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United States Is Actively
Engaged In War Crimes
And Polluting With Nuclear Materials

By Karl W B Schwarz

Today, I am going to address a subject that is as touchy as anti-Semitism and over time is going to be a very painful realization that the citizens of this Republic will have to face. Americans do not like to have to come to grips with the fact that this nation is not always right, our policies are not always honorable, and our actions in war are not always defending Liberty and Freedom. Sometimes what is done in our name is so horrible they do not want you to know about it.

Imagine that, coming from a person that is not anti-war, but does see wrong for what it is. No amount of spin can convert a wrong act into something decent and honorable.

The major media sources in the United States have failed (what's new) to report to Americans many things related to 9-11, Afghanistan, why they have silenced FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, and Iraq. Even this entire Global War on Terror, or GWOT, is farcical if you analyze it from top to bottom. They have even failed to report that there is a Balkan War Syndrome as well as the Gulf War Syndrome. They have failed to report that there is now an Afghanistan Syndrome and even an Iraqi Freedom Syndrome as a result of the current Iraq fiasco.

The media has failed to report that we have left behind deadly radiation that is exposing people in the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq and our soldiers to very high levels of deadly radiation and nuclear molecules.

Some times it is hard to admit that we have leaders in Washington, DC that have no conscience, no morals, no integrity, no humaneness. What they do in our name, as if they were doing us all a favor, turns to true tragedy and they just keep on as business as usual in our national capital.

In a previous email I disclosed that I was contacted by Dr. Mohammed Daud Miraki, PhD. He shared with me the findings of experts that have taken soil samples in Afghanistan and had them tested in well known and recognized laboratories. One is in Canada and the U.S. called the UMRC, or Uranium Medical Research Center and they have been monitoring and researching those US and Canadian troops exposed to DU in Desert Storm, the Balkans, Afghanistan and this current escapade into Iraq by George W. Bush. I would like to attach all of those reports so you can read but they are large and only go to prove what I am saying in this email is horribly true.

Remember when Canada joined us in the Desert Storm, the Balkans and then Afghanistan, and then refused to join the US in the Bush II war that was dubbed Iraqi Freedom? Everything happens for a reason and part of that reason is the findings that UMRC has uncovered in its research. Part of it was due to Bush Lies about WMD, imminent threat and Al Qaeda, but part of it was because the Canadian soldiers have been exposed to some things the U.S. it trying to keep quiet. Those Canadians that served in the coalitions are now coming down with major illnesses and life long problems. Some of them are even no longer with us because what they were exposed to is deadly and can kill quite quickly. I remember well the Bush Administration painting Canada as not being a good neighbor and good ally, but that is only what you heard on CNN and FOXNews or come out of the mouths of Bush, Cheney, Rice, et al. No one down here bothered to report that the results are mounting quickly that our use of DU weapons is condemning our troops, those of other nations and the civilian populations of the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq to thousands of years of toxic nuclear waste nightmares.

What they found was very disturbing to me.

Imagine getting pregnant and both the husband and wife are filled with joy of a child coming into their lives.

Imagine the shock and horror when you get faced with the realities of US military policy and its use of DU weapons. This is a photo of a child in Iraq. The photos of those in Afghanistan will be in our hands very soon and I have heard they are as bad and even worse.

Imagine watching your child grow and all of the hope you had in your heart turned slowly into a nightmare and eventually to death.

Look at what we do in the name of liberty and freedom and then hide the results of our actions. It is no secret that birth defects and toxic nuclear radiation are directly related.

The United States used DU weapons (depleted uranium) in Afghanistan when there were little or no armored vehicles to dispose of in that invasion. The Taliban had no significant armored forces. DU weapons were created as anti-armor weapons. They have found DU in the soil samples in Afghanistan, in the drinking water and in human bodies. They have also found non-depleted uranium, very lethal and toxic and is strictly man-made. It is known to produce grotesque birth defects and that can occur when either the man or the woman have been exposed to DU or non-depleted uranium. However, they found something else.

When I learned that they found non-depleted uranium my first questions was whether or not it was indigenous or naturally occurring in that area. Maybe it could have been, so I asked.

The answer that I got was not what I expected. In addition to finding non-depleted uranium they have also found plutonium and U-236 that are both made in nuclear reactors and are not naturally occurring in nature. That [U-236] and plutonium are man-made elements and only possible in nuclear reactors. The United States has lots of plutonium and U-236 as a result of our weapons program and our nuclear power plants.

In making their DU bombs evidently they do not care if deadly U-236 and Plutonium Pl-239 are left in the DU. It could be removed but that would entail more work and cutting into someone's profit margin.

Evidently, our government has used bunker buster bombs that had DU in them but also had non-depleted uranium U-236 and plutonium [Pl-239] as well. That is no laughing matter. It is easily classified as a crime against the environment and the people living in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq, but it is also easily classified as a crime against humanity that will affect men, women and children far into the future in Afghanistan and other areas we imperially use DU weapons that are not completely depleted uranium. They are finding U-236 and Plutonium too and neither occurs naturally in nature so it is not the result of uranium being in Afghanistan or there as a result of mining operations. No, this deadly stuff we imported into the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq because our leaders in Washington DC do not care a wit about other people or even our soldiers that have been exposed to this deadly stuff. Our defense contractors care more about the profits and not about leaving a legacy of environmental and human damage that can last for millions of years.

Too few Americans know that a criminal tribunal was assembled in Japan to hear the evidence regarding our use of DU weapons in Afghanistan. That is another matter the US media failed to tell you about. They also failed to tell you that the United States and George W. Bush have been convicted by the evidence presented in this Tribunal of War Crimes.

If you did not know that, don't feel bad about it. Just get mad as Hell about it and start thinking about Regime Change in Washington, DC.

The International Criminal Tribunal For Afghanistan

December 14, 2003


Case NO. 2003-01 2003-02
Prosecutors vs. George W Bush

Result of the Survey of UMRC (Evidences Nos. 120, 190, 191)
1. Asaf Durakovic, an expert on Nuclear Medicine and Radiology, adviser of all American scientists, became in charge of the nuclear medical clinic created by the US Veterans Administration after the Gulf War, established the Uranium Medical Research Center (UMRC), an independent organization with offices in the United States and Canada, and for the past number of years, has continued to examine cases of depleted uranium contamination of civilians and soldiers in the US, UK and Canada.

The two medical teams of the UMRC, immediately after the hostilities in 2001~2002, conducted investigations in Afghanistan. The first team arrived in June 2002, and made a survey intensively in the region of Jalalabad. The second team conducted their wide-ranging investigations in areas including Kabul for 4 months after that. The fact-finding team collected samples of urine and soil during their survey and took them home and analyzed their contents

The result publicly announced by the UMRC of the above-mentioned survey was rather shocking.

2. To wit, the samples taken from the examinees in Jalalabad, Kabul revealed 20~200 times of uranium far more than the normal average of ordinary residents. This proved the extremely high level of uranium contamination. (Exhibit 190.191).

Also, the result of analyzing the uranium isotopes collected from these samples revealed that the composition of the isotope was about 99.27% of U238 and about 0.0054 0.72% of U236 including 0.72% of U235, and not only that, it also became clear that it also a miniscule amount of U236 (Evidence No. 120).

This uranium 236 is not found in nature, as it is a substance that has been genetically formed artificially by plutonium extraction process.

Thus, regarding this contamination, one cannot evade the issue by saying that it is "natural uranium." This is the "dirty depleted uranium" that was produced by extraction process of plutonium at the nuclear weapon factory in Boulder, Colorado, etc., and there is no better proof than this to prove that The U.S. has used this "dirty depleted uranium."

As previously stated, this variety of depleted uranium made from spent nuclear fuel, compared to depleted uranium made from natural uranium, it has a high property of 0.15% gross activity quantity and 0.5% alpha-ray quantity.

Accordingly, the depleted uranium contamination in Afghanistan, compared to the casualties so far of depleted uranium made from natural uranium, has much, much more serious consequences and the hazards are extremely high.

I think most Americans have heard about Gulf War Syndrome that has developed as a result of the actions of George H W Bush and the use of such weapons in Desert Storm.

I do not want to hear any more Progressives whine about how Clinton was so strong on the environment and Bush is not. When Clinton decided to attempt Regime Change from 20,000 feet in the Balkans they used DU weapons and have exposed millions of people to deadly DU and even deadlier highly toxic U-236 and Plutonium.PL-239. If you recall all that was going on while the Monica Lewinsky matter was in the courts and Slick Willie was out playing Wag the Dog to deflect attention from his sins. No, this is no environmental president. Millions have been exposed and tens of thousands or maybe millions will die as a result of such gross criminal negligence.

As an environmental, foreign policy and domestic policy president, George W. Bush is a complete disaster. However, Bill Clinton does not have clean hands when you consider the Balkans and the continued bombing of Iraq during the UN sanctions to attempt regime change in that nation too. Each time we bombed we polluted the environment even more.

To step back in time, and to demonstrate yet another time and in another way that George H W Bush, Clinton and George W Bush are equally sleazy, I am going to share with you a story from 1992 that our media and our government has also not told you about.

My ex-wife came down with a strange illness in 1992. At first they thought it was carpal tunnel syndrome but it then got worse. The doctors referred her to a diagnostic clinic and they ran test. At first they thought she had rheumatoid arthritis, then lupus and then fibromyalgia. Her doctor was suddenly called up by the military and was sent to the Gulf Region. When he retuned months later he apologized for not being able to see her and continue the medical work, but told us a story that did not add up until many years later when I was writing One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas.

Approximately one-half of the USS America carrier task force had suddenly come down with arthritic symptoms. Feet so painful they could not walk, sore backs, aching knees where some pilots could not get in or out of the jet fighters. Crews could not bend to attach rockets and bombs to the jets. He was perplexed at the time, but over time it is now known that those sailors were given a bad batch of the anthrax vaccine. It is now known that there is a direct link between that anthrax vaccine and amyloidosis, deep vein thrombosis, and other ailments that they are generalizing as Gulf War Syndrome. Each of those conditions can be confused with arthritis like symptoms early on. There are over 100 different types of arthritis, but over time they learned that these sailors who never set foot in Iraq at all were coming down with Gulf War Syndrome too. If you consider this group of sailors and Navy pilots as a control group that never set foot in Iraq, it is a little easier to understand that it was not some biological weapon that Saddam Hussein used on our troops. It is a bio-terror weapon we inflicted upon ourselves.

They knew all of this back in 1991 and 1992, yet in 2002 and 2003 the current Bush Administration kept pumping this poison into our troops.

Those same symptoms are seen at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany almost every day by the army doctors and nurses based there. As a result of Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom, over 1 million U.S and coalition soldiers have been given an anthrax vaccine that CIDRAP has deemed as harmful to the health of our soldiers. Why would our Commander-in-Chief allow our troops to be given something that undermines the strength of our military? The correct answer is -- some insider is making a lot of money and the health of our troops is not going to let profits from being made. I call it treason and criminal negligence and willfully causing harm to the health of many Americans.

They do not ever admit or report that the anthrax vaccine that is causing so many problems is not even designed to protect against the known types of weaponized anthrax. In short, it is useless except for someone to make a lot of money and maybe a larger strategy of undermining the health of our armed forces.

There is a group of soldiers and even UN personnel suffering from Balkan Syndrome.

It is no secret that Gulf War Syndrome is man-made and they are trying to hide that. Many of the soldiers that served in Desert Storm are now prematurely dead or suffering life-long chronic health problems. They do not want you to know that.

It is being kept a secret that our soldiers are having health problems due to DU exposure, anthrax vaccine and other matters relating to Iraq. I interviewed army doctors and nurses about the orders they were given to hide certain medical realities and findings.

I recently read where the new Bird Flu vaccine has 20-200 times the acceptable levels of mercury, an element known to create very serious health problems. This is the same vaccine they want us all to take due to the Bird Fly hysteria they are generating. On the other hand, I also read where they will only have 20 million doses at a cost to US taxpayers of $2.0 billion, or $100 per shot. That article said that the effort to get those 20 million doses were only for "essential personnel" which probably does not include you and me. If that does not tell you that it is all about them and you do not matter, it should scream out loudly how these elitist snobs view themselves versus how they view you and the average American citizen. I for one would not mind if they self-inflict damage to themselves for a change and go ahead and take that vaccine that has unacceptable levels of mercury. Then maybe they would wake up and do something about it.

The peoples of the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq -- and even Kuwait since we bombed that nation to push Iraq out, are having health problems as a direct result of being exposed to DU, highly toxic U-236 and Plutonium.

First ask yourself -- "Why are they keeping it quiet about our soldiers being exposed to DU, U-236 and Plutonium?"

Next ask -- "Why are they keeping it quiet that this nation has exposed millions of civilians and hundreds of thousands of our troops to DU, U-236 and Plutonium?"

Next ask -- "Why is this poisoning of the environment in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq being kept quiet by the media?"

Nest ask -- "This same poisoning of our environment in the U.S. is occurring with deadly radioactive waste, so why is the media not telling us about that?"

Next ask -- "Why have they not reported that the U.S. and George W. Bush were found guilty of war crimes in Afghanistan?" That is a reflection on you as a U.S. citizen and on the Nation as a whole.

What we are talking about here is gross criminal negligence, so why are they not reporting on it?

Sadly, it gets worse because they are also not reporting that this same type of deadly poison is polluting our nation as well.

I was on the air one day with John Stadtmiller for 2 hours on his National Intel Report. A lady called in from South Carolina during the Listener Call-in segment of the show and what she dropped was some disclosure. She lives near the Savannah River Nuclear Storage facility where they store nuclear waste in above ground containers. Somewhat like oil storage tanks where clusters of above ground storage are put in the same area of land. The plutonium waste tanks are leaking plutonium waste into the drinking water (the aquifer) and the river in and around Savannah. The government has known about this for some time, yet they dragged their feet on getting anything done to remedy the problem.

This is no minor issue. Plutonium is one of the most deadly and toxic substances that has ever been created and U-236 is about as deadly.

When I dug deeper into what this caller was telling me and Stadtmiller I found that we have many nuclear weapons and nuclear fuel sites that have leeched deadly toxic nuclear waste into rivers and streams, into the air and soil and into the water aquifers many cities and towns rely on for drinking water. There are least twelve (12) US facilities that have leaked deadly nuclear waste into our rivers and aquifers, polluted our air and continue to pose a major health risk to anyone living on those areas. If it is in the air and soil, it is also getting into our food supplies in some areas.

Do they ever tell the local citizens that the drinking water is deadly?

Rarely and even then the media does not pick up on it and stay on it until Washington, DC is forced to face up to their gross criminal negligence, here or abroad.

It is little wonder to me that many foreigners think Americans are complete idiots since the peoples of other nations know about this DU poisoning of the environment and millions of people in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq. They sense that since we do not talk about it, it is not on our news, and we do not take action to put a halt to it, we are implicitly condoning what is being done by the U.S. government.

Dr. Miraki set up a 501(c)(3) and attempted to raise funds to research, prove the extent of the problem in Afghanistan, and deliver remedial services to try to stem this biological and environmental nightmare. To his dismay, Americans were not responsive to doing anything about it.

He contacted me because I was running for President and he hoped that I would do something about it. I would, but I learned that while Americans are thirsting for information they are not thirsting to get directly involved in the battles that have to be fought, and won.

We put out a call earlier this year for candidates to run for all U.S. House seats and the 33 US Senate seats that are up for re-election. Nationwide we had two responses.

I have said it many times publicly that the problem is both sides of the aisle and both sides are owned by the same special interests. Those special interests are adverse to what is best for you and me, but that does not matter in D.C.

Knowing that Regime Change is what is needed in Washington, DC, it is imperative that such a change from RNC and DNC control has to happen starting in 2006. Otherwise, if conditions permit that a Third Party candidate can take the White House in 2008, a distinct possibility by the way, he or she could not get anything done with the RNC and DNC thugs firmly in control of Congress. To behead this beast, it will take control of the House, Senate and White House in the hands of quality people other than RNC and DNC candidates. The only other possibility is to find RNC and DNC candidates that would buck the ideologies of their own parties and that is both unlikely and something that a person like me cannot hold their breath waiting for it to happen.

Criminal negligence is not a sign of greatness.

One of our nanotechnology divisions will spin off next year and it produces a novel way of cleaning the air and water using nanotech filters. We have committed to Dr. Miraki that Patmos Nanotechnologies, LLC will deploy its knowledge and technology to see if things can be improved in the Balkans, Afghanistan, and Iraq. But the more fundamental issue is -- watch the U.S. government try to stop us from doing that. Since the bulk of our scientists are not U.S. and controllable by this evil government, we can work on solutions to things our government does not want you to know about.

Our nanofilter division is actually going to spin-off as three separate companies that specialize in air filtration, domestic water filtration for home and office and a separate division for addressing industrial and municipal water supply pollution. We might also provide needed capital to address this matter in the manner it should be addressed, there where the nuclear pollution is and here where they try to hide it from you.

It might not be the most profitable thing to do, but I know in my heart that it is the right thing to do.

They want secrets so they can appear to have clean hands, but I know they do not have clean hands. The evidence is overwhelming that our leaders do not have clean hands or any honor in them.

As I was closing, a friend from Pennsylvania sent me an article where a Marine commander is speaking out. He is a Dartmouth graduate and a very bright man. I finish with what he recently had to say with excerpts from the article: You might want to read the entire article if you have time.

Ex-Marine leader poses hard questions about war

The Post and Courier

Within the first days of the invasion in 2003, the U.S. military dropped leaflets in Iraq: "Surrender and be part of the new Iraq."
"It was a brilliant success," said Nathaniel Fick, a former Marine commander who participated in that first campaign.

The military is made up of individuals who are overwhelmingly conservative and predominantly Republican, he notes. "And that's a problem."

When most people in an organization share the same view, the world is seen in terms that are too absolute, he said.

Fick, who worked with Canadian, British, Australian and German forces, said he had the sense that they were more diverse politically and economically than the U.S. military.

This diversity encourages a nuanced interpretation of world events, he said.

Perhaps the biggest risk is represented by a largely apathetic public.

"People don't care about it because it doesn't touch them," he said.

The vast majority of Americans have made no sacrifice or investment in the Afghan and Iraqi wars. Instead of asking them to turn in metal objects to the government or reduce their consumption of gasoline, President Bush merely encouraged more consumerism, Fick said in an interview.

"Americans were told to keep shopping!"

"What's important to me is that we're not apathetic about it," he said. "I have more sympathy with the anti-war protesters, at least they're involved. My gripe is with the apathetic middle."

Such is America in this year of 2005, a line officer of the US Marine Corps who is concerned about the "pathetic middle". The US government knows that as long as 71 million eligible US voters do not vote, and the apathetic middle does not come out of their "life pigeon holes", they can keep on killing, polluting, covering up everything from 9-11, to nuclear pollution here and abroad, and just about anything they want to do and cover up.

Afghanistan happened as a result of 9-11 and very few of the purported 9-11 Truth Movement leaders have said a word about what you have just read, or worse, will ever do anything about it.

Best regards,

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