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President George W. Bush
Is Now Impeachable

by Joseph Hillier

June 21, 2005

Brothers and sisters for peace, I had thought my years of political and anti-war activism were over. I am quite old now and dying of cancer, but events of the recent past require I at least try to offer some useful  advice on how to achieve the glorious goals of those opposed to war and militarism.

The cruel grasping hand of capitalism has never before been so effectively poised to place the exploited and disenfranchised people of the world under the yoke and whip of the ruling class with such finality. And the tool being used to achieve those goals is the brutal application of the most sophisticated weaponry ever  devised against those who have no means of defense, the poor weak nations including an ever increasing percentage of completely innocent civilian victims, predominantly women and children. How anyone can enjoy their wealth knowing it required burning thousands of innocent babies, ripping the limbs from thousands of innocent women, and draining the lifeblood from thousands of innocent men is too sick to contemplate, but oh so sadly in our world today it is actually happening.

The criminal American president George W. Bush, with a fully acquiescent Congress, and a cowardly profit driven news media will, if unchecked, through unconstrained military force burn and bomb the world into a role of such deep and pervasive submission to corporate greed that future generations may have no chance to ever again successfully rise in opposition to the ugly policies of profit maximization over social responsibility, and a misplaced faith in cut-throat competition over political cooperation and fundamental social decency.

What I am saying is that this is the moment that the gloves must come off. Ultimately, we must now do whatever must be done to stop a complete corporate, militarist takeover of the world. Ideally, this can be done without violence (and as we work for peace we, of course, could not resort to violence) and within the law, but nothing must be allowed to stand in the way of success as we battle for the rights and future of the world's defenseless peoples.

Due to the rapid unfolding of certain historical events, a monumental opportunity has arisen. I believe at this special moment in time this remarkable opportunity should become a major focus of anti-war oriented activity. At this moment we have the very real possibility of eliminating the figurehead of the intended neo-con, militarist, corporate 'empire'. President George W. Bush is now impeachable. This is no interruptible dream or idealistic fantasy, Bush really can be impeached. Those who pull the strings of the Bush puppet are at this moment terrified. It has become obvious to them that Bush is vulnerable. Launching a full scale operation to impeach Bush would prove to be the most fruitful possible means of eliminating the opportunity for a successful neo-con corporate,  militarist grab for ultimate control over the world's masses through economic power and force of arms.

The evidence is now sufficient, perhaps even overwhelming, that the president of the United States and many within his administration are not only guilty of innumerable war crimes, but they have also time and again blatantly committed “high crimes and misdemeanors” against the Congress and people of America. Impeachment has now clearly become the only logical culmination of the Bush presidency. Of course the conservative, Republican controlled Congress will at first be a major impediment against any attempt to impeach their President, but Bush is neither loved nor respected by most Republicans. As the inevitability of a successful impeachment becomes obvious the rats will desert the sinking ship in droves. None would be willing to sacrifice their political careers by backing Bush, a man already well known by many in his party to be a weak, cowardly, little loser who would betray them and their principles in an instant if he thought he could save himself by doing so.Some of the things we peace activists do best are organize the masses into useful political action and use language effectively to initiate social change. These will prove to be very useful tools in the campaign for impeachment. Everywhere Bush or high officials in his administration go they must face public calls for their impeachment. If we cannot get into the halls to shout the call for impeachment we must at least be seen standing outside the halls holding up signs calling for impeachment.

The pressure must be unrelenting. The word impeachment and the idea of impeachment being the only logical course of action must be thrust into the consciousness of every American every day. The idea leads to the action; think about it and it will happen, don't think about it and it won't happen. They don't want us to think about it, and will do everything they can to stop us from thinking about it. We, on the other hand, have the enduring responsibility for the safety of innocent people throughout the world to ensure that impeachment is constantly prominent in the collective mind of the people.

Public impeachment meetings and rallies should be called across the nation, signs should be posted on every wall, politicians should be lobbied daily, thousands of websites and millions of email should carry the call for impeachment across the planet, citizens of foreign nations should pick up our call for impeachment for they also have so much to lose, petitions calling for impeachment should be available on every street corner, and the increasing body of evidence now so clearly demanding impeachment should be screamed into every available ear. All this must be done and more. The impeachment of Bush is an eminently achievable goal for Bush's crimes go far beyond the comparative misdemeanors of Nixon and Clinton. The evidence of brutality, torture, murder, corruption, conspiracy, and complete contempt for all standards of human decency that is certain to come out during the impeachment of Bush and his high administrative officials will forever discredit the evil neo-con, capitalist, corporate, militarist ideology. If the effort is put in to bring an end to the Bush neo-con 'empire' impeachment is a virtual certainty.

Here is our chance to put an end to war and bring peace to the world, and it may well be our last chance. If the future of the human race is not to be a future of peace and love then the human race has no future!

Toward Peace and Freedom,

Copyright Joseph Hillier,, 2005

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