what is really going onand to continue searching for truth no matter where it leads,” said Dr. Deagle, adding that he is not worried about destroying his credibility over mentioning the words alien presence.


“We all know Bush is a soft puppet and Cheney is a bull dog. And going up the feed chain we have the international bankers who are pulling the New World Order strings. Now, no one can be sure about the presence of these alien malevolent beings living underground, but if the truth leads in that direction, then so be it.”


Greg Szymanski



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