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Harry Brunser Report

America’s Controlled Media

Concealing a Critical Danger to the Future of the World

Harry Brunser – TBR April 18, 2005

Mr. Brunser has been identified as a very senior CIA official and someone with great knowledge of the inner working of the thoroughly corrupt Bush Administration. His column has become very popular with our many readers. It has obviously become equally unpopular with not only Porter Goss’ band of Trained Dwarves but the White House as well. Many enemies, much honor. We do not always agree with Mr. Brunser’s views but his articles are very through and informative. Ed

Dear Reader,

The United States is facing an extreme and critical danger, which is barely mentioned anywhere in the media.

I have been analyzing for you recently the monolithic and interlocking cabal, which forms the Jewish-controlled American media. [Let us FINALLY tell the TRUTH here, which of course you will never hear in the American or any other media - that the media in America is controlled by Jews. Please go back and read again all the names mentioned in my last report.] Speaking this truth is NOT anti-Semitic - telling lies about Jews IS. Neither I, nor TBR News, is anti-Semitic, in fact I like all my Jewish friends immensely - they are witty, intelligent, and good people, and I sincerely wish them peace and a long life. But this fact is the truth, and is very relevant to what follows below, otherwise I would not mention it - we MUST speak the truth, and the truth alone will set us free.

The media in America have three primary functions, none of which has anything to do with news, or informing the public of the truth. First, they provide "bread and circuses" for the teeming masses, as in the declining days of the Roman Empire - entertainment in the form of sensational stories about the sexcapades of movie stars, rapes by sports figures, child molestations by priests, abduction and murders of children, weddings and funerals of famous people, tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes. All of which are hyped and beaten to death with the song of trumpets and the roar of cannons, until we can stand no more of it, and then the next circus act comes along. The purpose of all this sound and fury is pure smoke and mirrors - to distract the ignorant and gullible public from the true, sad and desperate state of their little lives, and the real and critical dangers the country is facing.

The second function of the media, helped along by the first, is to make money for their advertisers – the chemical, defense, agricultural, petroleum, political, financial, automotive, and drug industries. Many of these industries are in fact themselves the owners of the media, in a vast conglomerate of financial power and unimaginable wealth. Part of this money-making function, too, is to conceal financial and political corruption, and the brazen theft of the American public's property and wealth by the military-industrial complex and the world's ruling classes, and the lifelong exploitation, from kindergarten through old age, of the American people, until they are discarded like so much garbage when they can no longer work, and no more wealth for the ruling classes can be ground out of them.

The third function of the Jewish-controlled American media (and this is why that truth is significant) is to persuade the American public that the foreign-policy interests of the United States are congruent with those of the State of Israel, and that the sacrifice of our American children's lives and the pouring out of the national treasure purely for the benefit of Israel are just, and good, aims. The war in Iraq is the current prime example. (I wish I could detail for you exactly how a torrent of false intelligence was supplied to the CIA and the Pentagon by the Israeli Mossad in the year before we invaded Iraq, but if I did so, I would be identified and charged, or at the very least fired from my job. There are only a few who know those details. You will have to take my word for it.) Turning Russia from our friend, as it was when Ronald Reagan left office, into an enemy of the USA, is another example. Turning the European countries (which have no great love for Israel) from American allies into allies of China, is a third example.

In light of those three functions, there is a critical danger facing us which has been kept from the American public by the Jewish-controlled media, and the American government with which it works hand in hand. (And in this regard, there is absolutely NO difference- none - between Republicans and Democrats.)

This is the danger: That if EITHER the United States OR Israel should attack either Iran or Syria, President Musharraf of Pakistan will be assassinated, and Pakistan's nuclear arsenal will fall into the hands of a rabidly anti-American, fundamentalist, Islamic regime. These are not possible present weapons, as in the case of North Korea. These are not potential future nuclear weapons, as in the case of Iran. These are not purely imaginary nuclear weapons, as in the case of Iraq.

These weapons, which are hardly mentioned by the media as a threat to the survival of America and thus to the future of the world, exist NOW - TODAY - at least 50, perhaps as many as 125, nuclear weapons, fully built, armed, ready, and waiting to be used, any one of which could vaporize one, or two, or five million Americans in a millionth of a second. And that means YOU. And me too - I live and work near Washington, DC: Target #1. The largest weapon detonated by Pakistan (so far) was estimated to be on the order of 40KT - forty thousand tons of TNT. Just ponder, for one moment, what ONE ton of low-yield fertilizer explosive did to the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, and you will understand what that number means.

Musharraf has already by sheer luck survived at least THREE attempts to kill him. Those are only the actual bombings we know about - we do not know how many more plots have been prevented before they could go forward. Can he survive another attempt, as the ally of Christian America, if Christian America (a Christianity so constantly, loudly and arrogantly proclaimed by George Bush and his Republican friends) willfully attacks another Muslim country? This is highly doubtful. Self-proclaimed Christian American soldiers have killed a hundred thousand Muslim civilians in Iraq - a country which NEVER threatened the USA in any way - have tortured and sexually humiliated countless Muslims, both male and female, have smeared feces on the Koran as an interrogation tactic, have stolen money, have shot unarmed Muslims in a mosque - on camera - (imagine how YOU would feel if Muslims had shot to death YOUR unarmed injured son on the altar steps of your local church) and have horribly maimed untold hundreds of thousands of Muslim women and children. And America blindly supports Jewish Israel and its barbaric actions against its Muslim conquered peoples, brutal actions which are brazenly contrary to every international law, treaty, and convention of warfare and human justice.

This is the view, from the other side from where "we" stand. You, dear reader, may see it differently, but that is irrelevant to the present problem.

Can Musharraf suvive an American-Israeli attack on Iran or Syria? Probably not. Linked are several articles, from sources both common and obscure, which will illustrate Musharraf's precarious hold on his continued life, and on Pakistan, and which will illustrate that his enemies are powerful and waiting for the opportunity to strike him down, and which will detail Pakistan's terrifying nuclear capability. If Osama bin Laden is still actually alive (or even if not - there are many heads to that monster,) he or his successors are waiting close by in Pakistan, and daily praying to Allah to grant them control of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal. Will their dream become our nightmare? If America or Israel attacks Iran or Syria - in one word - YES.

What then?

Harry Brunser, Virginia, USA.

The Truth Seeker UK

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