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The Insanity Of It All
By Michael Shore

Over 100.000 innocent Iraqi children, women and men have been slaughtered and killed by the American, British and other coalition forces in Iraq, and hundreds of thousands more have been wounded, maimed and tortured. And yet the front pages of the corporate controlled T.V. and newspaper media talk only about the 49 innocent British citizens who have been killed by supposed "terrorists" Something is wrong with this picture.

Is an Iraqi human life worth ANYTHING to the Americans or British? The British are part of the coalition that is at "war" in Iraq and participating in the killing of over a hundred thousand innocent Iraqis. Are we suppose to believe that if America and Britain are at "war" in Iraq, that the Iraqis are NOT allowed to defend themselves and fight back against the "BAD" guys? Are we suppose to believe that it's OK for Americans and the British to kill innocent Iraqis civilians by the tens of thousands , but it's NOT OK for Iraqis to kill ANY Americans or British in their attempt to defend themselves and get rid of the American and British occupiers?

Are we suppose to think that Iraqis can be slaughtered and their infrastructure and country destroyed, while Americans and British citizens go shopping and eat dinner in fancy restaurants and cafes and live "normal" lives going to soccer matches and football games and watching T.V.? While all this killing, violence and mayhem is taking place in Iraq, the British are celebrating their winning of the 2012 Olympic Games. Something is definitely wrong with this insane picture!

The media talks for days about the mourning of 49 dead innocent British citizens, but NEVER talks about the mourning of the family members who have lost over 100,000 of their loved ones in Iraq. The Americans and British are NOT mourning the killing of so many thousands of innocent Iraqi human beings. They are not calling for an end to this illegal horrendous war and the killing of innocent human beings. Both Bush and Blair continue their sick insane killing ways. They make no apologies for the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis, who were killed or wounded "accidentally" from the results of so-called "collateral damage", probably the sickest dis-compassionate words ever devised to describe the intentional killing and wounding of human beings in wars. Why can these insane sick psychopathic leaders of America and England kill on such a grand scale and not be charged by the People of Iraq and the leaders of other Nations with WAR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, especially since Bush and Blair LIED to start the war in Iraq? What is the Court in the Hague suppose to be all about if Blair and Bush and their Illuminati backers are still walking around free and not in this Court being charged with WAR CRIMES? What is so-called Justice all about when you watch this outrageous course of human events?

What are the Iraqis People suppose to do? Roll over and die so that Bush, Blair and the sick insane Illuminati killers, gangsters and thieves can continue their BOGUS "war on terror" in order for them to make hundreds of billions of dollars more in PROFITS from this insane "war for oil and profits" in Afghanistan and Iraq?




Michael Shore

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