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Why Islam Was Enraged By Newsweek

May 17, 2005

"Oops, sorry. It looks like we were wrong." Thus Newsweek apologizes for its story in last week's issue that American intelligence interrogators in Guantanamo desecrated the Koran in front of Muslim prisoners and flushed it down the toilet - an error that has to date cost the lives of 16 people killed in the anti-American riots that the story set off in various parts of the Islamic world.

One wonders why a supposedly responsible magazine like Newsweek didn't manifest a tad less credulity toward a report indicating that American intelligence is run not only by anti-Muslim barbarians, but also by total imbeciles. Who else would think that the way to get a terror suspect to be more cooperative is by treating his holy scriptures as excrement? The strong tendency in today's world to believe that America is in the hands of cretins has, apparently, its supporters in the American media, too.

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Khaleej Times Online >> News >> SUBCONTINENT

Apology over retracted Quran desecration story not enough, Pakistan says

17 May 2005

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Pakistan on Tuesday spurned as “not enough” an apology and retraction by Newsweek of a report alleging desecration of Islam’s holy book, the Quran, at the US prison in Guantanamo Bay.

Information Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said the report “insulted the feelings of Muslims ... just an apology is not enough. They should think a 101 times before publishing news that hurt hearts.”

His comments came a day after the Foreign Ministry reiterated a demand for a probe into the alleged desecration.

The report triggered bloody riots in Afghanistan and protests in other Muslim countries, including Pakistan, a key ally in the US-led war on terrorism.

On Monday, the US magazine withdrew its story in its May 9 edition that interrogators at the US prison placed copies of Islam’s holy book in washrooms and flushed one book in the toilet to get inmates to talk.

In retracting the story, Newsweek editor Mark Whitaker said that “based on what we know now, we are retracting our original story that an internal military investigation had uncovered Quran abuse at Guantanamo Bay.”

In New Zealand, visiting Pakistani Foreign Minister Khursheed Kasuiri said Newsweek’s retraction of the story “will definitely help” defuse some of the anger in the Muslim world, but “unfortunately some damage has been done.”

Qazi Hussain Ahmed, a hardline Pakistani Islamist leader and opposition lawmaker, on Monday rejected Newsweek’s apology.

“The objective of the change in their statement is to cool the anger among Muslims of the world,” Ahmed said.

He said Islamic groups in Pakistan, Egypt, Malaysia, Britain, Turkey and other countries would go ahead with planned rallies on May 27 to protest the alleged desecration.

Quran story retracted

Newsweek says its report on allegations of desecration of holy book, which sparked riots, can't be verified

The 10-sentence item said an upcoming report by the U.S. Southern Command in West Miami-Dade was ''expected'' to include the alleged Koran incident among various abusive techniques used "to rattle suspects" at Guantánamo. Since then, Pentagon officials and Gen. Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, have said investigators found "no credible allegations of willful Koran desecration."

No 'credible' allegations?  C'mon, boyz and girlz, we all know what double speak is.  Certainly this regurgitation in the face of faux pax leaves open the gaping hole for propaganda modification and back sliding.  The calculated module of 'blowback' to the week late translation of the Newsweek article serves as another geomagnetic storm for diversion away the real problem.....not the interrogation-torture-mind rape syndrome.....but the stench of the continuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We don't see anywhere near the pressure for this 'source' to cough up his trade secrets as those media geneous' in the Wilson-Plame Affair.  Get real.


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