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(Submitted by a reader)

I hope every single member of the U.S. Armed forces will soon get to come home. You should all be home right now, and I wish all of you a safe return.

However, I do NOT support what any of you are doing right now. I DO support your well-being and your good intentions, though. You all signed on to do a legitimate and honorable job - to defend the U.S. Constitution and the United States homeland from enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC. And, many of you believe that is what you are doing. However, that is simply NOT true. What you all are doing now has NOTHING whatsoever to do with American values, the U.S. Constitution, or the U.S. homeland.

The U.S. Armed Forces is merely a tool, much like a hammer. When the hammer is used properly, by a carpenter, to bang nails into a wall, etc., the hammer is doing its prescribed function, and as such, is used "honorably". However, when that same carpenter takes the hammer and bludgeons somebody, the hammer is dishonorably utilized. This is analogous to the U.S. Armed Forces. Currently, the carpenter (George Bush) is using the hammer (the U.S. Armed Forces) to bludgeon a nation that had NOTHING to do with 9/11, Al-Queda, or Weapons of Mass Destruction. Thus, an otherwise great tool is being used improperly, and as such, I cannot support its use.

There is ample proof now circulating the globe that Bush and his cronies lied the U.S. into this war, though maybe such news is kept from many of you. The bottom line is that all members of the U.S. Armed Forces, as well as the American public, have been spoon-fed countless lies and we’ve all been brainwashed to a degree. I know that many in the armed forces and in the American public have come to realize this, and now know that this war is unnecessary, illegal, and immoral, but it is time that ALL OF US awakens to the lies! Your very lives and the future of this once great nation are at stake!

This war, and most of the wars the U.S. has been involved in, has nothing to do with promoting freedom or democracy - our own or anybody else’s. While the U.S. Military is DESIGNED to help protect our freedoms, it is seldom USED for that purpose. Rather, the U.S. Military, unbeknownst to its members, is used to OPPRESS freedom and liberties. Think about that rationally and logically. What American freedoms are you protecting right now?

This war is NOT doing anything to thwart terrorism. Quite the contrary - this war is creating MORE terrorism and especially more anti-U.S. sentiment, which is the basis for still more terrorism. America is much less safer now than it was before we went to war, despite what Bush and his puppet regime says. More people now hate us! How can causing a larger number of people to hate the United States logically render us safer??

Don't be in denial about these simple truths, and don't be afraid to ask yourselves tough, logical, rational, and morally sound questions. Don't be afraid to come to the realization that you are NOT really performing your properly prescribed functions. Rather, you must all realize that you are doing the illegal, immoral bidding of people who have geopolitical agendas - people who don't care about any of you. You're all "assets" to them - nothing but numbers.

The only people in the United States who care about the men and women in the U.S. Armed Forces are those who want you all home, where you will be ready to do your REAL jobs - defend the Constitution and the homeland against REAL threats, not imagined and manufactured threats. Truly patriotic Americans do NOT wish to fight immoral, unjust wars, and certainly do NOT wish to “spend” the lives and limbs of our fellow American troops. Note that when I refer to “truly patriotic Americans”, I’m distinguishing us from the fake patriots - those brainwashed, robotic, morally bankrupt American warmongers who believe whatever the government tells them, and who cheer, from the comfort of their couches, for ever more bloodshed.

Bush and his gang of evil-doers, along with the corporate-owned media whores and the arm-chair warmongers don't care about any of you. It's about time you all woke up to that fact. The true American patriots are those who want liberty and peace (truth, justice, and the American Way), and will only fight the good fight. This is NOT one of the good fights! You must all realize that this is an UNJUST fight.

I’m not writing to any of you to criticize you or to say anything negative about you. So, please don’t be offended. It is those terrorist leaders of our corrupt government, and the military’s careerist, upper-brass, yes-men puppets who have all lied to you and placed you all in harm’s way for no good reason. It is THEY who I criticize. You all are fellow Americans, and as such, I want you all home where you belong. The U.S. Armed Forces should be home defending our borders and coastlines, and should never step foot in another country unless that other country really attacks us. It is up to all of you NOT to be the hammer that is dishonorably used by the evil carpenter. You are the first line of defense for this country, but you’re fighting the wrong enemy. The enemy is the callous, evil, morally bankrupt band of thieves that put you in Iraq. They are the domestic “terrorists” that our fore fathers spoke about. They must be removed from office and tried for war crimes.

I know you all have a tough job - an IMPOSSIBLE job. I commend all of you for your good intentions and your honor in joining the military under the assumption that you will actually be performing your Constitutionally prescribed, and forefather-sanctioned functions, and under the false assumption that our government is good and honest. However, I'm not going to write to you to pretend that I support this bogus war or to say that there is honor in fighting in this war. There is none. There cannot logically be any honor in a dishonorable war. This war is highly illegal and immoral, and Bush and his followers are nothing short of war criminals. The only way any of this is going to change is if you all wake up and refuse to be used as cannon fodder (pawns in a sick game of global chess). I wish you all the moral and ethical strength to come to the correct conclusions, to act accordingly, and most importantly, to safely return home ASAP!

Remember that while a coward flees from the good, just fight, the hero fights the good fight. More importantly, though, the coward FIGHTS the UNJUST fight, and the hero FLEES from the unjust fight. The debacle in Iraq is an unjust fight, and it would be cowardly to continue fighting it, and noble and heroic to flee.

True American Patriot

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