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Will Israel launch against Iran on Tuesday?
Here you have an analysis I hope you don't have need to long remember...

First Unocal as a predicate...

The US has a little known entity that can reject the Chinese interest and intent regarding Unocal on national security/interest grounds. Remember that the beneficiary of the current Unocal deal is Chevron (NWO).

What you need to think about first is whether China wants the NWO to have this entity reject the overture.

If you think about it for a moment, China WANTS the US to reject it. Why? BY rejecting it the NWO affords China totally validity in doing what it wants to do: reject future NWO enmeshment via purchase of Chinese enterprise! China will broaden the doctrine and of course will not object to the US broadening it as well. What is the national security interest is within the pale of definition by the respective country. What is important to China is for the US to set up is the principle, which it will do openly now in rejecting China's interest in outbidding Chevron.

What if the deal is allowed to go through? China doesn't mind. Then it will resort to the contention that the US had the discretion to reject it or not. That it did not reject it does not limit China from applying it on a more stringent standard for its own interests.

Conclusion: China has everything to gain and nothing to lose in pursuing Unocal. It is again a brilliant Chinese maneuver. What it does is bring up the issue that the US can if it wants reject it. Thus, China cannot be faulted from applying the same standard as it deems best for the interests of its own country.

Now, look at the Iranian elections...

Did the NWO want the extremist candidate to win or lose?

It wanted Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to win to open the portal for Israel to attack Iran.

Look at our analysis the other day...

TEHRAN- Moderate conservative presidential candidate Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjanihas promised to hand ordinary Iranians billions of dollars in stockoptions and benefits in a last ditch bid to win their votes away from hardliner Mahmood Ahmadinejad. Rafsanjani, facing a run-off against the far right-winger on Friday, said he would give "every Iranian family 100 million rials (around 11,000 dollars) in shares of state companies to be privatised."
Official figures show there are 14 million families in Iran, meaning the offer represents 155 billion dollars. Rafsanjani said in a campaign-broadcast that the shares would have to be reimbursed over 10 years. He also said that every month the unemployed will receive between 800,000 and 1.5 million rials (90-165 dollars), while women heads of households would be given 700,000 rials (80 dollars). Rafsanjani also pledged to"prioritise the poorer classes".

Comment: When he says state companies to be privatized THERE IS ONLY ONE BENEFICIARY: THE NWO.
Thus, Iran's religious clerics will now do everything to make sure that he does not win.

The result was a landslide victory for Ahmadinejad.

An official at the Guardian Council, which must approve the election results, said that out of 24.8 million voted counted, Ahmadinejad had won 61.7 percent of ballots cast, defying pre-poll predictions of a tight race.The official said turnout was 26 million, or 56 percent, down on the 63 percent of Iran's 46.7 million eligible voters who cast ballots in an inconclusive first round on June 17. "It's over, we accept that we've lost," a close Rafsanjani aide, who asked not to be identified, told Reuters.

Now, what happens just before the predictable election results come in:

Fri Jun 24,11:19 AM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -
President Bush will deliver a major address to U.S. troops and the nation about Iraq on Tuesday night from the U.S. military base at Fort Bragg, NorthCarolina, the White House said.

"This is a critical moment in Iraq," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said on Friday in announcing the speech. "This is a real time of testing."

McClellan said the speech would be delivered at 8 p.m., and that the White House has asked U.S. television networks to air the address live.

Bush is expected to use the prime time speech to outline his strategy in Iraq amid increasing public doubts about the war.

Conclusion: The Unocal analysis shows you that every act of China is cast with the intent that regardless of the outcome China improves its position. The Iranian election analysis shows you that what the NWO wants is not always apparent from what it says it wants. The fact that Bush is going to speak live from a military base announced hours before the election results asking live television coverage when we all know he has little to say positive about Iraq means that he is setting the stage to probably defend an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear sites, the probability being near 100% that Israel will justify a strike on such sites now based on the Ahmadinejad win and the record of his statements anti-West and anti-Israel.

So China pursues Unocal with its own agenda and Bush adds big bucks to the ante by pursuing Iran. Bush says his strategy will assure that China proves itself the paper tiger and Bush will have Iran and once having Iran he will explain that it abates most of all opposition in Iraq, thus proving important for US troops and US interests. Bush will further explain that Syria once Iran "loses it nuclear threat capability" will also prove of no consequence to US troops and interests in Iraq. Of course reinterpreted it means the NWO will move for control of oil in both Iraq and Iran and neutralize Syria which will mean Bush will complete his mission as per 

What are the chances of this unfolding on Tuesday: 50%, which is very high for such an extreme war scenario. It means Israel must attack, Israel must be somehow injured to allow US troops in Iraq to move in Iran to protect Israel. It also serves as an excuse for China not to intervene against US intervention for "injured" Israel.

A more important dynamic is what are the chances of the scenario (or something similar) unfolding in the foreseeable future? Answer: 80%. The NWO is arguing that the new Iranian leadership can only result in making the NWO position in Iraq totally untenable. Thus, the only conclusion per 9-11 is that it wanted Ahmadinejad to win because he was the sine qua non for the NWO to push through for the US and Israel the inevitable need to quash the nuclear sites and in doing so open the portal for US troops to enter Iran. This of course suggests some plan to effectuate a successful response/counterattack on Israel.

Thus, while one could argue that the market slid 300 points in two days because it was anticipating the Ahmadinejad victory,
the real reason for the slide is that it portends the attack on Iran.

What will we say if an attack soon launches against Iranian nuclear sites by Israel? Not that we were on target about the launch and the true reasons therefor but that we were on target that we have entered the very dark period we have been fearing and that truly dangerous times will thereafter unfold for all of us.

The White House knows that Tuesday's address is intended to be historical. What can I say that I hope that this E-mail helps act against it proving historical. They really believe China will not have any response and that they will get away with it as explained in previous E-mails playing the game from where they sit to see themselves occupying both Iraq and Iran. Similar to a previous time, if you see Bush smiling that he got away with it, he and the NWO are discounting the then forthcoming response from China and others strongly opposed from NWO control of Iraq and Iranian oil and the evil mindset that pushed through the occupation and control. Israel thinking that it played its cards correctly, getting the NWO to now support it rather than shift to the Arab/Islamic block, will find out it made for sure the biggest mistake in its entire history.

This leads to one other important point in this very serious analysis...

The most difficult question I was recently asked is how do I think the NWO will respond to China's taking over the dominant global leadership role. Since the NWO will not allow it, how will the NWO offset China?

Read the following very slowly and carefully please...

Preparing for the Next Pandemic
by Michael T. Osterholm
May 25, 2005

Excerpt from the forthcoming essay in the July/August issue

Michael T. Osterholm is Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, Associate Director of the Department of Homeland Security's National Center for Food Protection and Defense, and Professor at the University of Minnesota's School of Public Health.

What should the industrialized world be doing to prepare for the next pandemic? The simple answer: far more. So far, the World Health Organization and several countries have finalized or drafted useful but overly general plans. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has increased research on influenza-vaccine production and availability. These efforts are commendable, but what is needed is a detailed operational blueprint for how to get a population through one to three years of a pandemic. Such a plan must involve all the key components of society. In the private sector, the plan must coordinate the responses of the medical community, medical suppliers, food providers, and the transportation system. In the government sector, the plan should take into account officials from public health, law enforcement, and emergency management at the international, federal, state, and local levels.

At the same time, it must be acknowledged that such master blueprints may have their drawbacks, too. Berkeley's Aaron Wildavsky persuasively argued that resilience is the real key to crisis management-overly rigid plans can do more harm than good. Still, planning is enormously useful. It gives government officials, private-sector partners, and the community the opportunity to meet, think through potential dilemmas, purchase necessary equipment, and set up organizational structures for a 12- to 36-month response. A blueprint forces leaders to rehearse their response to a crisis, preparing emotionally and intellectually so that when disaster strikes the community can face it.

Influenza-vaccine production deserves special attention. An initiative to provide vaccine for the entire world must be developed, with a well-defined schedule to ensure progress. It is laudable that countries such as the United States and Vietnam are pursuing programs with long-term goals to develop and produce H5N1 vaccine for their respective populations.
But if the rest of the world lacks supplies, even the vaccinated will be devastated when the global economy comes to an abrupt halt. Pandemic-influenza preparedness is by nature an international issue. No one can truly be isolated from a pandemic.

The pandemic-related collapse of worldwide trade and its ripple effect throughout industrialized and developing countries would represent the first real test of the resiliency of the modern global delivery system. Given the extent to which modern commerce relies on the precise and readily available international trade of goods and services, a shutdown of the global economic system would dramatically harm the world's ability to meet the surging demand for essential commodities such as food and medicine during a crisis. The business community can no longer afford to play a minor role in planning the response to a pandemic. For the world to have critical goods and services during a pandemic, industry heads must stockpile raw materials for production and preplan distribution and transportation support. Every company's senior managers need to be ready to respond rapidly to changes in the availability, production, distribution, and inventory management of their products. There is no model for how to revive the current global economy were it to be devastated.

To truly be complete, all planning on international, regional, national, and local levels must consider three different scenarios: What if the pandemic begins tonight? What if it starts one year from now? What if the world is so fortunate as to have an entire decade to prepare? All are possible, but none is certain.

Ehrlich: The NWO has taken Zemin's SARS agenda and turned it now against China by asserting that it would entertain a global pandemic that would undermine global trade for an extended period TO UNDERMINE CHINA AND ITS EMERGING GLOBAL LEADERSHIP ROLE POLITICALLY AND ECONOMICALLY.

Sorry but allowing these crazy people to get away with 9-11 allowed them to go on and now wage a 9-11 course against the country they help build up: China.

My point is that for these nuts the weapon of choice for the future is not nuclear but from where I sit custom designed microbes. Their problem is that if China takes a bunch of people into a room and sees that it kills off only Chinese or Asians and no other group then you have nuclear war. Moreover, from where I sit, any such designed microbe can mutate in any event and thus can kill off even the NWO who think they sit there immune from it either by design or having the antidote to it which they cannot disclose without taking responsibility for it. Thus for those NWO nuts with the antidote, I say that you will not have it for the mutated form of the microbe and I can tell you right now, the nuts that you are, that it is likely to mutate quickly in a real time environment as against the structured one tested for mutation qualities.

It's pretty pathetic. The goal as I long expressed is to have stopped them early on. Now, you can see that they are crazy and intend to not allow China to prevail as I always feared would be the case. Thus, I am left with begging Israel not to attack Iran, to reject the NWO, since their ultimate agenda is to eviscerate Israel from the nation it was intended to be (having done a darn good job already of it), and that by following the correct path Israel can get G-d to intervene for it is only He that can get rid of our true global pandemic: the NWO.

Joseph Ehrlich
Sender, Berl & Sons Inc.
June 26, 2005

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