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International Law - Crimes Against Humanity: Radiation Poisoning

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Depleted Uranium: Dirty Bombs, Dirty Missiles, Dirty Bullets - A Death Sentence Here and Abroad

Extreme Birth Deformities From Depleted Uranium

Soaring Birth Deformities And Child Cancer Rates In Iraq

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More Links Regarding Depleted Uranium
nobody can claim there was no information available regarding the horrable effects of the use of Depleted Uranium
It's dirty, it's deadly and soon it will be everywhere.
When you coat a shell with it, it slices through armoured plating as if it was cheese, turning tanks, buildings and bomb shelters into exploding incinerators.
It causes cancer among people who breathe its dust, or touch it.
It causes horrible birth defects among the babies of pregnant women who breathe it or touch it.
It causes a host of chronic ailments and sicknesses among returning troops.

It was used by the US army in Iraq, in Kosovo and Afghanistan and again in Iraq.

The United Nations wants a worldwide ban on it.

The US plans to use it again, in its upcoming war on Iran or North Korea or wherever the next preemptive war will take place.

What is it?

It's a waste product that arises during the production of enriched uranium for nuclear weapons and reactors.

It's called depleted uranium.

It has a radioactive half-life of 4.5 billion years. The Earth is 4.5 billion years old.

This means that the cities, battlefields, and locations where depleted uranium is used will be radioactive and remain radioactive for the next 4.5 billion years.

That's as long as the Earth has existed.
That's twice as long as the entire evolution of life on Earth.

Seventy times longer than the time since the dinosaurs became extinct.

And then there's the birth defects.

Children born with fingers missing.
Children born with legs missing.
Children born with parts of their face missing.
Children born with their eyes missing.
Children born with grossly deformed skulls.
Children born with enormous distended bellies.
Children born with no hands.
Children born with no genitals.
Children born with no skin over their bellies.
Children born with open holes in their backs.
Children born whose bodies are beyond words, in their pitiful awfulness.

...and nobody can predict the effects to the following 146 generations.
Will they still look like humans?
It might be your grandchild asking you one future day
"Didn't you do anything to stop this horrable madness?"
Get informed - for the wellbeing of future generations is our responsibility!
There won't be a stop to the use of depleted uranium unless we stand together, work together, pray together and call out together to stop it and to outlaw depleted uranium forever, as the United Nations has recommended.
Otherwise, it might become the death bell for all life on our planet.  

Four and a half billion years

or 4.500.000.000 years

(parts of the obove taken from HORRORS OF DEPLETED URANIUM By Guy Dauncey. Read it in full!)


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