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Baath Party Statement Answering President Bush:

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In The Name of God, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

The Arab Baath Socialist Party

One Arab Nation with eternal mission

Unity, Liberty, Socialism

Answering President Bush: The initiative is within the hands of the resisting Baath and the armed confrontation is ongoing and growing until the liberation.

Considering that the US president’s speech of June 28, 2005, is directed mainly to the US citizens and its armed forces. The reaction and evaluation to such speech would be the responsibility of the politicians, the civil and political organizations, and the centers for strategic studies and US media. They started to do so. Secondly the speech is directed to the occupation stooges and their defeated authority. These stooges have no say and their role is being exhausted at a very high speed. They have become a legitimate intermediary target, which is being destroyed by the resistance in the course of the battle of liberating Iraq.

The strategic initiative is in the hands of the resisting Baath that imposes the conditions of confrontations through its studied and organized practices. It reflects the political and moral consequences of such confrontation on the occupier, on his stooges and the accomplice Arab regimes who are cooperating with the Occupier and supporting his agenda The resisting Baath has forced the US administration to face repeatedly defeated plans in occupied Iraq and made this administration prisoner of these failed schemes. The Baath strategy and its resistance program prevailed over the Occupier and its ever changing false pretexts programs.

Dignified Iraqis!

Glorious Arab Nation, Freedom loving people of the world!

Baathist Comrades and Mujahidins!

The Armed Resistance in its various confrontational ways and means is still ongoing and growing. It will take the necessary given time demanded by the resisting action in the intermediary phase to destroy the puppet authority represented by its structures and its individuals. This phase will precede the collapse of the US occupation and its defeat and the humiliation of its armed forces. This is the vision of the Baath and the Resistance based on the non-negotiable armed resistance choice in confronting the US aggression and occupation of Iraq and all its political, administrative, economic and security creations, etc.

The strategic vision designed by the Baath in the political and Strategic Program of the Armed Iraqi Resistance, activated, developed and put it into practice through its confrontational ongoing battle with the Occupation and its stooges, has gained advantage in analyzing, reading and getting prepared for the situation. It has also got the upper hand on the terrain as far as practices and development are concerned over the Occupation programs, its plans and its projects in Occupied Iraq. The Baath vision made Iraq, in a record and unprecedented time, a resisting Iraq.  The Baath created a "deeply rooted" armed resistance in the face of the occupation, which was not expected by the occupiers or the whole world as well.

The political and security achievements so much repeated by the US President, are in fact failed political plans. This how the US political and strategic failure of the occupation of Iraq continues. President Bush spoke to the American people and its armed forces, invoking new pretexts, linking the justification to not withdraw troops, or set a timetable for this withdrawal, to " the global war on terror" and the necessity to continue the war. At the same time his Defense Secretary defined the confrontational battle time in Iraq to last for the next twelve years

The Resisting Baath, which comprehends and manages a spreading resistance until the total liberation of the soil of Iraq, considers that the open time for the defeat and the rout of the US forces and its humiliation in Iraq, will be much shorter than the time thought by Bush defense secretary. It is anyway a necessary time schedule for the Armed Iraqi Resistance and is not linked whatsoever with the Bush lost "war on terror". In fact Bush "war on terror" has become a failed and collapsed pretext, which the American people and its armed forces will discover in time, due to the continuing defeat that the Baath and the Iraqi Resistance are inflicting upon the Occupation forces in the Battle of liberation of all Iraq.

Political Information and Publication Bureau

The Arab Baath Socialist Party

Iraq 29th June 2005

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