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Arrest On Sight -
Ariel Sharon, Sociopath
By Barry Chamish
Watching a National Geographic documentary called The Truth About Killing, I learned that during WW2, the American army was distressed to learn that only 2% of its combat soldiers shot to kill. This statistic was confirmed in numerous studies after the war. Even in combat, 98% of humanity is not capable of killing their fellow man. The 2% who are capable, are clinical sociopaths.

Half of these sociopaths will only kill if convinced they are doing the right thing. The other half kill for the love of it. Ariel Sharon falls into the second category. A sociopath is defined as someone without empathy for humanity, who has no concept of inflicting misery. Sociopaths are society's violent criminal class and are only admired in wartime.

Sharon's whole life has been sociopathic. A leader of Unit 101 in the 1950s, his task was to lead retaliatory raids after Arab terror attacks. He was severely reprimanded for leading a massacre of a Jordanian village, during which, legend tells, he personally slaughtered over 50 villagers.

During the Lebanon War, Defence Minister Sharon permitted a force of Christian militia to run amok in Sabra and Shatilla from Friday to Monday morning. He knew exactly what the force would do, knew when they were doing it and permitted 800 people to be slaughtered.

There isn't an Israeli who doesn't suspect the deaths of his first wife and his son. The sociopath desired to marry his first wife's sister, so she had to go. Those who don't suspect foul play simply believe, "He drove her to suicide."

Of his total lack of empathy, in 1982 the IDF needed the cruelest general it had to remove the unwilling residents of Yamit from their homes in the Sinai. Apparently he was more than merely the first choice. No one else was even considered for the task.

Certain characteristics pervade all sociopaths. First, they lie without conscience. In fact, they cannot tell the difference between truth and lies. Sharon's long history of lying can be summed up in Menachem Begin's famous observation of Sharon's leadership during the Lebanon War:

"If I want to know what Sharon is really doing, I have to read it in tomorrow's papers."

Even Sharon's allies in the rape of Gush Katif know he is a pathological liar:

Extreme left-wing MK Zahava Gal'on (Meretz-Yachad):

"There is no better guarantee that we will leave a certain place than when Sharon says that we will remain there forever. He also said that about Netzarim, when he said that Netzarim's future is like that of Tel Aviv."

Another characteristic of sociopaths is that they are bullies. Here is A Portrait Of The Young Sociopath:

MK Tzvi Hendel (National Union), a resident of Gush Katif and one of Sharon's most bitter opponents, said, "Sharon is a liar. He knows that the only one who can lead to a civil war is he himself."

Hendel's words received strong backing this week - from a man who himself suffered from Sharon's ideological-based violence. It occurred during the period known as the Saison of the mid-1940's, when left-wing Haganah activists pursued and beat up nationalist Etzel and Lechi activists, and others even turned them over to the hated ruling British forces.

Speaking with Arutz-7's Shimon Cohen, Ben-Ami Zamir, who is today a member of the Likud Party Bureau, gave the following harrowing account:

"I was given the mission of establishing an Etzel cell in our moshavah [townlet] of Magdiel, and I did so. I gathered some youths in our cafe, and I would often give shelter to Etzel men who needed to hide from the British police. Everyone knew everyone, and it was known that I was an Etzel man, as were all my neighbors; residents of the surrounding moshavim were rival Haganah people."

One of these towns was Kfar Malal, home to young Ariel "Arik" Sharon. "One Motzaei Shabbat [Saturday night], a truck arrived at the cafe, and out of it jumped a group of uniformed Haganah men, led by Ariel Sharon holding a hoe-handle. We knew him in the area as someone who always holds a hoe-handle to catch Etzel and Lechi people. They tried to break into the cafe, which was still closed because of the Sabbath. I came close to him, and he said, 'Give me some soda,' and pointed to a box of drinks on the ground. I bent down to the bottles, and then he picked up his arm and smashed me with all his might with the hoe-handle. My head was covered in blood, which dripped down all over me."

Zamir said that a fight ensued, and "for ten minutes, they destroyed everything they could... The next morning, I went to the Sharon home... His mother came out, saw me all bandaged up and immediately realized what was going on. I asked where Arik was, and she said he wasn't home. I said that if I would see him, I would get him. Later people in Kfar Malal told me that he was afraid to go home. We didn't see him again in Magdiel."

Zamir said that this was not the only violent incident against Etzel people in which Sharon was involved. He noted specifically the case of someone named Hayuma, who died six months ago, whose arm was broken by Sharon's gang.

Zamir's story was publicized 15 years ago by Yediot Acharonot reporter Shlomo Nakdimon. That article also quoted similar testimony by Etzel member Daniel Basamnik. "

Now what happens when a sociopath is used by much bigger sociopaths ruling Europe and America? He gets to wreck the foundations of his nation.

Let's look at some highlights of just the last five days (July 22- 27/05):

Friday, July 22 - Banner headline in the country's biggest-circulation paper, Yediot Ahronot. Youth Oppose Disengagement. A survey conducted by the paper discovered that almost 80% of Israelis between the ages of 15-18 are in favor of soldiers disobeying orders to evacuate Gush Katif.

Within three years, almost all of these youths will be in the IDF, a tremendous formula for military chaos.

The next night, a Jerusalem couple were murdered by Arabs at Kissufim Junction, the entrance to Gush Katif. Immediately the country was asking how that could have happened in the most tightly guarded post in the land. If Jews can't get through to their friends in Gush Katif, how did Arabs successfully infiltrate?

The next day, on the evening news, the IDF's commander of the southern Region, one of the highest-ranking generals in the land, visited the scene of the crime. He was surrounded by a mob accusing him of deliberately letting the Arabs do the killing. That is how IDF generals are treated today.

The next item on the news was a brave lieutenant at Kissufim who refused to obey IDF orders, telling the nation they are immoral.

And the nation rooted for him.

The week before, I was among the crowd at Kfar Maimon surrounded by thousands of soldiers. For the first time ever, I viewed those wearing the IDF uniform as my enemy. I had served 13 years of regular and reserve service in that uniform but I wouldn't talk with anyone wearing it that day.

Sharon is planning to use 55,000 IDF soldiers to drag Jews in Gush Katif by their hair onto trucks. When that day comes, my children will never serve in the IDF. My son is just three years away from the draft, and we are discussing the strategies we will use to keep him from ever wearing the sullied uniform of an enemy army. And that is what the IDF will become; an enemy of the Jews. Throughout the country, fathers are having the same discussion with their children. The sociopath Sharon has torn the fabric of the country into shreds and will wreck the army without remorse.

When the pillage of Gush Katif ends, families throughout the land will decide that they'd rather be overrun by the Arabs than have their children disgrace themselves by being seen in an IDF uniform.

Twice a day, people write me asking if they should make aliyah to Israel. I answer simply: If Gush Katif survives, come and build our future. If our own army destroys the lives of the Jews who call it home, stay away. Israel is now poison to the Jews.

end part one


Collected below is information on crimes against Israel and humanity by the criminal sociopaths. My correspondents have sent them to me recently. With occasional writing slips intact, I'll let them speak for themselves, with the odd comment by me in bold.

Sharon´s Friend to Build Casino in Gaza Monday, July 25, 2005 / 18 Tammuz 5765

"GAS DEPOSITS OFF ISRAEL AND GAZA OPENING VISIONS OF JOINT VENTURES" " New York Times headline, September 15, 2000 "Drilling deep below the seas off Israel and the Gaza Strip, foreign energy companies are discovering gas reserves that could lift the Palestinian economy and give Israel its first taste of energy independence. Industry experts, including those on this giant platform, say the Palestinians and Israelis will both profit if they can work together in a high-stakes partnership. They need each other for the efficient development of these offshore reserves, since neither side alone can fully afford the billion-dollar investment in pipelines and pumping facilities that is being sketched out, the experts says..Some three to five trillion cubic feet of proven gas reserves [have been found].and there may be more." " New York Times story by William A. Orme, September 15, 2000


* Note: Joseph Maiman paid for Shimon Peres' lavish 80th birthday bash.

"PEACE TALKS BREATHE NEW LIFE INTO GAZA GAS PROJECT" " Wall Street Journal headline, July 14, 2003 BG calls off sale of Gaza gas field to Israeli company 23-06-03 British Gas (BG) has called off a deal to sell one third of its offshore natural gas concession in Gaza to Israel's Merhav Group. Under the proposal, BG was to hand over a portion of its Palestinian gas field to Merhav in exchange for the Israeli company's assistance in arranging the supply of the Palestinian gas to Israel and Egypt. According to BG, Merhav's President Joseph Maiman was demanding a third of the Gaza concession "without payment. We decided not to surrender to his demands, since he offered nothing in exchange, except to use his connections with and influence on decision-makers," it was reported. As part of a wider project for building a gas pipeline from Egypt to Turkey to bring Egyptian gas to Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan, the two firms held preliminary negotiations last year to cooperate in supplying natural gas to the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) under Merhav's 15-year contract valued at $ 150 mm. A final agreement was based on an Egyptian conditionthat would oblige Israel to purchase gas from Gaza in partnership with the Palestinian Authority. As a result, Israel would buy natural gas only from the Gaza fields and BG would participate in Merhav's IEC contract.


Israel to Run New High Tension Electric Line to Boost Power to Gaza 11:20 Jul 08, '05 / 1 Tammuz 5765

) The existing electric grid in Gaza will be left behind by Israel for future use by the Palestinian Authority (PA). Officials report that in addition, a new high-tension line will be established from Netivot to northern Gaza, at a cost of hundreds of millions of shekels, to improve the PA,s electric grid.



Barry Chamish successfully blasted into the Israeli public consciousness the insidiousness of the government plan to turn Jewish homes in Gaza into an Arab resort. So now Condoleeza Rice has descended upon the scene and announced this week, in a presumed gesture of peace, that to avoid any controversy, the Israelis and the Palestinians have agreed to remove homes of settlers in the Gaza Strip after the planned pullout from the territory: "Israel and the Palestinian (National) Authority agree that the settler homes in Gaza should be removed. Therefore, the parties will work toward a plan for destruction and clean up," Rice told reporters. We're talking about millions of dollars of prime modern housing, paid for with American loans -- not to mention millions in industrial greenhouses and factories. This adds insult to injury to the settlers forced to leave without anywhere to live. Rice also claimed that the two sides have agreed to ensure a peaceful pullout process. This claim was blown to pieces in the first few minutes of the summit between PA Prime Minister Abbas and Israeli PM Sharon.


Rice says Quartet to expand with Egypt, Saudi Arabia 2005-06-22 19:56:59

CAIRO, June 22 (Xinhuanet) -- US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has said the international Quartet on Mideast peace will expand to a sextet with the accession of Egypt


Hey Barry,

Check this out from the POST. Bush back at 1949 armistice lines!? He said that any final-status agreement must be reached between the two parties, and changes to the 1949 Armistice lines must be mutually agreed to. A viable two-state solution must ensure contiguity of the West Bank, and a state of scattered territories will not work, he stressed.

* ( Jerusalem's Malcha Mall tonight implemented a new policy, instructing security personnel to prevent anyone from entering if displaying an orange ribbon or any other sign of solidarity with Gush Katif and northern Shomron residents. Mall operators are following the lead of Israel Police, which has been prohibiting entry into areas such as the Western Wall with orange ribbons and tee-shirts. The same holds true in Knesset where visitors have been instructed to remove orange garments in order to be permitted entry into the parliament building.

* Barry,

You must recall that a few years ago Yossi Belin reached a so-called deal with the World Bank for all of the Jewish homes in YESHA. The concept was that the World Bank would buy the homes of the Jews and $50,000 each and then re-sell them to the Arabs and very likely the returning refugees. The question is how would the Arabs pay for the houses. No problem, the World Bank would simply give them mortgages.


07:10) New open-fire rules for disengagement

Israel Police Sunday approved new open-fire rules for use during this summer's planned evacuation of Jewish residents from their homes in Gaza and northern Samaria, Israel Radio reported. Police officers will now be allowed to open fire on settlers they feel are endangering their lives. [from Jerusalem News Wire WebSite ]


A few times a week, people phone me to tell me they met non-Hebrew speakers in IDF uniforms, suppressing dissent. A lady in Netanya gave the latest call. Her soldier's only Hebrew words were, "I am a soldier." A similar encounter occurred in Tsfat.

I spoke to some of the special forces that were at the demo, and I wanted to give them a bracha that they would be given by Hashem a better understanding of what is going on in the land and what they are doing...I spoke in english and then in hebrew, and the men (in particular, one with blond hair and light-colored eyes) did not seem to understand me. Or at least did not respond in any way at all when I asked them to say amen to the bracha. I repeated my bracha, and then the one with blonde hair answered me in fluent spanish.

Again, I said all I wanted to hear from them was "amen". And then the man standing next to the blonde one said in Hebrew, "all you want is for us to say amen?" and I said "yes". Then the Hebrew speaker said amen, the blonde haired man followed suit, and that was the end of it.

This was written up in some reports of the demo...

It did seem that the blonde soldier did not understand Hebrew, but it could have been other things also...he could have been on the defensive as a member of special forces of the police being spoken to by a demonstrator and not wanting to answer at all...he could have been making a joke by answering in Spanish, it is very difficult to tell for sure. To take that event and say that forces from spain beat up people in Safed is a jump that may or may not be true.

* Did you know that Uri Elitzur's Nekuda and Hanan Porat's Me'at Min haOr are both owned Makor Rishon, and thus by the CFR's Ronald Lauder?


And publicize the real story behind Boomerang (an attempt to divert attention) - even if the authors fell into it innocently, the media is making a big deal purposely to stop people from realizing that the CFR and similar groups are behind Bush, Sharon and the PLO. (Notice that you didn't get coverage anywhere near Boomerang though the Rabin killing was much more important to the average Israeli than the Fat Man's motives).


Have any of you ever heard that Ariel Sharon was not Jewish? There was a rather large article in a Jewish Religious paper Sh 'ah Tova Hahadashot written around April 22, 2005, the day before Pesach, that referred to his mothers death 17 years ago and that she was from Russia and was not Jewish.



I just spoke to someone living in a tent in Shirat Hayam. He recently moved there with his wife and family. He had high hopes that the YESHA leaders would be effective in turning the tide in favor of the residents of Gush Katif. Today he is despondent beyond words. Yesha leadership has miserably failed the settler enterprise. He said "I am a freier, people come from all over the country to gauk at the brave souls in Shirat Hayam and we all feel like the freak sideshow in the circus. The Yesha leaders blew it big time. The had the opportunity to enter Gush Katif when there were only 5000 troops against tens of thousands of demonstrators. Why did they hesitate? They should have acted more decisively. Didn't they know that police and military force would multiply? There had to have been a sellout (payoff?). Whatever it was, the price was too high. The whole effort was a colossal waste of time and money. This failure, which was perpetrated by the YESHA may have spelled the death of the State of Israel as a Jewish State. I'm going back home." Is there anyone out there with some advice that I can give to this disillusioned father? I, personally, am at a loss for words. Now, the Yesha leaders are saying "go back home, rest up, and we start afresh next week". How naive these so called leaders are. Do they honestly believe that the marchers of this week will trust their judgment ever again. Logic dictates that a miniscule of this weeks demonstrators will return. YESHA leaders, you are embarassment to us. We don't need you anymore. You should retire and live on the Rivera. Perhaps, in this way a new breed of Yesha leaders will emerge to take up the cudgels and do what must be done. Gesh

* My observations (Ira)

The Moetzet Yesha leadership failed rather spectacularly. The "leaders" of the Petah Tiqwa group were a total failure and disgrace. They themselves were mostly absent (like the American Zionists who send others to go on aliya). The number of Petah Tiqwa adults after the first day, I estimate at 3 or 4 (out of tens of thousands of participants). And none of those who pat themselves on the back for their wonderful work. Part of the proof was that the bus back to Petah Tiqwa after the failure was nearly empty. (Needless to say, there were no Sefardim from PT--at least in part because of the approach of the elitist "leaders" in Petah Tiqwa.) Obviously I could have missed some faces out of such a large crowd, but the evidence is that I met ALL extended family members who were there, and not by appointment--just by walking around. Ira

* Dear Barry,

Kfar Maimon Fiasco - You were absolutely right. You saw it before everyone, and pulled out in time. With Efi Eitam and his hugging and kissing, with the incompetent Yesha Council "leaders" and with the "peaceful" rabbis - the entire protest rally was a foregone fiasco and doomed to crash, as it really was. This morning I called urgently a central activist who remained in Kfar Maimon and urged him to exclude any Yesha Council element, dignified rabbis and Efi Eitams from any future activity against the ethnic cleansing. Judah



As usual, you are right. This "march" was set up to fail. Many, many, many well meaning people, such as our neighbors Gerry and Rebecca Weinberger, who are receiving a copy of this message, were marched by the (government funded) YESHA Judenrat down a pre-planned dead end road to no where ('U-Topia' = No Place).


Pravda.RU:Top Stories:
More in detail 19:25 2002-07-18 Israel: Officers refuse military service

Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, one of the most authoritative rabbis of the Israeli expansion movement, said in his interview to the Yediot Aharanot newspaper that the Israeli army's leadership should consider the possibility of the introduction of the death penalty for people who refuse military service for ideological reasons.

According to the rabbi, such people could dangerously influence the nation, so the nation should get rid of them with the most radical measures.


Do you know that many Jewish teenagers from abroad come to Israel for free for a 10 day trip? It's the Taglit-BirthrightIsrael trips. I have a relative from US who just came here on these trips, so I thought :Let's check their website, out of curiosity. So what did I find there? AMAZING! Look who gives the money: the people of Israel through the Government of Israel, North American Jewish Federations through the United Jewish Communities (UJC), and leading private philanthropists. Leading private philanthropists??? Who are they? Well, here they are: S. Daniel Abraham, The Abramson Family Foundation, The AVI CHAI Foundation, Andrea and Charles Bronfman, Edgar Bronfman Sr., Richard and Rhoda Goldman Foundation, The Harold Grinspoon Foundation, Hadassah - The Women's Zionist Organization of America, Ronald S. Lauder, The Marcus Foundation- Bernie Marcus, The Samberg Family Foundation, Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, Judy and Michael Steinhardt, The Wasserman Foundation, Leslie and Abigail Wexner and The Wexner Foundation, Karen and Gary Winnick in North America; Marc Rich in Europe. Special contributions have also been made by Anonymous, Sandy Baklor and Arlene Kaufman, Len and Alex Blavatnik, Stephen R. Bronfman, The Goldring Family Foundation, Robert and Arlene Kogod, Lev Leviev, The Bernard Osher Jewish Philanthropies Foundation of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund, The Righteous Persons Foundation and The Woldenberg Foundation. - Well it's the CFR gang! -AND the AVI CHAI foundation. So we know have a clue on "AVI CHAI". SOURCE

More stuff from their site: They have a poll question right now :"Which color(s) do you wear in Israel's current color war?" and the results are: "Blue and white, of course"-56%, "Duh? orange!"-31% I guess these trips don't include Gush Katif on their itinerary.

And look at Birthright's logo. A Star Of David becomes a Masonic compass.



Dear Mr. Chamish,

On 7/7/05 an article appeared in the Jerusalem Post by Efraim Halevi on the London bombings. I was wondering if you could help out in forming a time-line for this article. Just a bit curious as to how Halevi could have known that the bombs went off simultaneously when the British police did not admit to such until a few days later.
s_pl_afp/050724214150_vesdc65b_photo1 - rense posted this site. This guy is the "chief" of transport for London - note his bio - graduate of Notre Dame, member of CFR, "former" member of CIA - wow! Perfect guy to be in charge after the bombings.

Fire Breaks Out in Barak,s Car; Former PM Unhurt 13:56 Jul 11, '05 / 4 Tammuz 5765

( A fire broke out in former prime minister Ehud Barak,s car near the entrance to Moshav Shoresh. Barak was in the car, but was unharmed.

Firefighters from Bet Shemesh put out the blaze.

The fire in the former prime minister,s vehicle, which is specially designed for security purposes, may have been caused by an electrical problem.


"electric problem"??? And al-Qaeda's attack in London last week was a "power surge." Right!!!



US-built base will allow IDF to shift from territories
By Arieh O'Sullivan
The Jerusalem Post
6 September 2001

NAHSHONIM (September 6) - Senior IDF officers and US officials participated in the cornerstone-laying yesterday for a $40 million, ultra-modern emergency supply base being constructed by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

The base, near Kibbutz Nahshonim east of Ben-Gurion Airport, is the second of five the US has pledged to build so that the IDF can redeploy out of the territories.

This is part of the $266 million project to set up alternatives to IDF bases in the West Bank under the 1998 Wye River Memorandum, in which the US agreed to fund infrastructure costs. The original idea was for the IDF to free up land for possible transfer to the Palestinians. The base building has continued on schedule, regardless of the current violence with thePalestinians.

Attending the ceremony was US Ambassador Daniel Kurtzer, as well as Deputy Defense Minister Dalia Rabin-Pelesoff, Defense Ministry Director-General Amos Yaron, and OC Central Command Maj.-Gen. Itzik Eitan. Also on hand was the deputy commander of the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Kurtzer (CFR) Today:

"The pullout agreement with the White House is more important than an agreement with the PA, the ambassador, Daniel Kurtzer asserted. "Disengagement has to be viewed in the context of Israel-United States relations," he stated. "This pullout did not follow an agreement with the Palestinians, but it followed something which is much more important, an agreement with the United States. Disengagement is something that creates a common agenda between us and the United States."

More Land For Base by the CFR:

The JNF, caretaker of much of the Land of Israel on behalf of the Jewish People, has announced an exchange of ownership of developed urban areas for undeveloped Negev/Galilee lands. The JNF - Jewish National Fund - is a non-profit organization founded in 1901 to help develop the Land of Israel for the Jewish People. The agreement to transfer ownership of its developed lands and concentrate once again on developing other areas marks a return to the JNF's original mission, its leaders say."Just as we did over 100 years ago," JNF President Ronald S. Lauder (CFR) said, "we get to take land no one wanted and turn it into the green soil and new life for the Jewish people."


Do you recall this story?

Israel Finds Radiological Backpack Bomb

This was shortly after Sharon was elected prime minister. Is it possible that the US used this as a warning to Sharon that if he didn't play ball a Palestinian terrorist would set off a bomb in Israel? Not long after this story Sharon started talking about the disengagement.


Dear Barry,

I can confirm that the 2002 beginning date is correct. I was working as a Christian prayer counselor at a major Christian ministry at the time and a worried mother asked prayer for her US serviceman son who was going to Israel to help build a top secret base in the middle of Israel. She was worried that her son's assignment was a harbinger of a coming Armegeddon.



I am wondering if this American base construction has any relevant to the storage of 100 large bunker-buster bombs, worth $30 million, authorized by Bush Adminstration in April 2005? Excerpt: "The Israelis want to be able to attack Iran's underground nuclear weapons facilities," said John Pike, a military expert at in Alexandria, Va


I was stationed as a Marine at Marine Barracks Subic Naval Base, Philippines, for 16 months, 1967-8. The 'job' consisted for security of the facilities related to security in general, however the top secret clearance I had to have concerned Naval Ordinance. The type of Naval ordinance fell into two categories, regular and nuclear. I did not need a TSC for regular ordinance.

The nuclear was stored for warheads used in submarines, not many as they were dispersed throughout the islands of the Pacific.

The nuclear storage resembled that of your picture #12, however the technology of the time would have consisted of a complex 'padlock' with a double key system similar as used on nuke subs today...Picture #10, the 'electronics tower' , I believe you should find out more about this, why......what is the function?

It is not used for communication as it does not have the properties for digital or microwave transmissions. If you can find out about the 'tower' it would assist myself, why...........?

Digital towers have cones and are spaced every 100 kilometers or so depending on geography, microwave is only used for covert transmissions and only used by the military, whether US or Israel.

Bottom line.......There exist a facility I have had interest for years, it is the Coast Guard Geothermal Station on the outskirts of Fallon. It has the same tower as picture #10.


Barry, Consider the possibility that the "sheds" behind the blast walls may possibly contain truck-sized elevators to lower, underground levels. I have a diagram of such plans and elevators in my first book, from a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers underground base construction document. From what I see, the cost of this base would certainly exceed $125 million, the more so if it contains extensive underground workings, as it well may. It looks like the Pentagon and the IDF are preparing for nuclear warfare in the Middle East, and maybe soon. If so, Israel will certainly be very heavily damaged and the loss of life could be very large.

* A few weeks ago we were told that the jet fuel at Lod Airport was contaminated. Then we were told that the airport was closed for a few hours, and that planes were sent to other airports to refuel. Then we were told that the jet fuel had never been contaminated, that it was all a huge mistake. Meanwhile, there were reports coming out of long convoys of American troops both in the Negev (going south) and near the airport. At the same time, we suddenly learned that American, Israeli and French sailors had pulled a bunch of Syrian sailors out of the water near Haifa. Am I the only one who is putting this all together as: massive American troop influx into Israel?


Sharon flys to France tonight for a three day visit. There he will receive his marching orders from the Vatican. Follow the plans:

Pope Benedictus XVI to meet Jewish leaders in the Vatican By Amiram Barkat, Haaretz Correspondent In the new pontiff's first meeting with heads of international Jewish organizations since he was elected two months ago, Pope Benedictus XVI will hold talks with the president of the World Jewish Congress, billionaire Edgar Bronfman

"The city of Barcelona will host a summit, on November 27 and 28, a meeting of heads of state and government of all the 35 countries which make up the Euro-Mediterranean process," Moratinos was reported as saying by Reuters in a news conference in Luxembourg. The announcement followed a two-day foreign ministers' meeting that produced a joint statement signed by all 35 member states for the first time since the inaugural 1995 meeting. This included a text on the Middle East peace process, accepted by Israel, in which ministers stated that "no party should take unilateral measures which might prejudice the outcome of negotiations on a final settlement".

Spain and the US are this week likely to discuss US plans to concentrate special operations and anti-terrorist units in Europe in a single base, possibly in Spain, the leading daily El Pais said today.


Video of the Rabin murder can be downloaded at:

Shalom Barry! Some info for you, even if not tied directly to what is now the number one theme. First thing - one globalist conference is not mentioned anywhere, although the scope of its participants is very telling. It is Forum 2000, initiated by then Czech President Vaclav Havel and - guess who - Eli Wiesel. First one was held in 1997. This is their link . I think you`ll get the picture immediately after looking on the lists of participants and their "concerns". Our mutual friend Shimon Peres, Elie "the Wise" Wiesel, Hillary Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Thor Heyerdahl, Rabbi Lau! (Funny thing is I know some of the unimportant participants personally.) From this conference comes unforgettable pearl from the mouth of "great humanist and dramatist" Vaclav Havel - the term "humanitarian bombing", of course he meant bombing of the Serbs in 1999. Check it.
/IsraelNationalRadio/tamary-tu.asx http://

The LIHOP/MIHOP Distraction Continued
(w/ an update on and Sibel Edmonds)

If you want to know the crimes against Gush Katif and the atrocities committed by the current Israeli government, please purchase my new book Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust in English or Hebrew or my 2 set DVD, The Deadly War Against The Settlers. More than 100 Gush Katif residents did so in the past week.

available at So are my English books; Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust; Save Israel!; Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin; Israel Betrayed; The Last Days of Israel;


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Ages ago, I taught my children "never to point with a naked finger towards dressed people" and I usually keep that for myself as well but for this website I have to quote:
"The Emporer Has NO Clothes On!"

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