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Today, I found the following commentary at www.rense.com
Protocols And Zionist
Occupied Governments
By Zeev Rabin
Tel Aviv

Dear Jeff,

As a former member of the Israeli Air Force, I know very well that UFOs exist and this is what attracted me to your website. You are the only main website around the world who is telling the truth about UFOs for many years.

For years, I kept quiet reading all the bad information about Israel on your website. But since practically all your information came from Israeli newspapers, you were only printing their 'truth', so I could not complain.
When you started the Protocols Of Zion articles, I was really outraged. I have always felt the book is a forgery...however, after doing more net research and rereading parts of it, I finally figured it out: it doesn't matter if the book is forged or not. It matters only that most of them have been obviously used and implemented. I am surprised the Protocols are not now the most important international Jewish issue.
what follows is a link to

www.jewwatch.com i.e. a list of governments occupied by Jews as well as a list of Jews working at the White House, 2000 - 2004. 


I have no way of knowing if this commentary is genuine or written with the intend to add to the already existing anti-Semitism by listing all people of jewish faith on the White House list, regardless of their political affiliation. 


Therefore I take it as an opportunity to make the following statement:

To me, religion is something utterly private and I don't judge people for their religion, nationality or race.

I try to judge people only for their behavior.

Regrettably, the misbehavior or even crimes of a few often has a fallout on others of the same group/nation/religion.

On the other side - should this be a reason to keep any misbehavior a secret? 

For this reason I refrain from posting the commentary in full length and leave it to the reader's judgement.


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