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Lies & The Propaganda Of Fear

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Rumsfeld and Cheney Revive Their 70's Terror Playbook

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Manipulating the American Psyche: Setting And Resetting The TERROR Trap

Fabricating Intelligence as a Justification for War: "The Intelligence and Facts were fixed around the Policy"

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Tom Ridge's Mea Culpa: The Code Orange Terror Alerts were based on Fake Intelligence

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Fabricating Intelligence as a Justification for War
"The Intelligence and Facts were fixed around the Policy"


Selected articles and essays

Global Research E-Monograph and Reports Series, No. 4, May 2005


Phony intelligence was created and fed into the news chain with a view to justifying the invasion of Iraq.

The balance-sheet of lies and fabricated intelligence presented in this selection of articles provides detailed and overwhelming evidence.

We have included news reports dating back to 2002, background analysis, commentary, leaked intelligence documents and transcripts,  secret memos and the reports by weapons inspectors.

The collection which is intended to provide key references, also addresses a number of important issues, which have been shoved under the carpet, including the circumstances of David Kelly's death, plagiarism in the drafting of intelligence documents, the fabricated biochemical terror threats, etc.

War Criminal in High Office

The implications are far-reaching: those in high office who ordered "the intelligence and facts [to be]  fixed around the policy" are responsible for war crimes under national and international law.

Despite the public outcry, particularly in Britain, there has been no visible shift in the war and national security agendas. Quite the opposite: both President Bush and Prime Minister Blair have been re-elected to high office under the stamp of parliamentary democracy. The war agenda has remained unscathed, with more than 400 billion dollars allocated in the US to defense. Moreover, the United Nations is directly collaborating with the US-led occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, in blatant violation of its own charter.  

In fact, most of the major political actors, behind the fake intelligence dossier, including George W. Bush, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Tony Blair, Jack Straw, John Negroponte, Condoleeza Rice, etc. are still in high office. 

Critical Juncture in Our History

We are at a critical juncture in our history. Duly elected war criminals legitimately occupy positions of authority which enable them to decide "who are the criminals", when in fact they are the criminals.

This fake legitimacy gives them carte blanche. It enables them to proceed without encroachment to the next phase of the war in the Middle East.

It also provides them with a mandate to redefine the contours of the judicial system and the process of law enforcement under the guise of Homeland Security.  

In other words, what we are dealing with is the criminalization of the State and its various institutions including the criminalization of Justice. 

The truth is twisted and turned upside down. State propaganda builds a consensus within the Executive, the US Congress and the Military. This consensus is then ratified by the Judicial, through a process of outright legal manipulation.

Putting the War Criminal behind Bars 

The evidence detailed in this collection of articles and documents would be sufficient to put the war criminals behind bars.

Yet in the eyes of a large section of US public opinion, the issue of fake intelligence is casually dismissed: "it was all for a good cause", which consisted in fighting the "war on terrorism" and ensuring the security of Americans.

Acts of war are heralded as "humanitarian interventions". Military occupation and the killing of civilians are presented as "peace-keeping". In the US, a de facto consensus in favor of war crimes permeates the US Congress and the Judicial. The consensus is also endorsed by the corporate establishment.

In turn, supported by the mainstream media, war crimes are no longer recognized as such. They have been re-categorized as a means to fighting "evil terrorists" in what is described as a "clash of civilizations". Western public opinion has thus become accustomed to dismissing the lies and war crimes as inconsequential.

War criminals occupy positions of authority. The citizenry is galvanized into supporting the rulers, who are "committed to their safety and well-being".

War is given a humanitarian mandate. Media disinformation has instilled within the consciousness of Americans, that somehow the lies are acceptable and that the issue of phony intelligence regarding WMD can be disregarded.

The use of torture, the existence of concentration camps, extra judicial assassinations, all of which are happening, are no longer being concealed. Quite the opposite they are presented as  "acceptable" and perfectly "legit" in the context of an effective war on "Islamic terrorists".

Under these circumstances, war criminals in high office within the State and the Military no longer need to camouflage their crimes.

Realities are turned upside down. The derogation of civil liberties --in the context of the so-called "anti-terrorist legislation"-- is portrayed as a means to providing "domestic security" and upholding civil liberties.

And underlying these manipulated realties, "Osama bin Laden" and "Weapons of Mass Destruction" statements, which continue to circulate profusely in the news chain, are upheld as the basis for an understanding of World events.

In other words, the legitimacy of the war criminals is no longer questioned. A sense of righteousness prevails.

America's global war agenda is firmly established, beyond the premises of the pre-emptive war doctrine as a means to spreading  democracy and the "free market".

New National Defense Strategy: From "Rogue States" to "Unstable Nations"

In March 2005, the Pentagon released a major document, entitled "The National Defense Strategy of the United States of America" which broadly sketches Washington's agenda for global military domination.

While the NDS follows in the footsteps of the administration's "preemptive" war doctrine as outlined in the Project of the New American Century (PNAC), it goes much further in setting the contours of Washington's global military agenda.

Whereas the preemptive war doctrine envisages military action as a means of "self defense" against countries categorized as "hostile" to the US, the new Pentagon doctrine has gone one step further. It now envisages the possibility of military intervention against countries, which do not visibly constitute a threat to the security of the American homeland.

It calls for a more "proactive" approach to warfare, beyond the weaker notion of "preemptive" and "defensive" actions, where military operations are launched against a "declared enemy" with a view to "preserving the peace" and "defending America". The document explicitly acknowledges America's global military mandate, beyond regional war theaters. This mandate also includes military operations directed against so-called "failed states" or "unstable nations", which are not hostile to the US. Needless to say, that in the case of an unstable nation, fake intelligence on WMD will no longer be required to demonstrate that a country constitutes a threat. A military operation can be launched if the country is categorized by Washington as an "unstable nation. And already, a list of 25 unstable nations or failed states has been drawn up by the newly created Office of Reconstruction and Stabilisation .

The 2005 National Defense Strategy (NDS) consists in "enhancing U.S. influence around the world", through increased troop deployments and a massive buildup of America's advanced weapons systems. From a broad military and foreign policy perspective, it constitutes an imperial design, which supports US corporate interests Worldwide.

The Next Phase of the War

The existence of fake intelligence to justify US-UK war plans, has not weakened the war agenda. Nor does it ensure that disinformation will not used by politicians to justify the next phase of the war.  

In fact, fake intelligence has already been created and fed into the news chain to justify the bombing of Iran which is slated to be implemented as a joint US-Israeli operation.

Meanwhile, in the US, Britain and Canada, the Homeland Security apparatus is being further developed, leading to the militarisation of civilian institutions and the derogation of Constitutional government.

The World is at an important crossroads.

The Bush Administration has embarked upon a military adventure which threatens the future of humanity.

Iran is the next military target. The planned military operation, which is by no means limited to punitive strikes against Iran's nuclear facilities, is part of a project of World domination, a military roadmap, launched at the end of the Cold War.

Military action against Iran would directly involve Israel's participation, which in turn is likely to trigger a broader war throughout the Middle East, not to mention an implosion in the Palestinian occupied territories. Turkey is closely associated with the proposed aerial attacks.

Reversing the Tide of War

High ranking officials of the Bush administration, members of the military and the US Congress have been granted the authority to uphold an illegal war agenda.

One can therefore expect that war criminals in high office will repress any form of dissent which questions the legitimacy of the war in Iraq and/or its extension into Iran. In this regard, the anti terrorist legislation is eventually intended to be used in a cohesive way against the anti-war and civil rights movements.

Reversing the tide of war cannot be achieved through a narrow process of regime change in America.

It is not sufficient to unseat elected politicians and elect a new government. Those in the seat of political authority are instruments, they are power brokers, on behalf of the oil companies, the military industrial complex and the Wall Street financial establishment, which ultimately call the shots on US foreign policy.

Antiwar sentiment does not dismantle a war agenda. What is required is a grass roots network, a mass movement at national and international levels, which challenges not only the legitimacy of the main military and political actors, but the broad structures of the New World Order.

To reverse the tide of war, military bases must be closed down, the war machine (namely the production of advanced weapons systems)  must be stopped and the burgeoning police state must be dismantled.

The corporate sponsors of war and war crimes must also be targeted including the oil companies, the defense contractors, the financial institutions and the corporate media, which has become an integral part of the war propaganda machine.


Michel Chossudovsky, 22 May 2005.  





20 Lies about the War,

Glen Rangwala and Raymond Whitaker,

Falsehoods ranging from exaggeration to plain untruth were used to make the case for war.

More lies are being used in the aftermath


Cheney under pressure to quit over false war evidence,

Andrew Buncombe and Marie Woolf,

The White House admitted that the claim that Iraq was seeking "significant quantities of uranium from Africa" - based on faked documents provided by the Italian intelligence services - should not have been included in President Bush's speech two months prior to the war


Where is Iraq War Instigator, Richard Perle?

William Hughes,

"The shifty Perle, the Mother of all Neocons, also predicted, like former Defense Department official, Ken Adelman, that a U.S. invasion of Iraq would be a 'cakewalk!' .."


Phony Intelligence:

Like Iraq, CIA also Exaggerated Soviet Nuclear Threat during Cold War,

Jason Leopold,

Two years ago the Central Intelligence Agency released reams of intelligence documents on the former Soviet Union that had been classified for nearly 30 years. The findings were damning: the CIA for more than 10 years greatly exaggerated the nuclear threat the communist country posed to the world.


The faltering WMD Casus Belli: ''Mobile lies" ,

Imad Khadduri,

As the swelter of anger bubbles from the machination of misinformation that led to the faltering WMD casus belli for invading Iraq, the retreat and half-baked excuses of Bush, Blair, Cheney, Wolfowitz and Powell further expose the sharp edge of their deceit


Powell Denies Intelligence Failure In Buildup To War, But Evidence Doesn’t Hold Up,

Jason Leopold,

it turns out that a bulk of the intelligence contained in the reports was just plain wrong, suggesting that either the intelligence was doctored to make a case for war or, even worse, that a massive intelligence failure is rampant inside the CIA and other U.S. government agencies.


The Iraq War was always based on Shaky Evidence and Phony Intelligence,

Jason Leopold,

Prior to the war, nearly every major media outlet warned, based on reports from the Pentagon, that Iraq’s cache of chemical and biological weapons could be used on U.S. and British troops sent in to Iraq to destroy Saddam Hussein’s regime.


Forged for heat of Iraq battle: Pentagon sent the man at the heart of a ‘fake documents’ scandal to Iraq,

Solomon Hughes,

None of these newspapers nor his Congressional supporters revealed that, seven years previously, the IAEA concluded that documents linked to Hamza were crude facsimiles made by altering genuine Iraqi papers.

According to the IAEA: “The documents reveal errors in construction, suggesting poor adaptation of authentic Iraqi documents”.


White House Silenced Experts who Questioned Iraq Intel Info Six Months before War,

Jason Leopold,

Six months before the United States was dead-set on invading Iraq to rid the country of its alleged weapons of mass destruction, experts in the field of nuclear science warned officials in the Bush administration that intelligence reports showing Iraq was stockpiling chemical and biological weapons was unreliable and that the country did not pose an imminent threat to its neighbors in the Middle East or the U.S.

But the dissenters were told to keep quiet by high-level administration officials in the White House because the Bush administration had already decided that military force would be used to overthrow the regime of Iraq’s President Saddam Hussein, interviews and documents have revealed


Blair's Mass Deception

John Pilger

Tony Blair ordered an unprovoked invasion of another country on a totally false pretext, and that lies and deceptions manufactured in London and Washington caused the deaths of up to 55,000 Iraqis, including 9,600 civilians.

Consider for a moment those who have paid the price for Blair's and Bush's actions, who are rarely mentioned in the current media coverage. Deaths and injury of young children from unexploded British and American cluster bombs are put at 1,000 a month. The effect of uranium weapons used by Anglo-American forces - a weapon of mass destruction - is such that readings taken from Iraqi tanks destroyed by the British are so high that a British Army survey team wore white, full-body radiation suits, face masks and gloves. Iraqi children play on and around these tanks. British troops, says the Ministry of Defence, "will have access to biological monitoring".


WeaponsGate: The Coming Downfall of Lying Regimes?

Wayne Madsen,

Historians and scholars, who will look back on what turned the tide for a supposedly "popular" war president, will point to the self-described "cabal" whose lies brought about a credibility gap unseen in the United States since the days of Watergate. In fact, Bush's "Weaponsgate" will be viewed as a more serious scandal than Watergate because 1) U.S. and allied military personnel were killed and injured as a result of the caper; 2) Innocent Iraqi civilians, including women and children, died in a needless military adventure; and 3) the political effects of the scandal extended far beyond U.S. shores to the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, and other countries.


Eleventh hour lies mount as war approaches

by Larry Chin

So unsavory is the Bush administration’s "intelligence" that Senator Jay Rockefeller, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, is calling for the FBI to investigate forged documents that the administration has used to justify war on Iraq.

A growing number of former CIA agents are coming forward to accuse the Bush administration of cooking the intelligence books... to support its case for war with Iraq.


Will Tony Blair be forced to resign? Intelligence Fall-out over Iraq dossier,

Richard M. Barnett,

The accusations run in parallel with a growing belief among some expert observers that Britain and the United States had made the decision to invade Iraq more than a year ago and that everything emanating from both The White House and Downing Street since then has been designed purely to hide that fact from the media and to hoodwink the voters on both sides of the Atlantic.


Wolfowitz Admits Iraq War Planned Two Days After 9/11,

Jason Leopold,

On September13, 2001, during a meeting at Camp David with President Bush, Rumsfeld and others in the Bush administration, Wolfowitz said he discussed with President Bush the prospects of launching an attack against Iraq, for no apparent reason other than a “gut feeling” Saddam Hussein was involved in the attacks, and there was a debate “about what place if any Iraq should have in a counter terrorist strategy.”


Chasing phantoms? The supposed reason why Iraq was invaded,

Glen Rangwala,

General Tommy Franks, the war's commander, declared: "There is no doubt that the regime of Saddam Hussein possesses weapons of mass destruction." Tony Blair expressed the same certainty in his first major press conference of the war: "We have absolutely no doubt at all that these weapons of mass destruction exist." He told Parliament during the debate that led to a vote for war that the idea that Iraq had disarmed was "palpably absurd."

Over three weeks into the war, and with most of Iraq captured by Anglo-American forces, the only reliable signs of illicit weapons in Iraq are the cluster bombs that have been dropped from US jets.


The Mirage of Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction,

Imad Khadduri,

Even then one could discern that the sustained use of misinformation to support the invasion of Iraq showed that the President's claims were not based on any facts. I, having worked with Iraq's nuclear program for thirty years, reacted with a series of articles expounding on the fact that Iraq had ceased its nuclear weapon program at the start of the 1991 war. I refuted the claims and evidence most famously, or infamously, branded by Secretary of State Colin Powell to the Security Council in February 2003 in which Powell argued that Iraq had rejuvenated its nuclear weapon program after the Gulf War.


Criminal Case against Blair et al. for Crimes committed in the Invasion of Iraq,     

James B. Thring

Therefore a criminal case is being brought by the Barrister Dr Abdul-Haq Al-Ani against Blair et al. for crimes committed in the invasion of Iraq. It will begin with a Judicial Review of the Attorney General’s refusal to consent, leading to his potential indictment


Colin Powell's accusations at the UN:

Who is behind the "Terrorist Network" in Northern Iraq, Baghdad or Washington ?

Michel Chossudovsky,

Secretary of State Powell in his February 5 address to the United Nations Security Council accused Saddam Hussein of collaborating with Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda. Powell accused Baghdad of supporting Ansar al-Islam, a "deadly terrorist network" based in the ethnic Kurd controlled region of Northern Iraq.


Why Bush Wants to Ban UN Arms Inspectors from Iraq    

Steve Moore

Saddam Hussein co-operated with the UN weapons inspectors in Iraq far more than President George Bush is prepared to do. Apparently Hussein had nothing to hide in the last round of inspections, but this raises the question: What does Bush have to hide?


Where are all those WMDs that were the pretense for this war?

Michael Moore speaks out against the War

The real purpose of this war was to say to the rest of the world, "Don't Mess with Texas - If You Got What We Want, We're Coming to Get It!" This is not the time for the majority of us who believe in a peaceful America to be quiet. Make your voices heard. Despite what they have pulled off, it is still our country.


The Road to Coverup is the Road to Ruin,

Letter of Senator Robert Byrd to President Bush,

These are the President's words. He said that Saddam Hussein is "seeking a nuclear bomb." Have we found any evidence to date of this chilling allegation? No.




Document: Secret Downing Street Memorandum;

Invasion of Iraq: Secret UK Government Memo Reveals that "the Intelligence and Facts were fixed"

C [Head of MI-6] reported on his recent talks in Washington. There was a perceptible shift in attitude. Military action was now seen as inevitable. Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy. The NSC had no patience with the UN route, and no enthusiasm for publishing material on the Iraqi regime's record. There was little discussion in Washington of the aftermath after military action.


Secret British Memo Shows Bush Tampered with Iraq Intelligence  

Juan Cole

[C head of MI-6] Dearlove's report makes it clear that Bush had already decided absolutely on a war already the previous month, and that he had managed to give British intelligence the firm impression that he intended to shape the intelligence to support such a war.

Why would it even be necessary to turn the intelligence analysts into "weasels" who would have to tell Bush what he wanted to hear?

It was necessary because the "justification" of the "conjunction" of Weapons of Mass Destruction and terrorism was virtually non-existent.


Intelligence Fiasco: Text of Memorandum to President Bush by former US Intelligence Officials,

We write to express deep concern over the growing mistrust and cynicism with which many, including veteran intelligence professionals inside and outside our movement, regard the intelligence cited by you and your chief advisers to justify the war against Iraq.


Proof Bush Fixed The Facts,

Ray McGovern

Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would see those words in black and white—and beneath a SECRET stamp, no less. For three years now, we in Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) have been saying that the CIA and its British counterpart, MI-6, were ordered by their countries' leaders to "fix facts" to "justify" an unprovoked war on Iraq. More often than not, we have been greeted with stares of incredulity.


Blair Planned Iraq War from Start

Michael Smith

Inside Downing Street Tony Blair had gathered some of his senior ministers and advisers for a pivotal meeting in the build-up to the Iraq war. It was 9am on July 23, 2002, eight months before the invasion began and long before the public was told war was inevitable. The discussion that morning was highly confidential. As minutes of the proceedings, headed “Secret and strictly personal — UK eyes only”, state: “This record is extremely sensitive. No further copies should be made. It should be shown only to those with a genuine need to know its contents.”


Secret Document: Report of Britain's Attorney General confirms that the War on Iraq was Illegal

if the majority of world opinion remains opposed to military action, it is likely to be difficult on the facts to categorise a French veto as "unreasonable". The legal analysis may, however, be affected by the course of events over the next week or so, eg, the discussions on the draft second resolution. If we fail to achieve the adoption of a second resolution we would need to consider urgently at that stage the strength of our legal case in the light of circumstances at the time.


Official Transcript:

Dr David Kay's Testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee US Senate,

Let me begin by saying, we were almost all wrong, and I certainly include myself here.

Senator Kennedy knows very directly. Senator Kennedy and I talked on several occasions prior to the war that my view was that the best evidence that I had seen was that Iraq, indeed, had weapons of mass destruction.


It turns out that we were all wrong, probably in my judgment, and that is most disturbing.


I believe that the effort that has been directed to this point has been sufficiently intense that it is highly unlikely that there were large stockpiles of deployed militarized chemical and biological weapons there.


CIA Intelligence Reported Seven Months Before 9/11: Iraq posed No Threat to US,       

Jason Leopold, 

Seven months before September 11,  2001, CIA Director George Tenet, testified before Congress that Iraq posed no immediate threat to the United States or to other countries in the Middle East


NSA Memorandum: Dirty Tricks, Text of "Secret" NSA Memorandum to "mount a surge...directed at UNSC members (minus US and GBR of course)"

"The Agency [National Security Agency] is mounting a surge particularly directed at the UN Security Council (UNSC) members (minus US and GBR of course)... [the Agency envisages] "a QRC [Quick Reaction Capability] surge effort to revive/ create efforts against UNSC members Angola, Cameroon, Chile, Bulgaria and Guinea"


CIA/MI6 Coverup, Analysis of "Sensitive" document:

The interview with Hussein Kamel,

Glen Rangwala,  28 Feb

Kamel's statement casts into new light the claims made by the Iraqi government that it destroyed its non-conventional weapons in the period immediately after the end of the Gulf War.

This topic remains highly potent, with Hans Blix declaring that

"[o]ne of three important questions before us today is how much might remain undeclared and intact from before 1991" (statement of 27 January 2003 to the Security Council).

If Kamel is to be taken as seriously as the UK and US administrations have previously held him to be, then his claim that "[a]ll weapons - biological, chemical, missile, nuclear were destroyed" should be taken seriously.


FBI called to investigate forged documents used to justify war on Iraq:  Eleventh Hour Lies mount as War approaches,

Larry Chin

So unsavory is the Bush administration’s "intelligence" that Senator Jay Rockefeller, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, is calling for the FBI to investigate forged documents that the administration has used to justify war on Iraq.



Full text of UN Weapons' Inspector's briefing to the UN Security Council, 14 Feb 2003, Executive Chairman of UNMOVIC, Dr. Hans Blix,


Consult original UNSCOM/IAEA "Sensitive" Document




The Niger Uranium Intelligence Sting , 


A British professor of theoretical physics suggested Tuesday that the raging controversy over intelligence claims that Saddam Hussein tried to buy uranium ore from Niger is meaningless.


Wolfowitz Instructed White House to Use Iraq/Uranium Reference in President's State of the Union Address,

Jason Leopold

A Pentagon committee led by Paul Wolfowitz, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, advised President Bush to include a reference in his January State of the Union address about Iraq trying to purchase 500 tons of uranium from Niger to bolster the case for war in Iraq, despite the fact that the CIA warned Wolfowitz’s committee that the information was unreliable, according to a CIA intelligence official and four members of the Senate’s intelligence committee who have been investigating the issue.


Niger and Iraq: the War's biggest Lie?

Neil McKay,

Some time after the Iraqi ambassador's trip to Niger, the Italian intelligence service came into possession of forged documents claiming Saddam was after Niger uranium. We now know these documents were passed to MI6 and then handed by the British to the office of US Vice-President Dick Cheney . The forgeries were then used by Bush and Blair to scare the British and Americans and to box both Congress and Parliament into supporting war


Italian Spy Discusses Own Role in Iraq-Niger Traffic Hoax ,

Interview with Italian former SID Defense Intelligence Service agent Rocco Martino

The hoax began one day when a Nigerian (as published) Embassy source who had proven to be reliable on previous occasions and who had contacts also with the collaborator of a SISMI (Intelligence and Military Security Service) aide, passed on to me a whole lot of information.




British Intelligence Iraq Dossier Relied on Recycled Academic Articles,

Glen Rangwala, 11 Feb.

A close textual analysis suggests that the UK authors had little access to first-hand intelligence sources and instead based their work on academic papers, which they selectively distorted. Some of the papers used were considerably out of date. This leads the reader to wonder about the reliability and veracity of the Downing Street document


Point by point Refutation of  Sec.Colin Powell's Presentation Concerning Iraq,

Glen Rangwala,

Part of Colin Powell's Address to UN was plagiarized. It was copied and pasted from a website!

The government's carefully coordinated propaganda offensive took an embarrassing hit after Downing Street was accused of plagiarism.


WMDs and Osama: Colin Powell's Mea Culpa

Transcript of Colin Powell's Presentation to the UN Security Council, 5 Feb 2003




British Government Ordered Shutdown Of Fake Ricin Story ,

Propaganda Matrix

The British government has ordered a D-notice clampdown on details relating to the ricin terror ring story.  Inside sources from the Guardian newspaper in London have confirmed that the reason the article 'The ricin ring that never was,' was removed from its website was due to a direct order from the government. Several other websites worldwide have also removed the article.

What's next? Are the government going to create a Ministry of Truth and employ Winston Smith to change past newspaper articles and dispose of unflattering truths down the memory hole?


The Truth About the "Ricin Cell": There was No Ricin and No Cell,

Milan Rai

We know now that there was no ricin, and no "cell". One man experimented with poisons -- showing no signs of preparing to use them in this country.  The "chemical weapon" was not lethal, but merely irritating to the skin.


Ricin plot: London and Washington used plot to strengthen Iraq war push ,

Richard Norton Taylor 

War Propaganda

Michel Chossudovsky

Military planners in the Pentagon are acutely aware of the central role of war propaganda. Waged from the Pentagon, the State Department and the CIA, a fear and disinformation campaign (FDC) has been launched. The blatant distortion of the truth and the systematic manipulation of all sources of information is an integral part of war planning


It is the Bush Administration, rather than Baghdad, which is supporting Al Qaeda:

Fabricating an Enemy

Michel Chossudovsky

In the months leadinh up to the March 2003 invasion of Iraq, the Bush Administration and its indefectible British ally have multiplied the "warnings" of future Al Qaeda terrorist attacks. The enemy has to appear genuine: thousands of news stories and editorials linking Al Qaeda to the Baghdad government were planted in the news chain.


FBI points finger at the CIA: Terror Alert based on Fabricated Information 

The false terror attack is part of a string of fabricated stories, released after Colin Powell's address at the UN Security Council on 5 February.


From Afghanistan to Iraq: Transplanting CIA Engineered Terrorism,

Kurt Nimmo

Bush and the CIA want to make darn sure Iraq becomes and remains the locus of terrorism for the foreseeable future. It has conveniently replaced Afghanistan as the epicenter of Islamic Evil


Tom Ridge's Mea Culpa: The Code Orange Terror Alerts were based on Fake Intelligence

by Michel Chossudovsky,

An Orange Code Alert had been ordered on 7 February 2003, two days after Colin Powell's flopped presentation on Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction to the UN Security Council. It was applied specifically to galvanize US public opinion in favor of the invasion of Iraq

After leaving his position at Homeland Security, Tom Ridge acknowledged that the post 9/11 terror alerts used as a pretext to invade Iraq were often based on "flimsy evidence" and that he had been pressured by the CIA to raise the threat level.





Suicide or Murder? The Dr. David Kelly Affair

by Steve Moore 

Dr. David Kelly was found dead on July 18, 2003 just three days after testifying at the Foreign Affairs Committee of the British Parliament regarding Tony Blair’s fabricated intelligence "spin" concerning Iraq’s nuclear capabilities. The Hutton Commission Report is a not only a Whitewash, which allows Tony Blair to demand apologies, it is a cover-up on the causes of David Kelly's death.


Manipulating Pathologic Evidence:

The David Kelly Story: Turning Murder into Suicide

by Rowena Thursby

When the slant put on the reporting of a case almost guarantees a suicide "verdict", it is important to focus on the players who seed this interpretation


David Kelly Death - paramedics query verdict

by Anthony Barnett

The Hutton inquiry found that the scientist caught in the storm over the 'sexed up' Iraq dossier committed suicide. Now, for the first time, the experienced ambulance crew who were among the first on the scene tell of their doubts about the decision.


No Inquest for Dr. Kelly

by Rowena Thursby

The coroner, Nicholas Gardiner, implies that the lack of  "fresh evidence" does not warrant re-opening the inquest.  However lack of fresh evidence is not the real problem here.


Operation Rockingham: A Secret Operation of British Intelligence

by Rowena Thursby

"Operation Rockingham cherry-picked intelligence. It received hard data, but had a preordained outcome in mind. It only put forward a small percentage of the facts when most were ambiguous or noted no WMD... It became part of an effort to maintain a public mindset that Iraq was not in compliance with the inspections. They had to sustain the allegation that Iraq had WMD [when] Unscom was showing the opposite."






Confirmed by German Network TV: German Intelligence and the CIA supported Al Qaeda sponsored Terrorists in Yugoslavia

Both the CIA and German intelligence (BND) supported the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), a terrorist organization with links to Al Qaeda. 

The activities of this terrorist organization on the ground, in Kosovo, provided NATO and the US with the pretext to intervene on humanitarian grounds, claiming that the Serb authorities had committed human rights violations against ethnic Albanians, when in fact the NATO sponsored KLA was involved in terrorist acts on behalf of NATO, which triggered a response from the Serb police and military.


Kosovo - the site of a genocide that never was     

John Pilger

Kosovo - the site of a genocide that never was - is now a violent "free market" in drugs and prostitution. What does this tell us about the likely outcome of the Iraq war?

Muted by the evidence of the Anglo-American catastrophe in Iraq, the "humanitarian" war party ought to be called to account for its forgotten crusade in Kosovo, the model for Blair's "onward march of liberation". Just as Iraq is being torn apart by the forces of empire, so was Yugoslavia, the multi-ethnic state that uniquely rejected both sides in the cold war.


Revelations of Russian General: US and NATO had Advanced Plans to Bomb Yugoslavia, 25 Nov


Michel Chossudovsky is Professor of Economics and International Development at the University of Ottawa and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization. He is the author of a forthcoming book entitled: America's "War on Terrorism"

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